US Army orders large shipment of microwave weapons (Topic)

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US Army orders large shipment of microwave weapons


In today's world, when drones are increasingly taking part in military conflicts instead of real people, the demand for specialized weapons that can disable electronic equipment from a distance is increasing. The best example of this claim would be the US Army, which recently placed the largest order for microwave weapons in military history.

According to the anonymous informants of The Verge, the US Army has asked Lockheed Martin to produce a large number of microwave guns, the main purpose of which is the war on drones. Microwave systems, capable of burning electronic equipment with directed microwave radiation at a distance of several tens of kilometers, will be installed on aircraft.

The large order for stationary microwave weapons is apparently dictated by the recent failed assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which took place on August 4. On this day, when Maduro performed on stage, the terrorists sent 2 explosives drones towards the president. The head of state got off with fright, but 7 guards were injured of varying severity. In such circumstances, the purchase of microwave weapons is a logical step, however, the final amount of the deal for the US Army has not been disclosed.

The Topic of Article: US Army orders large shipment of microwave weapons.
Author: Jake Pinkman