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Where to Find the Best Armor in Assassins Creed Odyssey: Armor Guide


As befits any self-respecting RPG, there are dozens of unique sets of armor in Assassins Creed Odyssey. Moreover, the armor sets are designed not only to make the protagonist a dandy who follows the latest trends in the fashion of Ancient Greece, but also give a significant increase in combat and defensive skills. All in all, a valuable dress code, so in this article we'll briefly share where to find the best armor in Assassins Creed Odyssey.

We will focus only on the legendary sets, which belong to the highest class of equipment and work on the principle of the witcher's armor from TheWitcher 3: when you put on each new piece of armor, a useful bonus is activated.

Demigod Armor

Full set bonus: Increases damage by all abilities by 10%.

You can get armor after killing one of the cultists - Deimos. Armor is especially valuable for those who do not have a clear combat specialization, but try to improvise during the battle and use various methods of eliminating opponents.

Assassins Creed Osyssey demigod armor

Armor of the Immortal

Full set bonus: activating an ability that restores 20 percent of your health.

Armor can be obtained by eliminating cult members in the "Bloodline Followers" branch. With skillful handling, armor can make the player almost immortal (hence the name) thanks to the ability to replenish health every two minutes while dying. Plus, the armor increases critical hit damage.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Immortal Armor

Armor of Agamemnon

Full Set Bonus: Increase enemy burning speed by 50%

4 out of 5 pieces of armor drop after clearing representatives of the cult in the "Silver Vein" branch. The last piece of armor - gauntlets - is found in a chest hidden in the Silver Mines of Attica. The best set for those using fire attacks in Assassins Creed Odyssey, as it increases not only the duration of the burning, but also the damage from the fire element.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Agamemnon Armor

Armor of the Hero of Sparta

Full Set Bonus: 15% increased attack power of military abilities

Arena fighter armor set can be found after killing all cultists in the Peloponnesian Union branch. Everything is simple here: if you prefer melee weapons and like to chop up enemies like a juicy steak, using your combat abilities, then the armor of the Hero of Sparta is your choice.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Sparta Hero Armor

Armor of Artemis

Full Set Bonus: 15% increased attack power of hunting abilities

You can get the armor after you destroy all the unique animals in the quest "Daughters of Artemis". The armor is the exact opposite of the Hero of Sparta set and is intended for those who avoid close encounters and throw juicy headshots into the heads of enemies.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Artemis Armor

Amazon Armor or Achilles Armor

Full Set Bonus: 2 percent of damage taken is converted to health

The set of armor becomes available after the destruction of all representatives of the space cult in the "Heroes of the cult" branch. The kit is useful for those players who are in the thick of the battle. In addition to a small health recovery, combat skills and the rate of accumulation of the adrenaline bar are increased.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Amazon Armor

Snake Armor

Full Set Bonus: 10 percent increase in Poison Damage and Poison Effect

The set is available after eliminating the leaders of the cult in the "Eyes of Space" branch. As you might guess from the name and appearance, armor increases the power of poisonous attacks and the overall duration of the poisoning effect. Bonuses apply to both melee and ranged attacks.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Serpent Armor

Pilgrim's Armor

Full Set Bonus: The Shadow of Nyx ability spends 40% less adrenaline

All elements of the Pilgrim's armor are scattered throughout the world of the game and are in special chests. To find the kit, you will have to look into: the Temple of the Golden Goddess on Malis, the Temple of Artemis in Laconia, the Temple of Britomartis on the island of Messara, the Acropolis of Argos on Argos and the Temple of Elephsis on the island of Attica. The armor is designed for fans of stealth attacks and allows you to remain invisible for more time when using the Shadow of Nyx ability.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Pilgrim Armor

Pirate Armor

Full Set Bonus: 15% increase in stealth attack power

Getting armor in Assassins Creed Osyssey after eliminating cult supporters in the "Gods of the Aegean" branch. The best set of armor for players who prefer to ambush. In pirate armor, you can almost always be sure that hidden attacks will kill enemies the first time. Also, keep in mind that a successful stealth kill also increases your adrenaline level.

Assassins Creed Osyssey Pirate Armor

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