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Top 10 online games with beautiful graphics that are worth playing


The indisputable advantage of online games over conventional computer games is becoming more evident every year. After all, you rarely come across a game that you want to play several times in a row.

And all because the battle with the same characters, each of whose actions are already familiar to the smallest detail, does not cause much interest. This is especially true for shooters.

There is a little more variety in strategy and RPGs, but they end up boring. This does not happen in a good multiplayer online game, where your allies and enemies are not computer-controlled bots, but real living people in a neighboring house, city or even country. And their actions are impossible to predict.

This is why most gamers like to spend time playing a high-quality online game, and not spend it on another expensive and not always interesting fake. And the more beautiful and exciting online games become, the more fans they attract

Black Desert

The plot of the game takes place in a fantasy world, which is one huge location. Black Desert won the love of gamers not only by the fact that you have to constantly fight with numerous opponents, but you will also have to trade, create the necessary items, furnish and improve your virtual home, participate in the siege of castles, and so on.

Each city in the world of Black Desert has its own fascinating history and develops according to its location and the amount of certain resources nearby. It will be more convenient to travel around the gigantic country by riding animals - horses, camels, elephants. AI is striking in its intelligence - weaker monsters will try to escape from you by flight, and stronger ones will make you sweat pretty hard before they can be destroyed.


Several thousand years ago, a god named Aion created the amazing planet Atreus and populated it with many races and nationalities, who all this time lived in peace and harmony. But one day the insidious Balaur race decided to seize power into their own hands. They have declared war on other nations.

Only werewolves and kralls agreed to join the conquerors, fearing for their own lives. All the rest who did not submit to the Balaur were inevitable death. At the same time, the dragons, wishing to gain the power of the gods, decided to deal with Aion. People were also involved in the confrontation with the dragons. And then Aion, to help people, sent the Servants of Eternity to help them.

World Of Tanks

Perhaps the best tank simulator with a huge selection of not only tanks from nine countries of the world, but also tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery guns. Each player can choose a technique that suits his temperament and degree of aggressiveness.

Whoever does not sit in one place - sit on LT or ST. Those who like to stand and pour fire from behind bushes or fallen trees - PT are waiting for you. If you like to calculate the next step of the enemy and strike enemies at a great distance and at the same time remain unnoticed - switch to "artu". However, the gods of war in World Of Tanks are TT, armored monsters that terrify the enemy with their mere appearance.

Neverwinter online

This game is based on the famous board game Dungeon And Dragon. Neverwinter online takes place in a fantasy world. There was a time when all races and nationalities lived in one big City, where no one ever quarreled. But after the head of the City disappeared, the Fire Elemental and the Sorcerous Blight appeared in him.

They exterminated most of the inhabitants, and the City itself was turned into ruins, which were immediately taken up by the dead who rose from the graves. However, people did not end. For decades, they fought for a place in the sun, building new villages and cities. And all this time, step by step, they won back their lands from the monsters and numerous gangs that settled on them.

World of Warships

Another simulator from the creators of the great "World of Tanks". This time, gamers will take part in global battles on the sea, becoming the captains of one of the many destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers.

Controlling a giant ship is much more difficult than a mobile and compact tank, and the presence of several guns makes the game more exciting and interesting, forcing the gamer to think logically and calculate in advance every shot made at an enemy ship that comes into view. Players will be armed not only with turret guns located on board ships, but also torpedo bombs, the use of which is available to certain classes of ships.

Tera online

The plot of the game takes place in a world called Arborea. Its inhabitants have long forgotten about internal strife and united into the Valkyon Federation, the purpose of which is to confront a common enemy. Or rather, the evil Argons, who threaten the peaceful existence of the inhabitants of Arborea.

Immediately after registration, the player will have to choose a character from seven powerful races, for whom he will fight for the prosperity of his native Arborea. After completing a number of necessary tasks, your hero will have to go through a lot of quests and additional tasks, each of which will bring the victory of the Federation closer and weaken the power of the Argons.


Shareware third-person space shooter. The player will take control of one of the members of the Tenno race. He is an ancient warrior who slept for several decades in cryogenic sleep.

Using special exoskeletons, called warframes, Tenno acquires unique abilities that allow him to more productively fight against the numerous enemies of his race. The choice of weapons is more than gorgeous - from conventional swords and bows to future firearms, developed in secret laboratories.

Blade and Soul

While in the game there are four races available for selection, one of which consists entirely of female representatives. It is likely that there will be two more races in Blade and Soul in the near future.

Since the world of the game is based on eastern myths, most of the local names, including the names of races, sound very unusual for the USA ear accustomed to Western mythology. Combat resembles most of all a street fighting game, which makes it very dynamic and entertaining. But the most important thing about Blade and Soul is a well-thought-out storyline and a great ending created for all characters.


The Revelation Universe is based on the books of the famous Chinese science fiction writer Jiang Nan. Here, magic exists side by side with steampunk. You can navigate the open world not only with the help of wings, but also by riding mounts or using a suitable teleport.

There are seven classes in the game, among which, along with the usual Archers, Mages, Knights and others, there is also a unique Reaper, which is a hybrid of several races. Armed with a scythe, staff or phylactery, he is capable, depending on the position adopted, both to inflict damage on the enemy and to heal allies.

Armored Warfare: Armata Project

Americans have become unbearable to think that Belarusian developers have been able to release the best tank simulator in the world. They decided to keep up with fashion and produced another of the many clones of World of Tanks.

But it would be premature to accuse Americans of plagiarism. Taking the very best from World of Tanks, they added a ton of innovation. For example, we provided "arts" with two types of unusual shells - lighting and smoke.

The game takes place in the near future, right after a series of local conflicts and economic crises that have swept the planet in waves. The three superpowers - America, China and USA - feel most confident. The player will take command of a private military corporation and go on missions, visiting different corners of the globe for this.

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