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How gear mechanics work in Marvel's Avengers


Often times in games you find cool gear, but you don't like it visually. Also, you can often find equipment that looks aesthetically pleasing and cool, but alas, the characteristics are much worse than what you are currently wearing. Crystal Dynamics believe they have solved this problem with their upcoming Marvel's Avengers. They talked about the outfit in Marvel's Avengers in a short interview on the subject of IGN.

All equipment is divided into several types, from ordinary to legendary. However, according to Scott Amos, co-leader of Crystal Dynamics, we will be able to find more rare equipment that goes beyond this classification.

As you might guess, the higher the equipment rank, the more powerful the effect you use will be. These buffs give you new skills, or enhance your existing attacks, or complement them with new effects. For example, they can improve your ultimate attack, speed up its recharge, increase your health, defense and stamina. The best equipment may have two perks, but it will need to be pumped in order to be able to use two of its abilities at once. It sounds obvious, but this is what the developer emphasizes.


The fact is that, unlike the same Borderlands or Destiny, equipment does not change the appearance of the hero. And, for example, you will not be able to see the new design on Iron Man's arm, or the improvement for Captain America's shield. It seems to be part of your costumes when you put it on, but outwardly the changes are not displayed in any way. According to the producer of the game Rose Hunt, they believe that it will be much more important for players to see costumes based on comics and films created by designers than to contemplate various modifications to them, because they may not look good.

The argument is actually twofold. For as we wrote earlier, the design of the new Avengers is rather faded, and is characterized not by the word "cool", but rather "ordinary". Although the developers are understandable, because they are trying to sit on two chairs and at least not cause anger from a huge fan base.


It seems that the decision is rather unfortunate, because the players should feel the progress. And getting new equipment and displaying it on the screen is a great way to show the player the changes that he spent a lot of energy on. But the developers have found a way out - when you level up an ability or power up equipment, you will see differences in the animation and visual effects of your attacks or movements.


For example, improving the main attack of Iron Man - a shot from his reactor in the chest, will look more powerful over time and differ from its version without pumping or a new improvement. This will be as noticeable as the loot changes in other games. And it even sounds much more similar to the mechanics in Anthem than Destiny, which the authors of the game are guided by in some aspects.

Marvel's Avengers will have gear sets, and Amos cites the Stark Industries set as an example. Although he does not deny that individual sets of equipment can bring you more bonuses. But how exactly to knock out equipment - in the open world or completing various quests - we are not told. But they are fed with the fact that you can farm him for any hero, regardless of who you play. So, passing the mission for the Hulk, you can get equipment for the Black Widow

And there are times when one or another equipment for one hero must find another. You can play as Tony and only with the help of him find unique equipment for Thor. More specifically, the developers do not specify this point.


However, the game will be costemized. Dressing your characters in the look you want will have to be separately. The developers have divided these two points so that there are no such curiosities described by me earlier, and you can play as you want, and look as cool as possible by your own standards.

And as it is not difficult to guess, this is where microtransactions will be. We will have costumes that you can knock out in the game yourself, and those that you can buy for real money. Well, yes, everything could not be so good ... Thank you, the gaming industry, you never cease to amaze.

However, more details about this game will be revealed soon.

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Author: Jake Pinkman