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What gadgets should you buy before the frost hits


Apartments and houses have long been crammed with all kinds of technology, from a humidifier to a robot vacuum cleaner.

And the developers do not stop there, inventing new devices that make life easier for modern people. Some of these devices allow you to quickly warm up during the winter frosts.

USB powered warming gadgets.

Heated Insoles


They are especially relevant in the northern regions, when the air temperature drops below -20 degrees and stays at this level for a long time. In ordinary shoes, even if they are made of reindeer wool, the feet quickly begin to freeze, so getting heated insoles is a must. This unusual gadget is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be recharged as needed.

Warming slippers.


This device has not only an interesting appearance, but also heats your feet perfectly while working at a computer. All you have to do is connect warm plush slippers to the device and put them on your feet.

Heated mug that connects to a laptop or computer.


A great thing for those who forget about the tea poured into a cup. Tea or coffee can stay warm in it for a long time, so it is worth getting it by winter.

Computer mouse with a warm case.


The mouse heats up to about 40 degrees, which is very important when the heating is not turned on yet, and it is already quite cold outside. In addition, the warm body improves blood circulation in the hand, which has a positive effect on health.

Soft hand sleeves that warm the upper part of the hand while working at the computer.


Each muff or mitten is connected using a USB connector to any device. The muffs are put on very easily - there is a fabric strip below that fixes the product on the palm.

Shoe dryer


In order for the shoes to have time to dry overnight, not to deform and to be warm, when you put them on, it is enough to use a special dryer. This gadget can be connected to both a regular outlet and a USB port.

Heated socks.


Such a device heats not only the sole as insoles, but the entire foot, enveloping it. Manufacturers paid special attention to fingers, which tend to freeze first. But they run on batteries that need to be changed constantly.

But for summer time, completely different devices will come in handy: mini-fan, USB-refrigerator, etc.

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Author: Jake Pinkman