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Baba is You Review


There are indie games that everyone plays, there are bad indie games, and there are projects that are very cool, but you haven't heard much about them. Baba is You, this is an example of such a game, and it's a pity, because it is literally a new word in the industry and game design. Today we have a review of Baba is You.

You are the reader

The game itself was presented at the IGF 2018, where it received many awards. In the race for first place, Night in the Woods overtook her, but this does not mean that this puzzle is less interesting. I would even say that today it has no analogues in this genre.

In some ways it may remind The Witness, because what is there, what here you have to use the same similar mechanics throughout the game. In The Witness, you have to draw a line from point "a" to point "b" based on the environment. You need to look for clues, secrets and try to recreate them on the monitor and do it 600 times with all the riddles.

Baba is You Review

Baba is You works on the same principle, but with the difference that you yourself create the rules of the game. You move different word blocks to win. This game, which sometimes puts before you seemingly unrealistic tasks, which are so simple in their solution that you wonder how you did not think of this before.

What are the rules? Blocks with words are scattered across the level. They are connected by the verb is, which gives a characteristic to a particular subject at the level. For example, rock is push, which means you can push a stone, wall is stop - a wall is an obstacle. And Baba is you says that you control a lamb, named Baba. These short phrases are the level rules.

Baba is You Review

You can make different combinations of words, thereby changing the rules by which the level operates. Change the game to get through. For example, there are phrases flag is win and wall is stop at the level. You are separated from the cherished flag by a wall that does not allow you to pass. So maybe just change the rules about the wall and the flag in places? You rearrange them and the wall becomes a victory condition. It remains only to touch her. Or maybe go further and become a wall yourself ?! Change baba is you to wall is you? Yes please. And now, playing the wall, you move towards the flag.

And such non-standard decisions to complete the level you need to make quite often. The main thing is that you take the item before the is win condition. You constantly juggle these rules to make the victory condition the most convenient for you.

Baba is You Review

The game is the rules

But there are restrictions on your freedom. If you could control the game 100%, then it would be pointless. Sometimes the rules of the level are carefully displayed in the corner of the screen and block them with a wall.

For example, wall is stop is surrounded by a wall, and you can't change it, no matter how much you want. We'll have to look for a more specific solution. It happens that the rule is simply entered into a corner, and you cannot move it, but it is not forbidden to substitute another action or noun under its is part. After all, the rules work regardless of whether they are located vertically or horizontally.

Baba is You Review

The game constantly amazes with the number of original ideas at each level. It would seem that you have already seen everything, understood how to play, but then a new preposition and appears, other words or verbs and you have to learn to play by completely different rules. Just recently, you cleverly turned walls into flags that were a condition for victory, but at the next level, the rules are composed as a simple poem: "rose is read, violet is blue, flag is win, baba is you" and try to change it so as to win .

The game quickly becomes complex and the riddles no longer have such a simple solution. It is necessary to monitor the literacy of building the rules, and so that there are no mistakes. And some levels have a second version with one or two new elements that negate your previous decision.

Baba is You Review

Game design is a victory

The way the game is made and its concept is a great example of good game design. Since this is a puzzle, you will often have a desire to open the passage, but then you will wash the whole point down the toilet. And the game understands this, so it gives you several features to make the passage easier. If you lose, you can always restart the level with one button, and if you made a wrong action, you can always roll back any number of steps, delaying your replay with a shout “All over again! I hate it! ".

The structure of the world is also similar to The Witness - a large island made up of different parts. But in order to advance further, you do not need to solve absolutely all the riddles on the same level. Has it ever happened that you got stuck in a puzzle on one level, and the passage was stalled for several hours or days? There is no such thing in this game about a lamb and English grammar, which makes the passage of Baba is You not only interesting, but also comfortable.

Baba is You Review

The developer knew exactly how to make his game enjoyable and playable.

It is available exclusively in English, as the translation will kill the whole point of gameplay and puzzles. The translation of some phrases would have looked simply ridiculous, and if we take into account the peculiarities of USA grammar, I would be scared to play this. But you shouldn't be afraid, all the words are as simple as possible, and nobody canceled the translator.

You are the player and the experimenter

What else I want to praise the game is that it is not like other puzzles. If in the rest we follow the rules, then we play with them. Baba is You is very distinctive and each of its objects has its own meaning and purpose. If there are a lot of puzzles where we need to move boxes, objects and find use for them, then such games where we need to give the subject a new meaning - except for Baba is You it is difficult to find.

Baba is You Review

The game has about 200 levels. Each of them is individual and makes you experiment with its structure. From the very beginning, you will be thrown into the world of research, accompanied by the phrase: "what if I do this?" And to your surprise - and you, most likely, will succeed, although more than once the game will catch you that you are not as smart as you think.

So far, this is a very innovative game that will win you over and will be able to tighten up no worse than any story product. Her innovations and approaches to level design won't let go. You are an experimenter, and your ally is a lamb - this fact alone should already captivate. Everything that the project offers you is done at the highest level.

This was a review of Baba is You, and you can safely put 10 lambs turning into a wall of 10 to this puzzle.

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Author: Jake Pinkman