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IOS 11.2 beta released


iOS 11.1 is not out yet, and Apple has already released the iOS 11.2 beta to registered developers.

How to install iOS 11.2 and how much it weighs

The update weighs about 1.2 GB and you need a developer account in the Apple Developer Program to install it.

If you really want to become a developer, then you can download a ready-made development profile and install it in 1 click.

What's new in iOS 11.2

  • SiriKit for HomePod. When HomePod launches in December, SiriKit for HomePod will allow developers to use the speaker to control their iPhones and iPads.

Keep in mind, however, that HomePod is not available for testing, so Apple recommends testing Siri with headphones and an iPhone or iPad to see how your app will perform.

  • Bug fixes and general stability improvements for iOS 11
  • Fix calculator animation

Yes, yes, the one that led to strange results when entering numbers quickly

  • Feedback app added
  • Emoji edits
  • Older iPhones now support iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X wallpapers
  • Added add-ons for AirPlay 2, but not working yet

This means that promised direct payments between users using Apple Pay are just around the corner.

Is it worth updating

Definitely worth it for the sake of SiriKit for HomePod.

HomePod apps are going to be trending soon (but that's not certain), so it's best to start developing them early.

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