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Major Marvel Superheroes. Captain Marvel: Superpowers Debriefing


If the DC Comics universe has its own "super-uncle", almost indestructible and endowed with almost divine superpowers, why doesn't Marvel have one? Disorder, thought the local authors-artists and created their "super-uncle" in their universe. Only here, in order for everything to look more original, they made a "super-aunt" "super-uncle". And they named her "Captain Marvel".

Although, to be honest, this character was initially confused. He did not immediately become an "aunt" and he did not immediately come to his homeland, to the Marvel Universe .

Dancing around the "trademark"

Born in the universe of the third-rate comic book publisher Fawcett Comics, Captain Mar-Vell was also an alien and had the entire set of Superman's abilities, which quite heated up the figures from the DC Comics universe, who successfully sued Fawcett's lawyers for the "trademark".


But the ancestors of Batman were not happy for long. A year later, Captain Marvel found himself at Marvel Comics , whose lawyers, in turn, ate the lawyers of DC Comics. In this infrastructure, there were a lot of grandmothers, even by the standards of that time, so there was something to fight and for what.

This is how Shazam was born in the DC Comics universe. It was he who, prior to this most ill-fated trial, was the disish "Captain Marvel".

But we'll talk about this another time. Now let's move on to Marvel's Captain Marvel.

Who is Captain Marvel and where did he come from

At different times, Captain Marvel (or Mar-Vell) took turns in different heroes, and not always men, not always earthlings, and not necessarily kind. For some "good" ones the cuckoo was sometimes bridged, for some this cuckoo initially crowed in the wrong direction and with the wrong aplomb, but we will not consider them here and now.

Let's talk only about the latest and most topical version to date. And even then - in short, since the material is more about superpowers than their masters.

Just like Superman, Captain Marvel came from outer space. Or rather, from the planet Hala. But unlike the most central hero of the DC universe, she was a dugout and ended up on an alien planet by fatal accident. This was most likely invented to explain how the earthly girl, here - a test pilot of the US Air Force, acquired her superman abilities.

Indeed, all kinds of radiation and explosions are already so tired. It's time to come up with something more original. But it would be too impudent to pass her off as a one hundred percent alien, given the set of her abilities, similar to those of a superman. So we confined ourselves to a dugout that lost its memory, acquired superpowers on the side, and returned home with a full set of them.

She gained her main strength at the moment of the explosion of her test board equipped with an energy core similar in nature to the infinity stone enclosed in the Tesseract. At this moment, her DNA allegedly transformed, making her a humanoid capable of manipulating any energy flows.


So it is not clear to the end why the Kriyans decided to save her life. There are many versions, but each of them is contradictory and seems far-fetched. 6 years later, she accidentally crashed over the planet C-53 (as the aliens call our planet), where she drop by drop restores her memory , meets Fury and saves the Earth from Ronan the Accuser.


It turns out, if not for her, Ronan destroyed our world long before the events described in the first "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Captain Marvel's main abilities and the degree of their "reality"

Before the explosion of the experimental glider, Carol Danvers was endowed only with the abilities that Mother Nature endowed an earthly man with. After, accidentally absorbing the power of a supersonic core, she became a super-powerful lady. But at that moment she did not know about it. Let's not speculate about the one who cleared her brain, the explosion itself or the Kree. She was taken to the planet Hala and brought up in the spirit of the local "special forces". And a blood transfusion from a future mentor and partner made her body as hardy and powerful as the body of the representatives of the local race.


As it turned out, her power was limited to a special device, but she was unaware of this and believed in the stories that it was needed so that she could control her powers. Subsequently, she got rid of him and, finally, the whole arsenal of her abilities became available to her. We'll talk about the main ones.


Specifically, no one measured her speed "on the highway", but it is generally believed that she will lose to Flash in this anyway. At least in the opinion of DC Universe fans. In Justice League, it is hinted that Superman and Flash are almost equal in speed. Does this mean that she will lose to Superman in speed?

Of course not. The creators of Captain Marvel comics and films can make it as fast as they need for this particular plot. For example, at the end of Captain Marvel and in Avengers: Endgame, there is a moment when Steve Rogers and company launch a device that sends her a signal for help, and she appears immediately, after some moments.


Given that the light from those stars and star clusters where it is currently located flies to our planet for tens and hundreds of thousands of years, and it overcomes this distance in minutes, we can conclude that it can move at a speed of those tens and hundreds of thousands of times faster than the speed of light.

Gives up, even Superman can hardly do it. Although, most likely there was no reason to overclock it to such speeds.

Now to the harsh reality. Apparently, the laws of physics in the Marvel Universe are such that up to superluminal speeds (recall that it is about 300 thousand kilometers per second) anyone who is irradiated from the superreactor or just hit hard in the head can accelerate. Well, or if he is born on a planet where such "bio-drives" are inserted into the ass of all the humanoids there by mother nature there.

They are also absolutely on the side, that the vacuum is not an absolutely empty place, and there are fragments of exploding stars, colliding planets and smaller material objects every now and then. Why superheroes do not come to the finish line of their space flight all in holes is a question with a capital letter. Although, at this speed, the "holes" are the least that can happen to them.

Well, about overloads during unrealistic accelerations that can stretch any material body into a string and, moreover, tear all molecular bonds in it, and generally keep quiet.

From which we can conclude that the physics of the Marvel universe is in no way inferior to the universe in terms of the intensity of its anarchyDC.

Regular Superhero Emergency Kit

Why "emergency"? Because in the usual case, the superhero does not need his "gadgets". He poses as an ordinary person. For example, he just walks, although it would be easier to fly over the floor or sidewalk without moving his legs, he just breathes, although he can not breathe at all and, of course, eats and drinks, although some could do without them.


Next comes a set of qualities, obligatory for almost every superhero, without which their "superheroism" would remain just a conversation. It is clear that any good must be with teeth. But also any good should be able to simply survive in various conditions. That is why every strong personality, who prefers to wear panties over tricos, simply must have in his arsenal such options as:

  • The ability to think quickly and make the right decisions.
  • Be a martial artist.
  • Be super tolerant.
  • Be super strong.
  • Be able to wield any type of weapon and shoot accurately.
  • Have some kind of separate, usually necessary, specialty. For Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers is a highly debatable ability to fly any type of aircraft.

For example, if the control is sharpened for the bionics of the creature, for which the glider is specially made / created, you simply "cannot get it". Even in our time, everyone has already reached the point that the main and most effective anti-theft is a good personal identifier. And this is just one of the reasons. We are completely silent about incompatibility due to different physical data.

But why complicate things in films, right? Otherwise, the entire script will go one place.

Therefore, according to the creators, it is the realities of the universe that should be subsumed under the script, and not the script under the realities of the universe, which is why you can laugh well from almost all films on the Marvel universes andDC .

Ability to fly

It is exactly the same as in the case of Superman, that is, inexplicable. Something with a DNA mutation. Superman was born capable of "manipulating the gravitational particles of his body." Captain Marvel, on the other hand, gained the ability to overcome the gravity of the Earth and other planets due to the mutation that her DNA underwent after the explosion of a super-fast core.

The same explosion awarded her the ability to accelerate in an instant to superluminal speeds without any visible engine. One can only see the phantasmagoric light that her body gives off when accelerating, seemingly giving the impression of a kind of jet engine. It can be assumed that this is a kind of built-in "photon drive". But we've all figured out that Danvers flies at speeds hundreds of times faster than the speed of light, which means photons have nothing to do with it. They are light itself, and cannot overtake themselves.


So the nature of its glow and speed gain will remain a mystery, most likely, even for the creators of this fantasy technology. Something connected with the Tesseract, that is, with the stone of space enclosed in it, according to the technology of which the core of the engine was created, the energy of which, after her own fatal shot, was absorbed by Carol.

The main thing is to come up with something out of the ordinary. And to explain how it works - let them invent it themselves. Small, or what?

Ability to turn hands into "photon bazookas"

This quality is analogous to superman's "eye lasers". When she is asked in Captain Marvel: "What was that?", She replies: "Photon charges." That is, the plasma that escapes from her hands has a photonic basis, that is, light. On the surface, you can't tell. It looks like a different kind of energy, since the photons themselves are straight rays without any swirls around the edges.


The laser, although wide, will be straight even in Africa, without any twists and curvatures.

Agree, "drawn" is spectacular. But where are the high power light jet generators? What is producing this light in Captain Marvel? Is it just oozing through the pores on your hands? And how did the photons acquire gravity and become capable of punching holes in the wall, not due to the light flux generated in one powerful beam, but due to the weight?

If we ask, they say, where is the battery or reactor required to generate energy to create such powerful charges, any fan will tell us that the technology of the stone of space gives our captain the opportunity to draw energy directly from this very space.

That is, as in the case of super speed flights: "We don't know." They specially came up with some kind of relic technology, in which, supposedly, only a select few understand. Convenient, right?

Fast regeneration

This ability is unlikely to have passed to Captain Marvel from the FTL core. Rather, it is a side effect of the fusion and subsequent mutation of Danvers' DNA caused by a "blood transfusion" from Kriya mentor Yon Rogg. Now, when injured, if such happens, she has blue blood, and not red, like ordinary earthlings.

Which is very doubtful with her rosy, like a pig, skin color. In this case, the color of her skin would change, most likely to a disgusting blue, as in the case of the leader of the Ravager Yond Udonta from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Invulnerability to any type of weapon

As for the impenetrability and invulnerability of Captain Marvel, everything is as unclear as with the impenetrability of Superman. Danvers' fabrics look elastic. She can kiss you and the touch of her lips will not look like the touch of the lips of a bronze statue. You can take her hand and feel that she is soft and the muscles give in when pressed.

But at the moment when a massive object falls on it or bullets bite, the skin, for some reason, does not even deform. This does not happen in our universe. The bullets should go into her like rubber. They may not burst it, but they will jump out of it only when they enter the body and deform it with almost “through funnels”.


If someone starts repeating about the hardening of the skin in moments of emergency, let him not bother. We already went through this in the case of Superman.

So, it doesn't smell like fantasy. Only magic can do something like this.

Ability to absorb energy in any amount

Any energy directed towards Captain Marvel will be immediately absorbed by it without a trace. How she does it is not entirely clear. It certainly cannot be a battery of infinite capacity. But she, according to rumors, is able to absorb the energy of a star.

Not otherwise, the stone of space is again guilty of everything. Does she, having absorbed the amount of energy she needs, throw out its remainder in some other space through some inexplicable portal hidden from the eyes of strangers? Maybe she herself is a portal for conducting energy to other cosmic distances?

Such technology would obviously not be friendly with the physics of our universe, and Danvers would have been charred long ago.

Heat resistance

After absorbing the energy of the exploded supersonic core, Captain Marvel became insensitive to temperatures. She feels equally good both in the body of a star and in deep space. As we understand it, she is not afraid of a nuclear explosion either. It's a paradox, but storytellers don't come up with that.

Terry Pratchett, for example, had a regenerating Gingerbread House in his Discworld. And, with all due respect to the creators of the Captain Marvel character, the regeneration of the Gingerbread House looks more like the truth than Carol Danvers, which is not fissionable in a nuclear explosion.

Insensitive to pressure changes and ability to go without oxygen

Since Captain Marvel can easily go into space without a spacesuit, it means she can easily survive a pressure change of 1 atmosphere - at least. Her lungs hardly need any additional decompression, since their tissues do not burn even in a star.


If they can withstand this, then what can we say about some slight stretching or, on the contrary, narrowing.

And, to the question of lungs. It is not entirely clear why she needs them at all, if she may not breathe at all. Again, everything is like the same Superman.

Again about rational thinking and contradictions with the physics of our universe

To the question of how in the universes of Marvel and DC it is very easy to rearrange human DNA, that is, "global mutations". When people say that, they say, her DNA has merged with the DNA of humanoids from the Kree race, it should be remembered that in the human body there is more than one DNA for the whole body. A person consists of tens of trillions of cells and each of them has its own DNA molecule.

For a global mutation to occur, it is necessary that the DNA in every cell of the human body undergoes rapid mutation. Mutation in cells doesn't just happen. Changes in deoxyribonucleic acid can occur only at the moment of cell division, that is, for the entire organism to change and all the cells of the human body at times become "bulletproof", "fireproof", etc., it is necessary that all of them are renewed to one in each cell, an unwinding protein unravels the old DNA into two halves, one of which will already be assembled with the necessary changes.


But at the same time all cells cannot change. An old cell, dead, must completely disintegrate and be partially absorbed by neighboring cells, and partially excreted from the body using the circulatory system and excretory organs. For people in our universe, this is a very long process. Different cells of different organs are replaced at different rates. Many cells have a lifespan of over 10 years or even longer. And in any case, overnight all cells cannot be interchanged at once, otherwise the human body will simply fall apart and turn into dust.

And certainly no mutation in the human body will occur due to ordinary incest. In Captain Marvel, it happened during a blood transfusion, oddly enough. And, yes, it is not entirely clear how the alien blood turned out to be compatible with the blood of an earthling, when even among humans not all blood samples fit each other.

But what can you do. Another universe - different laws. And if the universe is idiotic, then the laws in it are the same.


Nobody argues that the film itself is interesting to watch. Special effects, both visual and sound, while watching a picture do not allow you to relax and think about the nature of phenomena and processes taking place on the screen.

But not all. Not every rationally thinking person who studied well at school, at the sight of Capiathan Marvel flying across the sky, will resist not to smile. Well, nonsense, real nonsense! But he will send his child to the cinema for this nonsense anyway.

Secretly hoping that he will not grow into such an idiot who, even after growing up, will believe in the reality of this nonsense.

All the best to you and see you soon!

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