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HONOR MagicBook Pro Review


Two years ago, HONOR introduced several laptop models to the market. The MagicBook series turned out to be quite good, distinguished by the presence of a technological and productive filling for adequate money. This year, two versions of the line were released on the platform of the AMD Ryzen 5 chipset. Let's tell you more about one of them.

Design Features

The exterior design of the HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 laptop meets all the requirements for business models. The device is equipped with a pleasant dark gray aluminum body, matte texture, minimalistic chrome logo on the lid.


The device has a weight of 1.7 kg and a thickness of about 17 mm, so it cannot be considered a miniature one. Many will love the 16.1-inch display with thin bezels around the edges. They are wider at the bottom, but this does not spoil the overall picture.


The screen of the gadget is equipped with a hinge for the entire width of the case. It allows the 1600 laptop to open, expanding the way you work with it.

There are speakers on both sides of the MagicBook Pro keyboard. Experts believe that such a move by the developers cannot be called successful, but it had little effect on the sound quality (as it turned out). It also has a beneficial effect on sound power ratings.

Designers have applied several interesting, but not unique solutions. So, they equipped the power button with a fingerprint scanner, and hid the webcam in one of the buttons on the top row of the keyboard.


As for the convenience in work, there are both disadvantages and advantages. The first category is the lack of screen backlight LEDs. On the other hand, the body has comfortable rubber pads in its lower part, which will not allow the device to crawl over the contact surface.

Large display

The screen of HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 received an IPS-matrix. It occupies almost 90% of the entire front panel area and has good brightness and contrast. The last parameter here corresponds to a ratio of 1000: 1, which allows you to view content even on sunny days.

At the same time, the user has the ability to adjust the brightness over a wide range. This makes it suitable for night work.

You can also note the absence of distortion, annoying flicker, the presence of wide viewing angles of the display and good color reproduction. Therefore, we can say that the laptop received a high-quality screen with Full HD resolution.

Keyboard and ports

The device has an island-type keyboard. Not everyone will like the lack of a digital block in it, despite the rather significant dimensions of the laptop. One of the reasons for this lies in the fact that its space is given to the speakers, the location of which was mentioned above.

Another disadvantage of the "keyboard" is the presence of short-stroke keys, which reduces the level of tactile feedback in work. I also need to say about the low rigidity of this structure, which bends even with a slight pressure.

The pluses of the keyboard include the presence of a two-level backlight and a separate power button. There is also an Fn key that acts as a modifier.

The touchpad here is made of plastic, but it has a good surface, and the pressure zones have clear divisions.


The laptop received two USB 3.0 ports, which, together with the audio jack, are located on the right side. On the contrary, the developers installed USB Type-C (it is used for charging, since there is no separate connector), HDMI and another USB 3.0.

MagicBook Pro 2020 is equipped with Magic-Link technology, allowing NFC and Wi-Fi to work together. This enables fast communication between HONOR and HUAWEI devices. You can also use your laptop screen to display information from your smartphone.

Hardware and performance

The iron "heart" of the gadget is a quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 3550H processor with a 35W heat pack. This allows it to show good performance and at the same time not heat up above 80C.

The downside of this chipset is the presence of throttling noise when working under high load.

Along with the Ryzen 5 3550H comes 8 GB of RAM and a Radeon Vega 8 graphics chip. It has good functionality, but it sacrifices 1.1 GB of RAM.


All this stuff does a good job with most daily tasks, but for, for example, gameplay with high graphics settings, it is not suitable. Most modern toys will work on MagicBook Pro 2020, but with low to medium settings.

For storing user information, there is a 512 GB NVMe SSD from Western Digital. This contributes to faster read and write speeds.


HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 has a 56 Wh battery. In a simple operation, the charge will last for 9-10 hours, while surfing the web - for 8.

For charging, the device is equipped with a standard 65-watt power supply, which is able to restore the energy reserves of a completely discharged battery to 100% in 80 minutes. But it is not necessary to always have it at hand. There is a Power Delivery technology that allows you to use a powerbank for charging.


HONOR MagicBook Pro 2020 is suitable for those who need a reliable work tool. It will also appeal to fans of various kinds of content. It is better not to take it to perform complex tasks. The main reason for this is the small amount of RAM that cannot be expanded.

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Author: Jake Pinkman