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7 signs it's time to buy a new smartphone


Mobile news comes out almost every week. In the past few months alone, gadgets from Apple, Samsung, HTC and Huawei have added to store shelves.

But despite this abundance, upgrading to a new smartphone can be tricky: the most attractive models go up to $ 1,000. While you are choosing from hundreds of devices on the market, you will have to walk around with an old and weak one. An old phone with outdated software can be annoying, but the main danger is that it leaves you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

How do you know when it's time to buy a new smartphone? Here are the signs you shouldn't ignore.

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1. You cannot install the latest version of the operating system

The first reason to think about buying a new smartphone comes when the manufacturer officially announces that there will be no more firmware updates for this model. Updates are critical to digital security. You should always update your phone to the latest version of the OS as it fixes vulnerabilities in older versions.

If you are using an iPhone or Android device, you should update to iOS 11 or Android Oreo 8.0 respectively. Microsoft also released a Windows 10 update for several of its devices in April.

2. A full battery charge lasts a day

The batteries of a normal, "healthy" gadget should last at least until the end of the working day. If you notice that it is discharging faster and faster, this is a good reason to buy a new one, or in a pinch change the battery from the old one. Random shutdowns or reboots of the smartphone can also be associated with battery wear. Keep in mind that with every full charge, the battery loses some of its capacity, and if you charge your phone incorrectly, the battery can wear out in as little as a year.

3. You are running out of internal memory

Most budget smartphones have 32 GB of internal memory, while half can be occupied by the operating system along with a bunch of pre-installed applications. The more often you update programs, the faster you will run out of disk space. In principle, 16 GB of memory may be enough for you if you never update either the OS or installed programs, do not take photos or use advanced functions. But in this case, it is easier to stop using your smartphone altogether.

4. The phone is slow

Outdated hardware slows down the gadget. If apps are laggy and the touchscreen is unresponsive while loading them, your best bet is to purchase a more powerful model. However, before updating, make sure that the lags are not caused by other reasons: in some cases, it is enough to clean the smartphone's memory of unnecessary applications and media files to make it work like new.

5. The display is cracked

Did you save on protective glass and a case? Well, you will postpone replacing the touchscreen exactly until you cut yourself from a careless swipe. Using the gadget will become not only inconvenient, but also dangerous. Since there is a risk of serious infection in the wound if a cut occurs, you will either have to change the display or buy a new device.

6. The smartphone is not able to perform the desired functions

Like any technology, smartphones are designed to make our life easier. Applications will help you with any task, from preparing a new dish to finding an address in an unfamiliar city. Cameras are improving every year, games are becoming more fun and graphically advanced. Newer smartphone models are acquiring additional features.

Of course, the decision of whether to spend on a new phone for the sake of technological bells and whistles is up to you. As long as your model has operating system updates available, there is no real need for an upgrade.

But if every time you pick up your gadget, you get overwhelmed by fatigue and irritation, a new model should be purchased at least to save your nerves.

7. You want to change your smartphone, but you are not sure if you should do it right now

Many people keep going with old phones simply because the prices for new ones are too high. Stay tuned for discounts and special offers in stores and do not forget that prices for older models are significantly reduced with the update of the lines. If the money issue is very acute, and you can't do without a new smartphone, think about the lack of which functions you could put up with and choose a model based on these considerations.

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Author: Jake Pinkman