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Yakuza 0 or how to make great prequels


Today we have a review of the game "Yakuza ". Not the whole series, which already has 10 episodes of the game, but Yakuza 0 and a small gift for you Yakuza 6.

History of the Yakuza

So, first things first. The history of the game "Yakuza" dates back to 2005. Toshihiro Nagoshi, game producer and designer conceived of creating a game based on the Yakuza lifestyle. At first, Nagoshi was looking for a platform for his project for a long time, but in 2005 Sony became interested in the game and the fate of the project was decided.

Since then, millions of copies of the game have been sold, its offshoots have been created. Success and prosperity! One pity is that new versions arrive in the US and Europe with some delay. You need to translate. The Japanese language is not for you one, two, three. So the process sometimes stretches for a couple of years, as in the case of Yakuza 0.

Yakuza Prequel 0

Yakuza 0 is the prequel to the first Yakuza game. In Japan, the prequel appeared in early 2015, and the game reached the United States and you and me only in 2017. In this action-adventure thriller, events unfold in the late 80s of the last century, or rather in 1988. Our main characters Kazuma Kiriyu and Goro Majima are still very young people, they are 20 years old. Events are developing in Kamurocho and Sotenbori. Kamurocho corresponds to the Kabukicho district in Tokyo, and Sothenbori to the Dotenbori district in Osaka.

The plot is twisted as follows. Young Kiriyu got into history. He recently joined the Tajima family, and someone has already set him up. He is accused of killing a civilian in an attempt to overthrow the mentor Kiriya Shintaro. Kiriy's task is to get out of this story clean and not let himself be torn apart.

At this time in Dotenbori, Goro Majima runs a cabaret, but this is nothing more than a prison for him after he was expelled from the Tojo clan. Even when running a cabaret, he is under constant surveillance. One day he gets a chance to restore his rights and for this he is given a target for murder. Majima agrees, but when it is revealed to him that his target is a defenseless blind girl, the hero takes custody of her, instead of killing.

Yakuza 0 Gameplay

Fight the tiger
Photography Far from simple battles

The passage of the game is built on the principle of Isshin, only instead of experience to buy new skills here the player earns money in battles. Moreover, unlike previous games in the Yakuza series, the distribution of monetary rewards during battles is much more generous here. After each attack, the account is replenished. Here, currency is equated to experience. On it you can buy entertainment, of which there are a lot in the game. You can go to karaoke, disco, play chess and checkers and much more, more adult types of entertainment.

But you can do it differently. Do not spend the money you earn on entertainment alone, but invest it in pumping your heroes. It should also be noted that income grows depending on how you fight. Kiriyu has several fighting styles: Balanced, Fast Weak, Strong Slow, and Majima has Basic, a Baseball style where he is masterful with a bat and Breakdancing. Breakdancing is something. Words cannot describe it, you have to watch it, or rather fight.

However, there is also such an obstacle called Mr. Shakedown. They are twice as strong as regular opponents. If you lose in the fight against them, then you lose all your money. But you can fight them again, then the money will come back.

How else can you earn currency? Of course, through your business. Kiriyu is engaged in the purchase of real estate and everything connected with it. This is no coincidence, because the action takes place in the late 80s, when Japan is in the midst of a real estate bubble. This is reflected in the game. The clans themselves are fighting to own a piece of land in the center of Tokyo, near the Millennium Tower.

Majima's income comes from the cabaret. You can also earn by participating in side quests. For example, helping a girl get out of a sect or sorting out a love triangle between young children. Yes, unusual quests, I must say, but nevertheless, they bring arrivals, and with it the upgrade of heroes.

What's new in Yakuza 0

What's new in yakuza 0
Photography A lot to do

What's new in Yakuza 0 is not only that the game takes place in some of Tokyo's busiest neighborhoods, but that many new fighting styles are emerging. That only is the so-called style of Baseball Player and Breakdancing in Majima or Balance and Fast weak in Kiriyu. But that is not all. If the heroes successfully complete their business, it will be possible to use the Legendary Style, Tajima Dragon and Shimano Crazy Dog.

In Yakuza 0 we see the evolution of the game. What graphics, but what are some fighting styles, an open world and more than 40 hours of play! Entertainment is here for every taste, as you already understood. So we start playing or continue, because once you get acquainted with the game, it is already impossible to stop!

Yakuza 6: Who, Where, When

And now a little about the completely new Yakuza 6 series. In Japan this game was released back in December 2016, and will come to the USA and Europe this year, in March 2018. We are already looking forward to it.

Kazuma Kiriyu returns. The action takes place in Tokyo's Kamurocho and Hiroshima. While Kiriyu was in the hospital recovering from injuries inflicted in the previous games, the police came to him. Representatives of the law are planning to arrest Kyria for his misdeeds, which our hero does not oppose. After 3 years in prison, he is finally released and immediately finds out that his adopted daughter Haruka is missing. When he arrives in Kamurocho, he finds her in a coma after an accident. It turns out that before that she gave birth to a son. So, together with the baby Kiriyu goes to Hiroshima to find out what happened to Haruka during his three-year absence.

The game also includes Virtua Fighter 5 and other games in the form of basic playgrounds inside Yakuza 6. The game scored 39 out of 40 possible points on the Famitsu rating. That says a lot!

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