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Quiet Place 2 Had An Impressive Start


The starting fees for the sci-fi movie "A Quiet Place 2" in North America may exceed the fees for the first part. According to the publication Deadline, in its first weekend, the tape could earn more than $ 60 million. Thus, the result demonstrated by the original tape will be improved.

Recall that "A Quiet Place" has become one of the main phenomena of 2018. With a production budget of just $ 17 million, the painting grossed more than $ 150 million at home, and worldwide grosses exceeded $ 340 million. The movie was nominated for prestigious awards, including an Oscar.

In the second part, the main character Evelyn, daughter Regan, son Marcus and a newborn face "the horrors of the outside world." They have to take a chance and go into the unknown and as they journey, they realize that the fearsome creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats lurking outside their farm.

A Quiet Place will be unveiled in March 2020. The director was the creator of the first part, John Krasinski, and his wife Emily Blunt played the main role again.

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Author: Jake Pinkman