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Films and TV series from 16 to 22 May


John Wick III will undoubtedly be the box office leader for the coming week. But besides him, we will have something to see. The situation is worse with serials. At this time they end in packs. More than thirty best projects are showing their final series this week. We spend them discreetly, discussing which of the best TV series have been renewed for the next season.

But let's start as usual with movie premieres.

What will we watch in cinemas

Domestic film distribution in the second half of May cannot boast of anything. Apparently, it fizzled out over the May holidays. But foreigners are more than enough. And Hollywood and French filmmakers will shine the most at the beginning of the second half of May. We will start our list of films with the announcement of the long-awaited blockbuster, the third story from the life of the famous hitman Johnny Wick.

John Wick 3 (USA)

Film companies: Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment and 87Eleven.

Genres: Action, Thriller.

Director: Chad Stahelski.

In chap. starring Keanu Reeves, Asia Dillon, Ian McShane, Jerome Flynn and others

Everyone who follows the adventures of the killer John knows that in the second part he violated the rules of the killer syndicate's code (in the film - the guild of the assassins), for which his strong guilds were immediately blacklisted. The guild does not forgive when its laws are so impudently and categorically sent in three letters, and therefore a fabulous award - 14 million greens - has been assigned for the head of Wick, now an Excomunicado.

I wonder how our super-professional killer will survive in conditions when everyone on the cross is hunting him? We are looking forward to the picture with the greatest impatience.

Kid Kid (USA ) IMDb 6.3

Film Companies : Mimran Schur Pictures and Suretone Pictures.

Genres: Western, Adventure

Director: Vincent D'Onofrio.

In chap. starring: Jake Schur, Chris Pratt, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ethan Hawke and others

The main character of the western boy named Billy on his ass will experience all the minuses of this filthy world. The guy thinks that everyone and everything in this life is up in arms against him. Therefore, to solve his problems, he joins a gang led by the famous Kid Kid.

Little Billy the Kid has been familiar to him since childhood. Moreover, not by hearsay. Once he witnessed a gang fight, after which all his life he wanted to become one of those brave guys who do not care about the law.

I wonder if his mind will change after a bounty is assigned to his head, and local Sheriff Pat Garrett is tirelessly following in his footsteps?

Country Dreams (USA ) IMDb 8.2

Film Companies : Automatik, Romulus Entertainment and LuckyChap Entertainment.

Genres: thriller, drama.

Director: Miles Joris-Peyrafit.

In chap. starring: Margot Robbie, Travis Fimmel, Garrett Hedlund, Kerry Condon and others


How to improve your financial situation? Yes, it's very simple - to catch the wanted bank robber, for the capture of which a good monetary reward is assigned. This is exactly the plan that 17-year-old boy Eugene Evans has outlined for himself.

It seemed to him that if the bank robber was a woman, then catching her would be easier than ever. Plus, the routine promises to turn into a kind of romantic adventure.

You wouldn't get bogged down in it to the point where you stop trying to figure out what is “good” and what is “bad” ...

Pokemon. Detective Pikachu (USA, Japan) IMDb 7.7

Film Companies : Legendary Entertainment, Toho Company and The Pokemon Company.< / em>

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Family, Detective, Adventure

Director: Rob Letterman.

In chap. starring Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Bill Nighy, Catherine Newton and others.

Another film, the premiere of which was eagerly awaited not only in Japan, but all over the world. And although the famous Pokemon Pikachu is world famous, first of all, as a fighting Pokemon, here he appears as a detective.

And he will have to help investigate the case of the mysterious disappearance of private detective Harry Goodman, who was the first to catch the trail of a mysterious conspiracy that could turn the whole world upside down.

Pikachu's life takes place in an interesting world of the future, in which Pokemon live side by side with people. But not everyone is satisfied with this alignment. And if detectives Tim and Pikachu do not have time to solve this case, soon this whole prosperous way of life will go to hell.

Damned (USA) IMDb 4.3, CP 3.4

Production company: Midland Entertainment.

Genres: Horror, Detective, Thriller, Drama.

Director: Luke Jayden Sawicki.

In chap. starring: Aurora Perrino, Jaden Piner, Rob Zabreski, Jill Marie Jones and others


The premiere of the film, which was previously held under the title "Letter of Death", was postponed to May this year since November last. The real film is called "Buu", and everyone who was interested in it has already seen it.

We looked and were horrified. But only not from the film itself, but from the delusional and sucked from the script. Not only is the topic hackneyed, but it is delivered very badly. Anyone interested can review the "Call". The only difference from him with this film is that there was a killer videotape walking around. And here the cassette turned into a letter.

Our opinion - don't waste your time. Moreover, even while watching a movie on torrents.

Land of Gangsters (USA) IMDb 4.5, KP 5.0

Film Companies : Status Media & Entertainment and BondIt Media Capital.

Genres: Action, Drama, Crime.

Director: Timothy Woodward Jr.

In chap. starring Sean Faris, Milo Gibson, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jason Patrick and others


Another masterpiece that does not shine with both script and staging art. Plus it is also rotten, since its world premiere took place at the end of 2017.

The story of the war between two criminal gangs was shown not only tastelessly, but in no way. Watching THIS is really boring. Everything was filmed in a wooden way, including the culminating shootout on Valentine's Day that ended the film.

Who cares - we look at torrents. It's not worth giving money for this in cinemas.

Queen of Hearts (Denmark, Sweden) IMDb 8.1

Film Companies : Nordisk Film Production, SFI and Det Danske Filminstitut.< / em>

Genre: Thriller.

Director: Mai el-Touki.

In chap. starring Trine Durholm, Gustav Lind, Stine Guldenkerne, Magnus Krepper and others.


Western films are becoming more idiotic and idiotic. Savoring the themes of lesbian love, love of homosexuals and even, like Del Torro in the film "Formula of Water" - interspecies love (in fact, comparable only to bestiality), sometimes goes beyond all boundaries.

But in this film they decided to go even further. Here the theme of incest is sucked in, and in the most, that neither is, a romantic-dramatic embodiment. Everything is taught to the people as in Nabokov's, as if everything is as it should be, and there is nothing wrong with that. Well fucked 50 year old mom 20 year old stepson. Well, so what? They have love ...

What nonsense? Although, as it turned out, many people, judging by the rating, like it.

The New Life of Amanda (France) IMDb 7.1

Film companies: Nord-Ouest Films, Pyramide Films and Arte France Cinema .

Genre: Drama.

Director: Mikael Hers.

In chap. starring: Vincent Lacoste, Isaura Multrieu, Ophelia Kolb, Stacy Martin and others


In the life of a seven-year-old girl, Amanda, the irreparable happens - her mother dies. And her uncle, her mother's brother, remains her only relative. Only he can adopt a girl.

But twenty-year-old Uncle David himself cannot figure out whether he can raise his sister's daughter? After all, for this he will have to give up a lot in this life ...

Dance with your heart (France, Belgium) IMDb 6.1

Production companies: Pathe, Empreinte Cinema and Vertigo.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Music.

Director: Ladislas Scholla.

In chap. Cast: Ryan Bensetti, Alexia Giordano, Mehdi Kerkush, Guillaume de Tonkedek and others.


The film seeks to tell the viewer about how dance styles were born. At least that's what hip-hop dancer Joseph and ballet dancer Chloe aim for.

They are aiming with might and main to mix their dance styles and create something at the output that makes dance lovers and critics devote their ears to the tubes. Will they succeed in their plans - we'll see by going to the film.

Who, of course, is interested in the topic.

Golden Youth (France, Belgium) IMDb 5.6

The premiere of the film in USA was supposed to take place in early May, but was postponed a couple of weeks later. The announcement of the picture can be found in one of our earlier materials.

SuperSon (France) IMDb 4.6

It's the same with this comedy. She was expected on our screens last month. We discussed it in our schedule dedicated to the premieres of the second half of April. For those interested, the announcement can be found here.

Captain of the Seven Seas (Germany) IMDb 5.5

Film Companies : Caligari Film GmbH, UFA and Caligari Film- und Fernsehproduktions .

Genres: cartoon, musical, action, family, comedy, adventure.

Directors: Jan Stolz, Hubert Weiland.


A cartoon from German animators that, frankly, did not go to the West. The 5.5 rating (for a cartoon - this is very little) says not only about a bad and uninteresting plot, but also about a useless animation.

The adventure of Captain Sharkey, a thinking pirate about himself, and I know how the diligent boy Mickey and the admiral's daughter Bonnie who got on board of his ship may be of interest, perhaps, to the little ones.

Children over 8 years old are better off offering something else to watch.

What will we watch on TV

In the last issue we said that the month of May is the time for the finals of the most credible series. And the lion's share of the final series of projects loved by the general public falls on this week. More than thirty TV shows cease their seasonal airing either during the offseason or permanently.

We'll talk more about which of our favorite TV series have been extended for the next season a little later, but for now - about the premieres. There are at least a few of them, but they still will be.

Rain / Rain (Denmark, USA) IMDb 6.3, KP 5.8

Season 2 Premiere Friday May 17th

TV Channel: Netflix.

Genres: sci-fi, thriller, drama.

In chap. starring: Alba August, Lucas Tonnesen, Lucas Lokken, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard and others.

The adventures of teenagers in an empty post-apocalyptic future continues. 6 years ago, almost all of humanity was mowed down by a deadly virus. But 6 years have passed. The stocks of provisions came to an end. And the guys, like it or not, will have to leave their shelter - the bunker in which one of the employees of the corporation hid them.

Nothing good, as you yourself understand, did not expect them on the surface. And their adventures spun and spun so much that they didn't fit into season 1. And, despite the fact that the rating of the series was initially not so hot, Netflix filmed the second season, which we will soon watch with great interest.

Catch 22 (US)

The series premieres on Friday 17 May.

TV Channel: Hulu.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Military, Crime.

In chap. starring Christopher Abbott, Kyle Chandler, Martin Delaney, George Clooney and others

They mow from the army to the left and to the right, not only here, but also abroad. It was for such “especially advanced” ones that a number of laws were issued, according to which some citizens posing as sick people cannot be considered as such, if they do not pass according to some parameters. In particular, "Catch-22" is a clause according to which everyone who wants to ditch, pretending to be sick in the head, is automatically considered healthy, since a mentally ill person would not be able to invent such a thing.

So Captain Yossarian (he is a military pilot) has to serve further. And his superiors, meanwhile, are extending the terms of service more and more. How can you not be cunning? After all, they promised to fire the devils, when!

Tolya-robot (USA)

Premiere Monday May 20

TV channel: TNT.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

In chap. Cast: Alexander Pal, Margarita Abroskina, Valentina Mazunina, Evgeny Kulik and others.

No. Tolya is not a full-fledged robot. Only partially. And to be more precise - he has cybernetic or - as it is written in the synopsis - bionic, only arms and legs. That is, his limbs have been replaced by cybernetic prostheses that can be controlled through thought.

The craving for life in such a representative of the human race should be undermined in the bud. But what do we see? On the show, it's just the opposite. Tolya would have enough love for life and optimism for ten. How he infects his loved ones, in which the spark of fire has noticeably faded.

Blood and Treasure (USA)

The series premiered on Tuesday May 21st

TV channel: CBS.

Genres: Action, Adventure

In chap. starring: Katya Winter, Antonio Tsupo, Sofia Pernas, Tony Nash and others.

This series tells about the hard work of antiquities experts who, in order to go to catch terrorists, do not hesitate to cooperate with thieves and grave robbers.

If you are interested in Treasure of the Nation, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, etc. adventures, go here.

TV series renewed for next season

This concludes the list of TV series premieres, and it's time to talk about some of the most outstanding projects that have been extended for the next season. It should be said that not only Game of Thrones ended this year, the end of which turned out to be especially mediocre. This year was also marked by the completion of such a long-term project as "The Big Bang Theory", which began back in 2007 and existed at the top of the ratings for 12 seasons.

Actors, apparently, are already tired of living only with "Theory". They do not agree to take them to any other projects, since their faces are too noticeable. But, whatever one may say, and they themselves, nevertheless, have earned extra money during these 12 years.

But the project from the same universe called "Sheldon's Childhood" was immediately extended for 2 seasons. So, young Sheldon, performed by Ian Armitage, we will have the opportunity to contemplate on the screens for two whole years in a row. Or even longer, which is likely.

Also, for the next seasons, such running projects were extended as:

  • Brooklyn 9-9;
  • Blacklist;
  • Charmed;
  • Supergirl;
  • Marine Police: Special Department;
  • Law and order. Special corps;
  • Doctors of Chicago;
  • Chicago Police;
  • Chicago is on fire.

Congratulations to all fans of the series mentioned in our list. This is especially true of the Chicago Firefighters universe, all of whose spinoffs (with the exception of Justice, which died in 2017) will be continued next season.


We are with you on this one, for someone joyful, but for someone sad (crying over "Game of Thrones" and The Big Bang Theory "continues) will round off. It is worth remembering that no matter how many projects are closed, they will still open many times more.

Therefore, we will look into the future with a smile. All the best to all of us and, as usual, more cool films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman