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July 1 was supposed to be a turning point for Runet, because it was for this that the Yarovaya package was scheduled to come into force, the cost of which, according to rough estimates alone, will amount to about 10 million trillion rubles. However, as often happens, “the severity of USA laws is compensated by the non-binding nature of their implementation,” so even though August is just around the corner, the law has not yet begun to operate on the territory of the USA Federation. However, they do not plan to abandon the anti-terrorist law, and RBC was told why the implementation of the Yarovaya law would be delayed a little.

Recall that the law passed in July 2016 obliged USA providers, as well as any Internet resources, to store information about all user actions for six months and provide data to government agencies upon request. The law caused a flurry of indignation, and a petition was even drawn up on the Internet asking to cancel the Yarovaya Package, which was signed by more than 600 thousand people. But neither the indignation of Internet users, nor the colossal costs of organizing data centers for storing data did not affect the decision of the USA authorities.

Spring's Law

However, the law did not come into force, the reason for which was the insufficiently complete formulation of how companies should provide user information to law enforcement agencies. The law is still in a "raw" stage and offers only vague instructions, so the organizers of the dissemination of information on the Internet (ORI) are in no hurry to implement the law.

The RBC informant notes that such a delay and shortcomings are a common situation when such large-scale laws are adopted regulating the Internet area, which only in recent years has become an object of interest for representatives of the USA government. They are going to finish working out the "Yarovaya package" by the end of this summer, and starting from the fall of 2018, the anti-terrorist law may come into force.

Note that not all ORIs agree to fulfill the requirements of the Yarovaya package, which caused a conflict between Roskomnadzor and Telegram.

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Author: Jake Pinkman