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Insider # 11.01: budget iPhone; Samsung Galaxy S20 line; iPhone 12; OnePlus 8 Pro


This time, the Insider Review will consist of four news blocks. In the first, we will find out the approximate release time of the budget iPhone. Then we will clarify some details of the equipment of the Samsung Galaxy S20 line of smartphones. After that, there will be data on another Apple product. In the end, we will discuss the nuances of bundling the flagship device from OnePlus.

Budget iPhone coming in March

iOS fans can rejoice at the good news: now there is no need to spend a large amount to buy the latest smartphone, as an inexpensive version of the device will be released in March this year.

This was reported by Bloomberg. Also, according to him, the new device will be similar to the iPhone 8.


Some details of the design and equipment of the product are known. They prophesy the presence of a 4.7-inch screen, a Touch ID scanner in the Home button. The hardware will be based on the A13 Bionic chipset. It is currently used in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The most important information concerns the price of a smartphone. It will be only $ 399 US. If so, the new product will be cheaper than the iPhone 8 sold so far.

Information that the American manufacturer is going to bring a budget model to the market has been discussed on the network for a long time. A few months ago, renowned analyst Min Chi Kuo announced similar plans to Apple. Several other insiders have confirmed his information.

The platform of the novelty has minimal differences from the iPhone 11. It will have only 1 GB less RAM. In addition, the device will not join any of the smartphone lines. It will be a sequel to the iPhone SE version.

Earlier, our resource talked about the report of Min Chi Kuo, in which he predicted that Apple will sell about 30 million of these devices. Most likely, it will be so. After all, there are many in the world who want to buy an inexpensive iPhone with a good filling.

New leak reveals some details of the Galaxy S20 series equipment

Recently, leaks have become more frequent regarding devices of the Galaxy S20 line, which will be released in the middle of next month. Another one took place the other day. It will surely cause conflicting feelings among fans of the brand.

For many years, the Korean company has not used plastic in the production of S series cases. They are made from aircraft grade aluminum. According to the latest information, the Samsung S20 Ultra will be made of stainless steel.


Not very good news for the Galaxy S20. It is indicated that the developers decided to abandon the possibility of video recording by this model in 8K resolution, with a frequency of 30 frames per second. The last parameter will be downgraded to 24.

It is also stated that the sensor of the main camera here will not receive a resolution of 108 MP, as in the Ultra version. This became clear after testing the new firmware.

All three models will be able to manually set the screen resolution frequency. The default will be 60Hz. Each user will be able to increase this parameter in the settings up to 120 Hz. True, this will cause a decrease in autonomy, which will be notified.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra will be unveiled on February 11th.

iPhone 12 lineup will get new body colors

The announcement of the iPhone 12 series is not expected soon, but some leaks about it are already starting to come in. So, in one of the latest, insiders pointed out the possibility of equipping the new line with cases of a new color.

Renowned network informant Max Weinbach announced that Midnight Green will be replaced by Navy Blue.


Before that, there was information that the American company will show at least three iPhone 12 models with displays ranging from 5.4 to 6.7 inches in the second half of 2020. They will receive a metal frame around the entire perimeter of the case. Outwardly, the devices will strongly resemble the iPhone 4.

It is also said about the lack of a wide cutout in the display for the front camera and other sensors.

The new line will be announced in September.

OnePlus 8 Pro will be equipped with wireless charging

Smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro has a good, productive filling. However, there is one nuance in its configuration: the device did not receive functionality for wireless charging. Most flagship models are sure to be equipped with it.

There is information that the company decided to eliminate such injustice. Already the next modification of the OnePlus 8 Pro will receive a corresponding design element. This is indirectly confirmed by the renders of the device, which appeared on the network.


The image shows that the device is on a special stand, which is a wireless charger.

A few months ago, the president of OnePlus, during a conversation with reporters, said that his company had abandoned the use of wireless charging technology due to overheating of the structure.

It is possible that the engineers of the Chinese vendor have solved this problem and now not only smartphones, but also other products of the company will receive useful functionality.

Also, insiders report that the OnePlus 8 Pro uses a 4500 mAh battery, and there will also be no retractable camera unit. Instead, a small cutout for a selfie camera will be made in the screen (the resolution of which will be 120 Hz). The main camera will receive a triple module with a 64 megapixel main sensor.

The announcement of the novelty will take place this spring.

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