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IOS 11 What's new, is it worth updating?


Before the presentation and start of sales of new versions of its iPhone, Apple introduced iOS 11, which will be preinstalled on all new gadgets, including iPad.

Users of older devices will also be able to upgrade. What's new in iOS 11, what new features are offered, and how is it perceived by the user community?

New "Control Panel"

Photo Control Panel in iOS 11

"Control Center" has succumbed to the most significant changes in the new OS. Now this menu looks more like a remote control that can be customized.

Frequently used brightness and volume sliders have increased in size. Now all the main functions fit on one screen, which we did not see in previous releases of iOS 11. The user can independently add and remove the applications and functions he needs from the control center.

The first user reviews indicate some flaws. So, some options are now hidden inside others (tethering, Night Shift and AirDrop).

What's New in Live Photos

Live Photos in iOS 11

Installing iOS 11 expands the familiar experience of creating Live Photos. Three additional effects are now available, including creating short animations with the ability to loop the video, and play it forward / backward and in pendulum mode.

The Long Exposure effect blur moving objects. Several new filters have appeared for post-processing photos.

In iOS 11 reviews, many have complained that when the QuickType Keyboard goes into landscape mode, there is plenty of space around the edges of the screen that could be filled with larger virtual keys for easier typing.


Photography New Camera Features

The interface for working with device cameras has been significantly redesigned with the addition of new functionality. The camera now has a QR code scanner mode, a gyroscope, and several new filters.

Now it is possible to save footage in a new format that saves disk space without losing quality, which will delight the owners of gadgets with 16 GB of memory.

True, the new format is not recognized on most other devices, but when transferring media files are converted to Jpeg.

Other iOS 11 innovations

Siri photography now understands people even better

Should you upgrade to iOS 11? The answer is clear, worth it.

Apple has made many changes to make the system more flexible for the user experience. The following new features are also worth noting:

-Siri got new intelligence and voice;

- more detailed maps;

- increase in the number of devices supported through Homekit;

-new AppStore design;

-support AR.

So far, the question remains open how the new OS will behave on old devices of the fifth and sixth generation of smartphones. The same goes for older iPads.

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Author: Jake Pinkman