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Apple has released a stable version of iOS 13


Apple has officially launched a new version of its operating system for mobile gadgets. The released iOS 13 update is ready for free download. The version was supplemented with new system features, and also received new tools for working with photos.

What has changed

The expected release of iOS 13 was marked by the appearance of the night mode in the operating system, although the "dark" theme is not new for Apple gadgets. For the first time such a mode appeared in 2018 on the basis of macOS for desktop systems. This time, the "night" theme built into Mobile OS 13 is implemented at the system level. It is supported by all branded "apple" applications and most third-party utilities.


According to early promises from the company, the new iOS 13 should be even faster. Once the code has been optimized, apps should start running twice as fast, and Face ID should also be about a third faster. Another feature of the updated Apple mobile system is the new keyboard capabilities. With the help of the Quick Path function, typing has become available in "sliding" mode, that is, you can now type characters by lightly touching the buttons with your hand.

New Maps and more

In addition, the iOS 13 update features improvements to existing apps. So, for certain areas, "Maps" were supplemented with even greater details and high detail, including street photos in the Look Around style, repeating the version of the view, like in Google. Also in "Maps" you can now find public transport timetables in real time.

For lovers of photos, the iOS operating system has prepared advanced editing tools for photographic material. Now, using the Photos application, the user can crop frames, adjust clarity, sharpness, shades. Also, the new version of iOS received improved features for previewing captured photos and videos. A more convenient frame grid has appeared in the application, the captured video can be reviewed in advance in the "here and now" mode.


Among other updates, we can note the changed style of "Reminders" with a new option for quick sorting of records with one click on the buttons All, Flagged, Scheduled, Today. The Find My Friends and Find My iPhone utilities have been merged into a common Find My tool in the new iOS build. Its capabilities, implemented within the system and through iCloud sync, allow you to locate and find gadgets on iOS 13.

In addition, iOS 13 has received a large number of invisible tweaks aimed at fixing crashes and speeding up system processes, for example, during downloads, problems with which appeared in the beta version of the mobile OS build.


The latest iOS update is compatible with a range of devices, including 15 Apple gadgets. These include the latest iPhone 11 lineup and other earlier smartphones up to the iPhone SE. The company has launched an automatic distribution of updates for compatible products. You can check its availability in the settings in the "Software update" field.


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