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New Sony TVs Overview


There has long been a trend towards increased demand for large, high-resolution TVs. Every user wants to get the most out of watching TV. That is why Sony in its new devices offers technologies for 4K and excellent sound quality, which does not require the use of third-party speakers. Any of these devices, no matter how much they cost, will satisfy the most demanding customers. Let's tell you more about them.

Technological and beautiful models

XG95 models occupy a special place in the range of the company's television devices. They come in diagonal sizes from 55 to 85 inches. The resolution of all modifications corresponds to the 4K class. They are equipped with technologies that improve the picture.


An important role in the formation of high performance and data processing parameters belongs to the X1 Ultimate processor installed here. Its work is based on analyzing every object in the frame to improve detail and contrast.

The functionality of the chipset allows you to make clearer not only static scenes, but also their action counterparts, which are blurry on devices from other manufacturers. Thanks to the work of the X-Motion Clarity program, the frame display time is optimized, brightness is added to it. This avoids the smudging effect.

In TVs of proven brands, there is an ability that implies the correct display of brightness, contrast, and also makes transitions from one shade to another smoother. The XG95's X-tended Dynamic Range PRO backlight adjusts brightness to match the type of picture available. This produces deeper shadows and expressive light scenes. Therefore, the contrast of this model is 6 times higher than that of analogues from other manufacturers.


There is another interesting function - X-Wide Angle, which allows you to preserve all the above image features when watching TV programs from the side of the TV receiver, and not at a right angle to it. Therefore, it is possible to gather a large group of acquaintances and friends in front of the screen. Also, these models were equipped with two high-quality speakers equipped with the effect of moving the sound behind the TV. Thanks to the available Sound-from-Picture Reality technology, maximum correspondence between the output picture and the sound is achieved.

Cheaper devices

Some of our readers may think that Sony only offers expensive TVs, where flagship devices rule the show. This is not entirely true. The company has in its assortment interesting modifications of gadgets that have an affordable cost. At the same time, they are equipped with most modern technologies and functionality that keeps up with the times.

In our retail network, such devices cost within 40,000-100,000 rubles . The final price depends on the size. The use of an LCD matrix instead of OLED allowed them to reduce their prices.

An example is the XG70 series, which has diagonal dimensions of 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches.


Despite the fact that these products are the most affordable among all the products of the brand, they did not save on their equipment. All gadgets received Smart TV, 4K and HDR. Each device is equipped with the ability to process content, while making the image more realistic and well-detailed. This is facilitated by the presence of TRILUMINOS Display and 4K X-Reality PRO technologies.

Thanks to the introduction of the ClearAudio + system, the TVs of this series have high-quality sound. In fact, this program performs the functions of an automatic equalizer. It controls the balance of frequencies and, if necessary, decreases or increases them.

To connect third-party gadgets, there is Smart Plug & Play. Really connect any device: smartphone, tablet, USB drive. All available information will be checked and read. It can be graphic content, video, music.

The XG70 remote control has a dedicated YouTube access button. This allows you to download any video with just one click and play it in maximum quality.

The XG80 series models are slightly more expensive. They offer a wider range of sizes - from 43 to 75 inches. However, this is not the main advantage here. These devices are equipped with an Android TV processor, which makes the TV the center of home entertainment.

The 4K X-Reality PRO and TRILUMINOS Display functionality contributes to high levels of clarity and saturation. For more realistic sounding of movies and music tracks, there is ClearAudio + technology and corresponding speakers. Therefore, viewing any video data will not only be pleasant and colorful, but also equipped with a wonderful soundtrack.

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