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Most Anticipated Action Games of 2019


2019 is just around the corner, and most gamers are waiting for the release of exciting and exciting new games promised by developers from different countries. Among the most anticipated are shooters and action games from both first and third person perspective. Not all people have a life of risk and adventure.

Some fans of computer games lead a leisurely and boring existence, and the only way to throw out their energy and get some adrenaline rush is the furious action games with shooting, massacre, a sea of blood, severed limbs and other attributes of a good shooter. And the top 10 most anticipated shooters and action games of 2019, presented in this article, will help you somehow navigate the upcoming updates.

Xenosis: Alien Infection

The player will have to try on their own skin the role of a brave collector of space trophies, who managed to stumble upon a crashed starship called "Carpathians". The ship has been drifting aimlessly in outer space for almost half a century since it was destroyed by enemies. Delighted with the opportunity to enrich yourself, you set off to explore an unexpected gift of fate.

After all, the core of the "Carpathians" can be profitably pushed on any "black" market, bailing out so many credit cards for it that it should be more than enough for a comfortable existence until the end of life. However, when docked to a starship, you will find something terrible instead of rich loot.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

The game takes place in the darkest times for Europe - 1349. The raging plague claimed more lives than any of the bloodiest wars. She did not bypass France either. Thanks to illness, the Inquisition acquired unlimited power and disposed of the fate of people, as if they were its toys. Now the "saints" decide who will live and who will be burned at the stake.

The young girl Amicia and her younger brother Hugo were left orphans who fell out of favor with the cruel inquisitors, who hunted them down. Brother and sister are forced to constantly run away from enemies pursuing them. In addition to the inquisitors, they will have to fight other no less bloodthirsty creatures.

For example, with hordes of rats that felt their impunity, devoured the dead and spread the plague from city to city, from village to village. On the way, Amicia and Hugo will have to face other orphans, united with whom they will try to fight back their opponents.

Living Dark

The inhabitants of the amazing city of Vox are carriers of a special chip implanted in them almost from birth. This chip stores all information about its carrier - from surname and birthday, to a medical book and information about the state of a bank account. Life in Vox is full of dangers and unpredictable situations.

In order to survive in it, it is necessary to conduct an almost incessant struggle with various impartial personalities, fighting not only for their own lives, but also for the lives of their relatives and friends. After all, there is no justice in the city for ordinary citizens. It exists only for the elite who live by their own rules and establish their own laws.

The only way to survive is to get precious loot and complete tasks of other residents of the city. The uniqueness of the game lies in the fact that it lacks a strictly dedicated storyline. It can change depending on the player's actions as the Living Dark progresses.


The unexpectedly erupted quantum cataclysm caused global changes. People lost their memory, and their bodies collided with their own personalities from alternative worlds. In addition, the catastrophe caused the appearance in our reality of a certain evil entity that threatens the well-being and lives of people.

You have to play as a nameless hero who wakes up on board a space station, hovering not far from a huge black hole, the position of which in outer space has a strange effect on the inhabitants of the abandoned station, periodically turning them into evil and dangerous creatures.

You have a difficult mission - to understand what is happening around and find out who is responsible for the terrible changes that have occurred to the unfortunate inhabitants of the giant space station.

Payday 3

Once realizing that robbing banks is more profitable than working in a factory, the protagonist of the game becomes a notorious thug who is not afraid to challenge the police. Plunging headlong into the world of chases, shooting and dangerous scams, you have to experience all the "delights" of the criminal world on your own skin. From now on, you are one of the best specialists in breaking safes and alarms. There is no lock in the world that you cannot unlock.

But the life of a "bugbear" is fraught with a lot of unpleasant surprises in the face of a huge number of lawyers, each of whom is trying to send you to the next world. But you - the guy is not a miss. Having a good arsenal behind you, you can successfully fight off the cops, whose goal is not to arrest you, but to send you to the next world.

Stalker 2

The creators of "Stalker 2" once again pushed back the release of the long-awaited toy, promising to release it now in 2019. Most gamers are already tired of waiting, but they have no choice but to hope that this time the developers will not cheat. The world of "Stalker", known for a series of books of the same name, migrated to computer screens several years ago, thereby enabling fans of the book universe to experience on their own skin all the delights of the notorious Zone.


Chernobyl, Pripyat, anomalies, monsters, mutants, bloodthirsty bandits, periodic emissions - all this and much more are well known to both fans of the game and fans of science fiction novels. In the new game, gamers will have better graphics, the presence of female characters, the opportunity to assemble their own gang, new monsters and much more.

Most importantly, the very atmosphere of the classic "Stalker" will not change, remaining the same gloomy and terrifying for everyone with its unpredictability and hidden traps.

Project Wight

Recently, the theme of Vikings, these harsh Scandinavian warriors from the past, has been touched upon in computer games more than once - from "casual games" for a couple of hours and browser strategies to serious blockbusters with sophisticated graphics and multi-gigabyte sizes. However, this time, gamers had a chance to play not for a bloodthirsty bearded man in a horned helmet and with an ax, but for a mythological monster who decided to hunt the Viking tribes who imagined themselves to be the hubs of the earth.

There are two modes in the game - the first for the child of the monster, and the second for the adult monster. In order to feast on human flesh, you do not need axes or swords, but rather sharp fangs and claws. To protect yourself from edged weapons, it is not necessary to wear chain mail or hide behind a round shield - there is also enough tanned skin, which the restless Vikings are constantly trying to spoil for you. So, the hunting season for those who are used to hunting begins.

Serious Sam 4

For eight long years, fans of the senseless and merciless Rubilov have been waiting for the new arrival of the charismatic big man Sam Stone. All this time, the developers from Croatia have been feeding them promises to release the game as soon as possible. The classic first person shooter where you have to fight alien robots, creepy monsters, mythical monsters and other creatures is finally getting ready to reveal itself to the world.

According to the announcements, the new Serious Sam is a prequel to the previous third part. Its plot will develop in France, where Sam Stone will be in full combat weapons, ready to tear to pieces every enemy that gets in his way and prevents him from fulfilling a responsible mission. It goes without saying that the graphics of the fourth part will be an order of magnitude higher than the previous ones. The main thing is that the developers retain the indescribable atmosphere of the game, thanks to which it won the hearts of millions of fans of furious linear shooters.


Gothic horror first-person shooter, the plot of which takes place in a kind of gloomy medieval world full of creepy creatures - from giant bloodthirsty insects and walking dead to a merciless fire witch, which only true hunters of the undead can cope with.

Virtual ancient castles, ancient cemeteries, gloomy crypts, gothic cellars and much more are used as decorations in the game. The player's arsenal is quite rich - from melee weapons to firearms. The protagonist of the game is the Dark Hunter, who risked his life and went to the world of monsters not so much to save humanity as for his own profit.

There are many enemies, they are strikingly different from each other, and in order to achieve a positive result, you will first have to study them, and not rush headlong into a crowd of terrible monsters.


The game was created by the efforts of the developers of the popular GTA series. As in Grand Theft Auto, gamers who decide to play Everywhere will find themselves in an open world where there are no restrictions. The player is allowed to do whatever his perverted soul pleases.

The merging of the virtual and real worlds will be, as the creators promise, completely elusive. The reality around the player will begin to change at his will. And at the same time, we were promised that, despite the apparent similarities, GTA and Everywhere will be very different from each other. You can also use any weapon in your hands, beat anyone with your fists, drive cars and motorcycles, and so on.

The guys from Rockstar Games have very ambitious plans, but whether they will be able to bring all their ideas to life we will be able to see only in a year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman