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How have achievements changed the world? Read on to get the achievement!


You may not like Mircosoft for many of the bad things they do or did in their time. Take the same Game for Windows Life, which actively prevented all of us from playing while it existed. But one cannot help but love the company for coming up with such a thing as game achievements or achievements. Today, achievement has become the gambling drug of our time. They can be found in any quantity and for every taste.

It all started with the Xbox ...

... which fatally failed and lost the battle of consoles. With the release of the Xbox 360, there were also similar concerns, because competitors from the east had more exclusives, Blu-ray and sharpening controls for touch. But Microsoft had a couple of trump cards, such as cable TV and an Xbox LIVE subscription that earned Gates millions.

As it turned out, the console withstood the battle and even emerged victorious, but this did not stop Microsoft from finishing off the whole world and rolling out game achievements for gamers to see - simple little images that appear and sometimes jokingly praise you. Kick a chicken twenty times - get the achievement "Animal Friend".


This is how it all began in 2005 at Gamerscore, an add-on to Xbox LIVE. Now this system has seeped into every corner of digital gaming platforms.

Nice profit

The secret of genius is simple - everyone loves to be praised. A little recognition of you as cool, although the program warms the soul. In fact, this is simple psychology. The human brain is prone to performing and overcoming certain tasks in such a way that they are finally solved.

When you get an achievement, it is like a clear trigger that lets the brain know that you have completed the task, solved the problem and received a reward, which releases a little bit of the hormone of joy in the body. In addition, when you are given a few first achievements for almost nothing, you start wanting to get more.


Achievements in video games and their complete discovery, testifies to a clear understanding that you conquered the game and completed all the tasks assigned to you, and also scored trophies. This is the same challenge that is easy to accept, you don't want to throw it, and it will definitely be rewarded.

Size matters

In addition, achievement plays a role in the social aspect. Many gamers emphasize their status as professionals, not casuals, by the abundance of rare gaming achievements. Today, with their page in incentive and the amount of achievement, gamers are measured by their virtual gaming, let's call it - advantages.

achivment xbox

That is, apart from personal satisfaction, we also have the factor “look at me, how cool I am.”

The hunt must go on

In fact, they also contributed to the formation of a new cult in the gaming community, namely the achievement of hunters. On YouTube, tutorials on how to unlock this or that achievement are still very popular. They stand alongside speedrunners and have large fanbases. Today there are 5 types of this drug that are being hunted for:

  • Subject - for completing a story campaign
  • Social - for some interaction with other players
  • Tactical - for performing specific actions
  • Educational - for exploration, the discovery of special locations, the entire map and, in general, love for geography and history and expanding the lore in the game.
  • Heroic - taking a super hard action and killing tons of hours
funny achievements

You can achieve anything!

Another important change is the expansion of the gameplay and the heating of the gamer's interest in research. They help diversify the gameplay and make it more interesting. So, for example, in Far Cry, achievements push to dive to maximum depth, burn hectares of tropics from a flamethrower, jump from a hang glider - that is, they push the player to use mechanics to the fullest with benefit and pleasure, which increases the passage of the game in several hours.

And if the developer inserts them wisely, not too much and not too little, this significantly increases interest in its research. And, of course, achievements are a huge field for banter. For example, knocking out the maximum level in Call of Duty: World at War and killing hundreds of man-hours for this, the game will give you the achievement: "Come out like you friend on the street!" Or like in Deadpool, you get an achievement for just getting off the couch.


They can reduce the level of cheating in games, for example, by giving an achievement specifically for passing without using cheats, both in a single and online.

Some facts

Or rather 5 facts about achievements:

  • Thanks to advances in video games, the level of piracy has dropped slightly, as achievements are only found in licensed copies of games.
  • Play Station users are used to knocking out trophies, not achievements, because Sony.
achivment PS4
  • Although common on almost every platform like Steam, they are sometimes introduced into very standalone games with a lot of players like WoW.
  • On average for each game, the gold standard is 40 to 50 achievements
  • The Xbox once introduced a system of achievements not only in games, but also in the TV grid, for example, watched "Breaking Bad" and get the achievement "Meta Cook".


Despite the fact that the achievements were invented by pioneers and American scouts, only some received badges, and other stripes, which in fact did not mean anything, they emphasized your uniqueness and the status of the fact that you did something for which others did not. In the world of gaming, everything is exactly the same, only in a more exciting way, which is why we like it so much.

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