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Which films to watch in August?


August is the last chance to spend the summer the way you dreamed about it during the cold season. A good film is what will help you in this difficult task!

Unfortunately, not all films that are released can be called worthy - many of them can even ruin the viewer's mood. That is why here is a selection of the most promising new products that you must see in the eighth month!

Winnie the Pooh in a feature film - Christopher Robin

The creator of the adventure thriller "War of the Worlds Z" has decided to delight the family audience with the film " Christopher Robin ". It is named after the son of the English writer Alan Milne, the author of the image of Winnie the Pooh. You will see this fairy tale in a modern way! The action will take place in London in our time.

Each character in the updated story has acquired an individual character. Eeyore's donkey, which is called Eeyore in this film, is a sad melancholic animal that does not see joy in anything:

Tigger is the opposite hero. He constantly jumps on his tail, behaves like a true "energizer" and a merry fellow. Piglet, also known as Piglet, is a shy pig that children will love.

And the key toy is Vinnie. He behaves directly and often gives excellent jokes, so you obviously won't get bored with this company! Moreover, the rating of expectations for this movie is 98%!

Mila Kunis in the new comedy - The Spy Who Dumped Me

This brunette has long been an indicator of good comedies. On August 9, the premiere of a new film with her participation entitled "The Spy Who Dumped Me " will take place. As usual, the plot focuses on devoted girlfriends who will become the generator of the main funny moments, and there will be many of them.

You will learn about the story of Audrey and Morgan, who accidentally took up saving the world. They have neither experience nor ammunition, but they once played video games and watched action films. Will the beauties have enough of these skills to defeat the leaders of the international conspiracy?

You will find out about this already in the cinema! If you really want to see this movie, we recommend buying tickets in advance, as the audience expectation rating is already 92%.

August's most anticipated action movie is 22 miles

Mark Wahlberg. The mention of this actor is enough to make you want to go to the new movie " 22 Miles ", in which he starred. Calm, confident, with a bit of humor, he always knows how to find a way out of a situation. It is pleasant to follow his game, especially since now he will work in a team in the "Ghost" unit that no one knows about!

In the new action movie, an agent from a ghost squad will have to carry out a difficult mission - to deliver a witness who has evidence of the corruption of high-ranking politicians.

To overcome the path, he will have to walk, fly and travel 22 miles full of obstacles and dangers. The film promises to be stressful and exciting, so watching it is worth adding to the list of tasks for August!

Don't miss the story of the wolf and the boy who became friends - Alpha

At the end of August, be sure to watch the movie " Alpha " by director Albert Hughes. Do it not for the sake of the actors, the budget and not because others will also attend this premiere, but for your own sake. You will learn about how nomads survived in a primitive society. See how the little boy tries to become the leader of the tribe and how the wolf helps him to realize these goals. You will witness the birth of a hero, and this cannot but affect your own character!

Dynamics, constant struggle and a sense of danger - this is how you can describe the atmosphere of this dramatic adventure. There are no absolute heroes or villains in this picture. There are only people who want to survive, and antediluvian beasts who do the same. And then there is a young guy who realized that violence and killing of animals does not solve all problems. Look at the ancient uncomfortable world through his eyes and, perhaps, something inside you will change!

And, of course, a love comedy - How to marry a bachelor

No love at first sight, no snot and rose-colored glasses - only real life with conflicts, contradictions and rudeness. This is what awaits you in the movie " How to Marry a Bachelor ". In it, a funny lonely man Frank and a straightforward girl Lindsay, by coincidence of some strange circumstances, constantly find themselves together. This does not really amuse them, because between them a real flame of enmity and ridicule is played out. But who knows, maybe by the end of the film, this fire will begin to exude love sparks?


Another reason to watch this romantic film directed by Victor Levin is Keanu Reeves, who starred in the role of that very Frank. The famous actor has already proved to the world that he can be different. It's time to make sure of this again!

As for the main character Lindsay, she was played by Winona Ryder, another talented actor of our time. She fits perfectly, or rather disgustingly, with Frank, which is why this drama became a comedy.

Do not expect funny moments and jokes from a picture about a bachelor and a temptress of the sea. This is a moderate comedy that will brighten up a date or an evening walk.

The film will be released on the penultimate day of August, so be sure to attend the premiere.

This ends the list of worthwhile films that will be released at the end of the summer. But this does not mean that movie theater posters will be empty. In August, you will also be able to watch the biographical drama The Gotti Code, the horror film Hungry Z, the thriller The Spy Game and other films. But first of all, go to those films that are described in this article! You won't regret it!

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