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Far Cry 5 Villains Preview - Meet The Mad Family


The release date for Far Cry 5 is coming soon, so we decided to tell our readers about the villains that will meet in the game. In the Ubisoft shooter series, there have always been enough memorable villains, which is only the cruel and judicious Pagan Min or Vaas, who generally became a meme on the Internet long before the release of Far Cry 3.

The new part did not deviate from the patterns of the series and will introduce players to a bunch of real freaks - adherents of the religious sect "New Eden"

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Joseph Sid - Father

The place of the main antagonist in Far Cry 5 is occupied by Joseph Sid, a religious fanatic and founder of the New Adam sect, which terrorizes the inhabitants of a small provincial town in Montana. Judging by the trailers, there is no reason to doubt that Joseph's faith in God is sincere, he really believes that in the near future there will be an apocalypse on Earth and only he is able to grant salvation to sinners.

Well, Yosef's ChSV really goes off scale and the phrase "paved roads to Hell with good intentions" is just about him. Torture, trade in weapons, drugs, elimination of all those who disagree with his regime - in Far Cry 5, Joseph will give gamers a lot of problems. And, of course, a character with such charisma simply cannot fail to have several even more moved followers.

John Cid - Messenger

The "New Adam" sect are real Old Believers in religious affairs, so much so that they decided to regain their 1177, when the Catholic Church tortured and burned people who disagreed with the policy of the papacy. The chief inquisitor in Far Cry 5, and at the same time a specialist in dirty work, was John Sid. Oh, this guy is a real sadist and maniac who clearly found a job to his liking. It can be expected that it will be with him that the most violent and provocative scenes will be in the game, compared to which the torture of GTA V is childish.

We hope that the developers will not go too far and Ubisoft will not make demands in Far Cry 5 to change the scenes of cruelty. Especially in light of recent events, when Trump began to accuse games of promoting violence.

Jacob Sid - Soldier

The main muscles in the sect are the brother of John and Joseph - Jacob Sid. His task is to attract new followers to the sect, but obviously, he does not have such charisma as Joseph, so his methods will certainly be slightly different. The barrel of a pistol near the temple or a knife near the throat - such arguments will win over anyone.

In addition to recruiting new followers, Jacob protects the sect from enemies: the police, the residents of Hope County and the player himself. For a former soldier who served in the army as a sniper, there will be no problem dealing with any troublemakers in his family.

Vera Sid - Siren

Yosif's half-sister Vera Sid is called upon to dilute the male company of crazy hipsters in Far Cry 5. In the past, she was a depressed girl who had lost her way of life, but Yosef Sid recruited her into a sect and decided to use her main advantage - her attractive appearance - to fight heretics. She is like a siren from ancient Greek mythology intoxicates men and leads them to death.

Of course, beautiful eyes alone are not enough today to drive a player crazy in Far Cry 5, so Vera injects her victims with drugs before flirting. It is already obvious that she will be in the game with the scenes of psychedelic trips that will be remembered by fans of the Far Cry series.

The release date of Far Cry 5 is very close - March 27 , so we advise all fans of high-quality shooters to circle this day in red in the calendar. You can download Far Cry 5 in Steam, the regular, Deluxe and Gold versions of the game are available.

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Author: Jake Pinkman