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What's new HyperX showed at Computex 2019


On June 1, Computex 2019 ended in Taipei, Taiwan. All major manufacturers of gadgets, accessories, computer technology and electronics visited it. Among other participants, the HyperX brand presented its new products. Let's talk about the history of this company and its products.

The Rise of HyperX

HyperX is a division of the well-known American company Kingston Technology, which specializes in the development and production of USB flash drives, computer memory and other components for PCs and gadgets.

For the first time about its subsidiary in Kingston Technology was told in 2002, when a group of enthusiasts under the HyperX brand developed and presented a new type of RAM, which was distinguished by speed and quality of work.

Since that time, a new division has been formed, now specializing in the development of keyboards, headsets, peripherals for PCs and much more.


In addition, since 2014, the brand has been tasked with creating accessories for esports and professional gamers. There are facts confirming the presence of HyperX components in the implementation of overclocking processes for various modules.

For example, at Computex 2014, HyperX set a world overclocking record by overclocking a 4GB HyperX DDR3 module at 2933 MHz to 4500 MHz.

Company news

In Taipei, HyperX presented a number of interesting new products. One of them was the HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard. During its development, to improve the clarity and speed of the microswitches, the company produced its own HX Red switches. They have a linear characteristic of work, a shorter stroke (actuation is already 1.8 mm out of 3.2 mm of stroke), a lightweight design and a record resource of 80 million clicks.


The keyboard has an interesting design, in which the keys are not recessed into the body. It itself is only needed to form a protective shell for the printed circuit board and electronics. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum making the entire structure strong and lightweight.

HyperX NGenuity control center is used to customize RGB lighting and macros. For ease of use, the keyboard has a three-position height adjustment.

Modern typefaces

In the audio equipment section, two headset models were presented: Cloud Alpha S and Cloud Orbit S.

Cloud Alpha S is an advanced system with one speaker and two resonance chambers. It is equipped with hardware switches to change the volume of the bass circuit. You can adjust the bass intensity separately for each headphone.


Game lovers will love the bundled USB module, which provides 7.1 virtual sound and adjustable voice frequency.


HyperX Cloud Orbit S was developed with assistance from Audeze and Waves Technology. The result is a headset with planar magnetic drivers for crisp, clear sound.

This gadget has received a function that allows you to track the position of the user's head in space to create a realistic soundstage.

At a speed of up to 1000 times per second, sensors fix the volume of virtual channels, realizing the orientation of the sound depending on the gamer's pose and the position of the object on the monitor.

You can also control using gestures. For example, with a nod of the head, it is really possible to reload or change weapons. The engineers set up the recognition of this quite accurately and efficiently.


The technologies for the production of random access memory remain unchanged for a long period. The result of development depends directly on the literacy of the designer, testing and proper cooling.

The HyperX FURY DDR4 series retains all the best features of the models developed before. It is best combined with Intel and AMD Ryzen systems, and has the ability to automatically select clock speeds. For cooling, a new radiator with an increased scattering surface area is used.


Beauty lovers will appreciate the HyperX FURY DDR4 RGB RAM, which has a patented backlight technology based on the use of an infrared LED control system. You can choose the color of the radiation and the algorithm for its operation.

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