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New Nokia 7.1 and more presented


Waited at last. Lately so much has been said about him, there have been many rumors. Finally, they showed the new smartphone Nokia 7.1. In addition, True Wireless and Pro Wireless headphones were announced.

Everything in order.

Smartphone with advanced display


Nokia 7.1 was recently unveiled by the firm along with several other gadgets. It sits on a par with other mid-range smartphones. At the same time, there are several characteristics that are inherent in devices that are higher in the hierarchical ladder of these products.

First of all, this is the display. It has 5.84 inches, HDR10 support, and Gorilla Glass 3 monobrow. This monitor is resistant to direct sunlight. Now they do not affect the quality of the displayed information. This display also has the ability to calibrate the overall tone. It reacts to any changes in the degree of its illumination and, as it were, adjusts to the surrounding reality. A kind of "screen chameleon".

In addition, the device is endowed with the ability to convert user content from SDR to HDR. Now you can view in decent quality not only pictures and photos, but also text documents.

Design and technical stuffing

In the field of design, the engineers and developers of the device did not become wise, but followed the beaten path. Metal and glass will be used in the production of its cases. A fingerprint scanner is located on the back. This is already standard functionality among all self-respecting manufacturers and users.

There will be two smartphone colors available - Gloss Midnight Blue and Gloss Steel.

Snapdragon 636 has been chosen as the chipset. It will be equipped with 3 or 4 GB of RAM. The main memory block will be 32 or 64 GB. User's choice. Supports MicroSD cards and has a USB-C port.

The Nokia 7.1 will be powered by a 3060 mAh battery that can be quickly recharged using the appropriate technology. It allows you to charge your smartphone to 50% of the maximum in 30 minutes.

There may be two SIM cards, but there are three cameras. The two rear, with a resolution of 12 and 5 megapixels, are average. The front produces 8 megapixels and allows, when taking selfies, some liberties. You can use in-game filters and face masks in real time. Information from all cameras is available for merging.

The smartphone will work on stock Android.



In addition to the smartphone, Nokia announced new True Wireless and Pro Wireless headphones.

Nokia True Wireless looks a bit like Apple AirPods. The creators assure that they have not cloned anything, the product is entirely their development. They are wireless and have an interesting design.

A distinctive feature of the headphones is their case. It is cylindrical and black. In addition to its direct purpose, the case also serves as a charger.

Without recharging, the product can work for 3.5 - 4 hours. Nokia True Wireless is protected from moisture and dust. They are due to hit the market in November this year.

Nokia Pro Wireless is less interesting, but not bad either.


They have a wire, so they are slightly inferior in style to their fellows. Its length is 27.5 cm, there is also a 45 cm neck strap. Product weight is 45 grams, battery life is 10 hours.

The headphones are also protected from moisture and sweat, in addition, they are manufactured using Qualcomm aptX technology. It allows you to listen to music without losing quality. In addition, playback stops when the device is pulled out of your ears and vibrations are felt when incoming calls come in.

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