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A new addition to the Lenovo notebook family


Lenovo has released 3 new IdeaPad notebook models. Devices differ in configuration, technical characteristics, weight, size, price and functionality. Customers are offered a choice of new products based on AMD and Intel processors with reliable discrete video cards and a hard disk capacity of up to 2 terabytes.

Classic Work Tool

The IdeaPad 330 models can be viewed as a standard work tool for “varying degrees of severity” tasks. The manufacturer presented this series in a large assortment of colors: from classic black, gray and white, to mint, blue, chocolate brown - for an individual taste. The IdeaPad 330 series notebooks are available in 14, 15.6 and 17.3 inches . The entire range is equipped with 1.5 W speakers, and the weight of reliable plastic devices starts from 2 kg.


The IdeaPad 330 series has a different configuration of its individual representatives. There are options for common office functions and home use on Intel Celeron and AMD E2 processors , and can also be found in the line of heavy gaming devices based on "serious" AMD Ryzen and six-core Intel 7th and 8th generations. Some devices have bells and whistles such as a touch screen, optical disc drive, fingerprint scanner.

Balance of 3 dimensions: design, equipment and weight

The IdeaPad 330S series can be called a harmonious balance between technical and visual characteristics. Laptops of this modification, from 20 mm thick, have a low weight, starting from 1.5 kg. The aluminum polished case gives a status look, the stylish design of the devices creates visual comfort during work. The range is presented in white, gray, blue, pink colors.


Technically, the IdeaPad 330S is equipped with screens with diagonals of 14 and 15.6 inches, providing a wider view and better color reproduction. In the "strongest" configuration, the notebooks of this series are devices with the latest series of processors, complete with powerful video cards for tasks that require large resources of power.

Little giant

New items IdeaPad 530S are the lightest. Some models are less than 1.5 kg and are about 16 mm thick. Such devices are useful for traveling activities, outside of office work or travel. The line of models is represented by various types of configurations, so you can choose a laptop for an individual request. The aluminum body combines presentability and light weight. Available in black, gray blue, and copper. The series' bright screens allow you to watch video files even in intense daylight.


Light weight and compact size do not affect the performance of IdeaPad 530S notebooks. The top-of-the-range features powerful Intel and AMD processors, fast solid state drives and reliable graphics cards. Ergonomic additions to this range of notebooks include a keyboard with a precision touchpad, comfortable backlighting, a fingerprint scanner and optimized speakers with Dolby Audio technology.

All new products of the three series are supplied with a home version of the Windows 10 operating system. One can single out a functional feature of all models - the ability to quickly charge the battery.

What is the price of new products?

In USA, new items are expected by the end of May, their price depends on the configuration: for IdeaPad 330 the lower limit will start from 16,000 rubles ., for IdeaPad 330S - from 25,000 rubles ., for IdeaPad 530S - from 30,000 rubles . upward.

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