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Launchers for Android smartphones


Each user would like to customize the device for their personal needs. An attractive design is important for someone, while for someone the main thing is to receive timely information directly to the home screen.

And at the same time, no one wants to get confused in dozens of installed applications. As a rule, you cannot achieve convenient work by means of the built-in launcher. Therefore, you have to download another one with advanced settings.



Hola is considered one of the best free launchers out there. Its interface is very similar to standard launchers on Chinese smartphones Xiaomi, ZTE and Meizu. Despite the light weight of the application, the most design-demanding user will be satisfied with it. Hola is:

  • bright icons;
  • custom fonts;
  • base of thousands of themes and designs;
  • group applications by category;
  • the ability to hide applications;
  • Holazine news widget.

The most notable feature of the launcher is that it launches applications with one swipe of your finger across the screen.



Aviate Launcher was developed by Yahoo. Its design strives for graceful simplicity. Aviate can automatically categorize apps into categories, making it much easier to find them.

The Smart Stream tooltip not only displays information about the status of the smartphone, but also allows the user to take notes about upcoming events. Music lovers will like the launcher: when you plug in the headphones, the music application starts automatically.

At the top of the screen is a search bar through which you can search for information on the Internet or on the phone itself.

Google Start


The launcher was originally called Google Now and was installed on Nexus phones, now it is available for any device based on Android 4.1 and higher. Sliding the screen to the left gives you access to search, maps, news and favorite apps.

Launch is minimalistic, there are not many settings, but it is convenient and will appeal to those who do not want to overload the phone with unnecessary chips.



Apex settings will make any phone a stylish device. In the launcher you can:

  • adjust the size of icons and grid;
  • add gestures and animations;
  • enable transition effects.

New features appear in every update. The paid version of the launcher has a special extension for working with notifications, it is possible to make two-finger gestures and overlay friend's widgets on top of another.



This launcher optimizes not only the appearance, but also the performance of the phone: clearing the RAM is carried out by pressing one button.

Through the search bar located on the home screen, the user can surf the Internet and search by device. The launcher has a built-in set of tools: notepad, flashlight, calculator, etc.

Apus Know Panel will remind you of the events scheduled in the calendar and provide the latest news. The disadvantage of the launcher is that pop-ups may appear on the screen when using it.

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