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Seven: The Days Long Gone


Seven: The Days Long Gone is a dream game. Its creators decided to take the gameplay of Thief, transfer it to isometric space, stuff the whole thing with RPG elements, and add the setting, which is a hybrid between Fallout and Gothic, as a cherry. It would seem that with such a set of input data, the studio has every chance of success, but it was not.



But first, let's talk about the plot. We play as a professional thief who leads his everyday life in a world just recovering from the consequences of a global cataclysm that arose during the confrontation between people and demons.

Apparently, the demons are advanced AI, which one day decided to rebel against their creators. However, the characters in the game have become so wild that they cannot distinguish between such things. At the head of the new society, there was also a leader who created his dark empire with all that it implies in the form of public executions, the hunt for dissidents and other inquisitorial charms.

The main character tries to rob a certain rich man, but falls into the clutches of the "police". However, he is immediately offered a deal, given his thieves' talents. The hero has to steal something for the emperor. If he does, then freedom awaits him.



Peace is perhaps the best thing in Seven: The Days Long Gone. Here, the developers really did their best to create an environment that is fun to dive into. But the rest let us down.

For example, here you always have to sneak somewhere and hide in the bushes. You can only attack from the back - if you want to survive. In this case, you are still found, and the funny thing is that sometimes it is completely incomprehensible how.

Due to the isometric view of the game, it can also be difficult to predict what obstacles you will encounter during parkour. This is annoying too. The combat system also leaves its own gripes: it doesn't matter what type of weapon you fight with, since all fights are one-sided.

The fights themselves do not differ in intensity - these are only two types of attack and dodge. The inventory in the game is also very chaotic and illogical: sometimes, having picked up this or that thing, you cannot understand what is in front of you - suitability or ...

As befits any game with RPG elements, in Seven: The Days Long Gone there is also a hero pumping, but it is so veiled that at first you do not notice it. So, you can get additional abilities and improvement of characteristics, but for this you need nectar, which is found in special containers. However, it is not immediately possible to understand what it is and how it works.

What do we have at the exit?

A very ambitious game with a really unusual setting and fusion of genres - the developers did not deceive us in this. But all this works very, very crookedly. Therefore, if you love originality, then you can try Seven: The Days Long Gone. In other cases, we pass by.

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Author: Jake Pinkman