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Disney Is Censored? Or why the director


Renowned American director Ryan Johnson, who recently starred with episode 8 of Star Wars, has deleted more than 20,000 posts on his Twitter page. This act would not have been remarkable if it had not been for the story of James Gunn, who was fired from his post as director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to several tweets on the social network. Many users assumed that Ryan Johnson had deleted the tweets in order not to repeat the fate of his colleague.

The information about the purge of Ryan Johnson's account was noticed by a well-known Youtube blogger and apparently, only a few days ago the number of tweets reached 22 thousand, and now there are only “modest” 2 thousand. Obviously, with how careful Disney is to its reputation, the director of the last installment of StarWars could be seriously hurt for posting controversial content.

And he has something to lose, because it was Ryan Johnson who got the role of the director of the new trilogy in the Star Wars film franchise, the first part of which is being prepared for release in 2021.

The eighth episode of "Star Wars" was well received by the professional press and ordinary viewers, but fans of the franchise were outraged by how much the film turns the legendary universe upside down. In any case, even fans will certainly agree that the movie from Ryan Johnson turned out to be many times better than the game Star Wars The Battlefront 2.

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Author: Jake Pinkman