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Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss


This time Microsoft approached the new console generation fully armed: they release the Xbox Series X, which surpasses the Playstation 5 in a number of significant characteristics, from the start of sales will allow playing thousands of games from previous generations of Xbox and most importantly - are preparing to please players with dozens of exclusive games. In this article, we examined the entire library of announced projects and selected 15 of the most anticipated games for the Xbox Series X, which are unlikely to be missed by the owners of the next generation game console.

All of these games are currently exclusive to the Xbox platform, so each project can be played on both PC and Xbox Series X. Some games will also be released on Xbox One, but none are announced for release on Playstation 5 You can read a selection of PS5 games here.

1. Halo Infinite

Release date: 2021

The Master Chief returns in the new Halo game, in which the developers often use the epithet "most". The most ambitious story campaign in the series is expected (at least twice as long as in Halo 5), the most "human" character - he is also the Pilot who brought the Master Chief to life, and, of course, the largest levels, opening up an unprecedented scope for tactical maneuvers. Important innovations include free multiplayer and a ten-year program to support the game with story and multiplayer updates. We talked more about Halo Infinite in our special article.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss .Halo Infinite

2. The Medium

Release date: 2020

A dream game for the Polish studio Blooper Team, which has a hand in creating horror games on games such as Observer and Blair Witch. This time, the developers went for broke and, with the help of Microsoft, are preparing to release the spiritual heir to Silent Hill, for which they even invited Akira Yamaoka to play the role of the game's composer. But what really sets The Medium apart from other horror games is the gameplay where the main character, a girl-medium named Marianne, will have to move simultaneously in the real and the other world.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . The Medium

3. Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

Release date: unknown

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 can rightfully claim the title of one of the most unexpected announcements of 2020 and be in the cohort of the most anticipated Xbox Series X and PC exclusives. Unfortunately, there are still a minimum of details about the game, but one thing is for sure - this time the developers are clearly not constrained by the budget and the scale of the trip will grow significantly. The action of the game will unfold on the territory of Iceland, which is why the staff went to the homeland of geysers and volcanoes for additional inspiration, and also invited the Heilung group to write the soundtrack, which have become a cult band on the scene of modern Scandinavian folk.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

4. Fable

Release date: unknown

There have been rumors about the development of a new Fable on the network for a long time, and now, finally, Microsoft erupted with a full-fledged announcement. True, as is the case with some of the publisher's other announcements, we have a minimum of information and do not even know what the game actually looks like. However, we still know a couple of things: gamers are waiting for the restart of the franchise, and the development studio is responsible for the Playground Games studio, which was entrusted with the game after the experience gained in the Forza Horizon series in creating open worlds. Also note that the network circulated information about the status of Fable as a game-service with MMO elements. The developers have neither denied nor confirmed the rumor.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . Fable

5. Avowed

Release date: unknown

Avowed is another mysterious project from our selection of the most anticipated games on Xbox Series X, about which there is a bit of information. The main news is that you can count on a large-scale first-person role-playing game in the Pillars of Eternity setting by Obsidian. It looks like Microsoft's bold response to the Elder Scrolls series is coming. It's only with The Elder Scrolls VI that Avowed can be related not only by the genre, but also by the potential release date, since according to rumors Obsidian is preparing to release an RPG no earlier than the end of 2022.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . Avowed


Release date: unknown

Another trump up the sleeve of Microsoft's Next-Pen presentation was the first trailer for the upcoming STALKER 2, which will not only become an exclusive project for Xbox Series X and PC, but will also be available on the day of release by subscription in Game Pass. About Stalker itself, Ukrainian developers are in no hurry to share details, limiting themselves only to general definitions, such as “non-linear storyline campaign”, “new mutants and anomalies” and our favorite, “one of the largest open worlds in games with a post-apocalyptic setting”. Given the ambitions of GSC Game World, it's too early to even talk about an approximate release date for STALKER 2.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . STALKER 2

7. The Ascent

Release date: 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 is not alone in the cyberpunk genre this year, because simultaneously with the release of the Xbox Series X, The Ascent, a top-down-shooter with RPG elements, is being prepared for release on the store shelves. The main elements of the setting in The Ascent are easily guessed: starting with the plot about the megacorporations controlling the world order and ending with the decoration of the location, which, according to the precepts of the "High tech, low life" rule, combine ubiquitous dirt with high technologies. The gameplay is, as you might expect, standard for Alien Shooter and other top-down action games.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . The Ascent

8. Scorn

Release date: unknown

Inspired by the gloomy aesthetics of Hans Giger's work, Survival-Horror called Scorn is a real indie long-term construction, which after 6 years of development has finally received funding from a major publisher in the person of Microsoft and has every chance of coming out in the coming year. The main advantage of the game, as it should be, is the visual style, where even the set of weapons of the protagonist is alive, as if they came from nightmares. More details about the gameplay and plot, the developers are in no hurry to spread, but it is known that the world in the game is expected to be open and divided into several unique areas.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . Scorn

9. Forza Motorsport

Release date: unknown

The list of games on the Xbox Series X would not be complete without the next part of Forza Motorstorm, which was announced by Microsoft at the Xbox Game Showcase. As is the case with a number of other major franchises from Xbox Game Studious, practically nothing is known about the new racing simulator, except for the developers' desire to adhere to the format of simultaneous support for 4K, 60 FPS and ray tracing technology, as well as the addition of the dependence of tire handling on the degree of their heating and a new system atmospheric pressure. Remarkable is the rejection of the digital number in the title, which can mean either a restart of the series or a service product in the manner of Halo Infinite with a long post-release support program.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . Forza Motorsport

10. 12 Minutes

Release date: unknown

12 Minutes is one of the most intriguing titles in the game lineup from publisher Annapurna. Players will find an action-packed thriller about the life of a married couple whose romantic evening is destroyed by a criminal breaking into the house. Trying to prevent the attacker, our main character fails and finds himself locked inside a time loop that makes him experience the most terrible 12 minutes of his life over and over again. Changing the fateful event will become our main goal. Especially noteworthy is the list of approved actors for the roles of the main characters of the game: James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and William Defoe.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . 12 Minutes

11. The Gunk

Release date: 2021

Developers responsible for the SteamWorld project at Image & Form Games announced this year a new PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X exclusive The Gunk. According to the developers, they settled on the Microsoft console, as they needed the most powerful console on the market, in which they could realize their most daring ambitions. We admit that while The Gunk does not look impressive, but quite entertaining due to the ability to explore an alien planet, unravel its secrets and use a high-tech "vacuum cleaner" to collect dangerous dark matter.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . The Gunk

12. State of Decay 3

Release date: unknown

After two issues in the State of Decay series, the franchise has managed to establish itself as one of the exclusives on Xbox consoles, so the announcement of the triquel was a matter of time. This summer, State of Decay 3 was officially announced exclusively for Xbox Series X and PC, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to play the continuation of the commune survival simulator in a zombie-ridden city in the coming years. The project is still at the preproduction stage, but it is already known that the action of the game will unfold in the winter, zombie animals will appear, and the scale of the world will noticeably grow.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . State of Decay 3

13. CrossfireX

Release date: 2020

CrossfireX is an exclusive for Xbox Series X and Xbox One console port of the hugely popular F2P shooter in China, which in the West has remained in the shadow of eminent competitors. Whether it is really worth paying attention to the CrossfireX multiplayer, we can say this fall, but what I really would like to focus on now is a separate story campaign, which is being developed by the Finnish developers from Remedy. As we could see from the first trailer of the campaign, we are waiting for a full-fledged Next-Gen shooter on the Northlight engine, which was previously used to create Control. Note also that the story campaign will have to be purchased separately from the multiplayer.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . CrossfireX

14. Everwild

Release date: unknown

In a series of ambitious projects of the legendary studio Rare, replenishment is expected, because right now the developers are busy on the fantastically beautiful action-adventure game Everwild. Unfortunately, despite the promising picture, the developers are only thinking about the concept of the game, which may indicate an imminent release date for Everwild on the next generation Xbox Series X and PC. By the way, the project is so complex and large-scale that Rare decided not to be held back by outdated technologies and completely abandoned the previously announced support for the Xbox One console.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . Everwild

15. Call of the Sea

Release date: 2020

Let's finish talking about the most anticipated games for Xbox Series X in a relaxing first-person adventure game with a poetic title Call of the Sea. It promises both an island full of unexpected secrets, free to explore, and a poignant story where we, as a brave girl, set off on a dangerous journey deep into the Pacific Islands to find our missing husband. As a nice bonus, at the start the game will be available by subscription in the Game Pass service.

Most Anticipated Xbox Series X Games You Shouldn't Miss . Call of the Sea

Before the release of the next generation consoles, we also suggest reading our detailed material, where we compare in detail Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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