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11 facts about computers that people still manage to believe


Computers have been with us for decades. They have changed and continue to change. However, some people still believe that Internet Explorer is a lousy browser and that a virus is to blame for the slow computer performance. It's time to get rid of your prejudices.

Computers or laptops are in every home today, and the majority of people are well versed in their features. But even now there are users who, having lived side by side with a computer for many years, still believe outdated myths.

Viruses slow down your PC

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Very unlikely. They are more likely to damage files or deny access to them in order to get some money out of you for unlocking. One of the main reasons for slow performance is the simultaneous launch of several programs, as a result of which the computer runs out of RAM.

You need to start defragmentation manually

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Recent versions of Windows contain a built-in defragmentation utility that automatically runs on schedule. There is no need to activate it manually.

With antivirus, your computer is always safe

Antivirus skips viruses

Antivirus software prevents most viruses from entering your computer, but it doesn't provide 100% protection.

The fact is that there is nothing perfect in the world, and any, the most secure program has vulnerabilities. How quickly hackers find them is a matter of time.

Clearing the cache will speed up your PC


The browser and some other programs cache files so that they do not download them again later.

Tools like CCleaner delete the cache to free up disk space. This means that the browser will have to re-cache, and your browsing will slow down.

Uninstaller programs must be used


Many users mistakenly believe that the built-in utilities are not enough to remove programs and various residual files.

In fact, third-party uninstallers work like CCleaner - they just free up space by clearing the cache. This makes it seem like having more disk space, your computer will run faster.

Codecs are required to watch videos on the Internet

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A few years ago, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media Player and DivX codecs were required to view visual content on the Internet.

Most videos are now played using HTML5 or the Adobe Flash plugin. If a site asks you to download a codec for viewing content, don't be fooled: this way you are forced to download a virus.

Internet Explorer is a bad slow browser

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The flaws of older versions of IE have become a meme. And to get rid of the bad reputation, in Windows 10 Microsoft changed the name of the browser to Edge.

The improved Internet Explorer is not bad at all: it supports modern HTML standards and fast JavaScript.

Automatic Windows updates harm your PC

Windows really wants to upgrade

The myth was formed by a few failed updates, but this does not mean that they are all bad.

Updates improve system functionality, close security holes. There is nothing wrong with enabling their automatic installation.

It is harmful to put the computer into sleep mode

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When turned off, the computer stops using power entirely, but it will take a long time to turn it on. In sleep mode, the computer also does not use power, but it wakes up almost instantly.

Thus, if you need to save battery, but keep your computer ready at the same time, feel free to put it into sleep or hibernation.

Mac is better than Windows

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MacOS computers are designed by Apple. They are very different from Linux and Windows. It is wrong to say that Macs are better because they all have different interfaces and capabilities. If you've used a Windows computer for a long time and then bought a Mac, you'll have to get used to it. And vice versa. The habituation process is not always easy, it depends more on the psychological characteristics of the user than on the technology itself.

Build your own PC saves you money

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This was true a few years ago. These days, turnkey PCs can be purchased for more than a budget price. Of course, if you are assembling a computer for some special needs, like mining or rendering heavy graphics, it is better to select the components yourself. But that doesn't mean you save money this way.

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Author: Jake Pinkman