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Top 10 Best Films of October


The time has come to talk about what novelties foreign and domestic filmmakers will surprise us with in the middle of autumn. We will discuss the best films of October 2019 in accordance with their waiting ratings, watch trailers, read descriptions and give a verdict - which, in fact, you will not mind spending your hard-earned money on watching.

And the most anticipated masterpiece of this month is certainly ...

1. Gemini (USA, China)

October 10

With whom during his acting career Will Smith just did not have to fight. I dealt with zombies ("I am a legend"), and drove robots ("I am a robot"), and put things in order among aliens ("Men in Black 1-3"), and just felled bad uncles in batches ("Bad guys 1 , 2 "). Even in the Wild West it lit up ("Wild, Wild West"). Well, the time has come to pile on tryndyulya, not more or less, - to yourself!

Yes, yes. Exactly the same surprise was experienced by a professional hitman when he saw what kind of bloodhound was following his trail this time. He himself! Only many years younger. And how can this, excuse me, happen?

It's very simple. It turns out that at a time when all honest people are prohibited from cloning people, special structures are still doing it. So they removed his double from the DNA of the specialist killer Henry Brogan, raised him, made him a tough operative, and set him on the trail of "daddy".

That will still be a batch! It would be a very big mistake to miss such a sight!

2. Joker (USA)

October 3

Hollywood fumbled for a long time and finally gave out a Joker story worthy of Batman himself.

It turns out that poor comedian Arthur Fleck hoo how much he had to suffer in childhood and youth. Yes, and later he did not really have a chance to poke around. But mom taught the boy to look at everything through the prism of a smile. Smile at adversity, and they will not only fade into the background, but disappear altogether.

And Arthur smiled. He endured and smiled for a long time and stubbornly, and under his smiles so much anger and anger accumulated for this whole imperfect and shitty world (and Gotham in particular) that when it burst through at one point, so much hatred came out of there that my mother did not grieve.

And he poured out all this hatred on the damn inhabitants of Gotham. Moreover, it got not only the offenders, but also ordinary people. Arthur Fleck (now the Joker) rose and rang out so that now only Batman would stop him. Well, or superman, at worst. Which, in principle, they will do.

But that's a completely different story.

3. Terminator: Dark Fate (USA, China)

October 31

Cameron returned to his brainchild and sent the entire part of the franchise, starting from the third to ... In general, now the chain of events covered in not his "Terminators" is sent to the "parallel dimension".

In the version of "Dark Fates" events will develop according to his scenario. The tape will cover, as it were, the original version, which happened after mom and John fought Skynet in the second part.

His fences, they, of course, changed the future, and now it turns out that everything there was rebuilt in a different way. Well, the cars have become somewhat different. And cunning as devils. Now they came from the other side, trying to destroy Dani Ramos, who in the future is also one of the key figures of the resistance.

Now Sarah Connor and Schwartz's hero will have to hastily switch from guarding John to guarding a new significant person in the future history of mankind. As it turned out, the end of the world, although delayed, is still looming ahead. And when you know all its reasons, it seems to be easy to prevent it. Like Doomsday, for example.

But, not everything is so simple. This time, an even more advanced model was sent from the future, which is even more difficult to cope with. And it remains a mystery how they cope with such in the future, if there (according to Kyle Reese), sometimes, there is nothing to shoot ...

4. Zombieland: Control Shot (USA)

October 24

Continuation of the story that began back in 2009. It is not entirely clear how much time has passed for our heroes, but it is clear that their appearance was not particularly retouched. And that means a lot too.

Although their group keeps together, they are no longer so close and friendly. All of them are fed up with each other, and if not for the need ... But then fresh blood pours into the group, which gives it (oddly enough) cohesion. And it will become easier to resist even more dodgy and nimble zombies.

Although, zombies in this tape will not be the only main antagonists. Sometimes, people are even worse than zombies. And much more.

5. Goalkeeper of the Galaxy (USA)

October 17

On the fifth place in the list of the best films of the week, the domestic science fiction-adventure film from Janik Fayziev - "The Goalkeeper of the Galaxy". The film is a real long-term construction, since the money for it was allocated back in 2014.

Fayziev pushed back the film's "deadline" several times. The last time he said that he was going to have time to finish the tape for the World Cup, which was held in 2018 in USA. It would be cool, because the plot is built around a game that somewhat remotely resembles football.

But it didn't work out here either. And now there are rumors that from the fall of 2019 the film will most likely be postponed to 2020. Let's wait and see.

And the plot is as follows. By 2071, the war between aliens, unfolding in the immediate vicinity of our planet, ended. In the course of it, the natural satellite of the Earth was destroyed - the old lady Luna, without which a complete cataclysm broke out on our ball. Moscow now has the tropics, New York has a glacier, and a giant stadium-ship hangs over the planet, where spaceball matches are held.

And the fate of not only the match itself, the players, and the owners of the teams, but the fate of all mankind depends on the outcome of the next match, as usually happens.

Something cloyingly looks like "Mortal Kombat", is not it? Although there is a kind of sport - hand-to-hand fighting. Here - some kind of hypertrophied football, which is played by teams stuffed to the eyeballs with players with supernormal abilities - teleportation and all that.

Yes, there are now such X-men among people. And one of them is the main character and potential player in spaceball - Anton, who, as you might guess, hates this game and refuses to play it. But in the end, he will still be talked about.

Alas. Without cliched dramatic twists - nothing.

6. Maleficent: Lady of Darkness (USA)

October 17

Angelina Jolie retired from acting for four whole years. Except for the voice acting in "Kung Fu Panda 3", she has absolutely nothing during this time, except for her directorial work in collaboration with the studio Netflix. But here she again returns to acting in the role of Maleficent, and in 2020 a fantastic action movie based on theMarvel Universe"Eternals" will be released, in which a lipped actress without breasts (she now has prostheses) and ovaries ( she no longer has them at all) also played an important role.

According to the plot, several relatively calm years passed after the events of the first film. Princess Aurora has acquired a groom - a handsome prince, with whom she is going to live happily ever after. But Maleficent started bucking. According to her estimates, there is no love, and all this is sheer lies to get to something more hidden.

One way or another, her patience has long hung in the balance. And then the groom's relatives got mad. In short, long live another war!

In which, by the way, there will be more than one Maleficent horned creature.

7. Pain threshold (USA)

October 10

Major boys not only “walk down the street”, as it is sung in the DDT song, they also prancing along the roadway in jeeps racing with the police. Moreover, they are so stupid and arrogant that they are not afraid to knock a person down.

But knocking down - they were still afraid. Still, they are facing a deadline, so we need to blame it for a while. For example, to Altai. And that, high-altitude rest will not hurt. To dump - so it makes sense.

But here, in remote lands, harsh uncles come out on them, from whom it will not be as easy to get rid of them as from Moscow sledaks.

This is where they will feel the level of their pain threshold!

8. Others (USA, Canada)

October 24

How many films have been made about girls gifted by nature or by coincidence of super-duper supernatural abilities. Already, it would seem, nothing new on this topic can be removed, everything is hackneyed.

An - no. This is exactly what the Canadian filmmakers said and began to shoot a movie about another harsh girl - telekinetics. She lives, as in King's "Eye of Fire", with only one dad. The only difference is that if there they were constantly running and hiding from the "Office", then the daddy hides his "child" from the whole world.

You have to live on something, and therefore daddy has to go to work. And leave the petty one at home. You can't hire a nanny for her - it's pale. You can't go to a kindergarten, but when you start lifting everyone and everything and throwing them out the window. I have to leave one.

And, of course, the girl does not like this alignment. But she steadfastly endures until the last moment, when in the song she was advised to go out and taste the delights of the ice cream shop.

As Dani Madigan from The Last Action Hero would say: "It was a big mistake!"

9. Three seconds (UK)

October 24

FBI informants have to be oh so hard. Moreover, you constantly feel like a snitch, since this is really so, so you also walk along the edge. Sometimes, because of the pale, the veins are shaking so much that Mom does not grieve. But, what can you do about it, the agents shouldn't have been hooked. There is no turning back now.

But there are times when you have to rethink everything in an instant. In this case, the main character has only 3 seconds to rethink, exactly as long as a bullet fired from a sniper rifle flies from a distance of one and a half kilometers.

Well, having made a decision, you have to get out. After all, now not only your life, but also the life of your family will depend on your further actions.

10. Operation Hummingbird (Belgium, Canada)

October 3

There are thousands of traders today. But how many are successful among them? That's right, a few percent out of a hundred. And what gives them the opportunity to be so successful?

Knowing the market like back to back? May be. But sometimes it happens that you also need to have time to react in time. And to react to what? For certain jumps of certain securities, goods, services, defaults, bankruptcies, surges, falls ...

In short, where can you keep all this in your head. Such information can be taken in bulk only on the stock exchange.

Where did a couple of brothers-traders (Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skasgard) stretch their tentacles. Yes, only they were steeply bypassed by their former boss, who was superbly played by Salma Hayek. We'll have to somehow get out. Or lie "under the loins" of the former boss.

In a figurative sense, of course.

For a snack - a couple of cartoons

With cartoons - a catch. None of them entered the top of the best films of October, but it would be unfair not to mention the most anticipated of them. That is why we decided to make an exception and arrange a couple of them in the "appendage".

The Addams Family (UK, USA, Canada)

October 31

Films are films, but they only came out on this topic in the last century, no matter how strange it sounds. So the West is ripe for a sequel.


Only a sequel is expected in cartoon format. But history only benefits from this, because initially the films were staged based on comics, that is, according to “pictures with captions”, as some still perceive this “non-literary” genre.

The set of relatives of the family has not changed much. As well as their habits and quirks. So everything will be just as funny and interesting.

Weather Child (Japan)

October 31

And finally - another full-length anime from Makoto Shinkai, the author of the once sensational anime Catchers of Forgotten Voices, Garden of Fine Words and Your Name.


This is a story about a high school student Hodaku Morishima and his new girlfriend Hina Amano, who has extraordinary ability to disperse stormy clouds. At first glance, everything is straightforward. Rain, bad weather and ask only for Hina, and the sky will become clear.

Only the weather today largely depends on the mood of the girl. And lately, judging by the endless rain, she doesn't have much.


This concludes our list of the best films of October. Next week we'll see how the series will fare in mid-fall, which franchises will have sequels and what will be good in them.

In the meantime, all the best to you. We wish you a pleasant trip to the cinema and even more awesome movies and TV shows!

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