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How to get back money spent in the Play Market


Unhappy with your purchased app? Or did you buy something different from what you wanted by mistake? Don't worry, the money can be returned.

This has happened to everyone: you download the application, being completely sure that this is exactly what you need, but it turns out the other way around. Due to poor compatibility with the device or simply because the functionality of the application did not match the description, you understand that you will not use it. It's a shame if money was spent on this.

The good news is that you can bring them back. True, for this to happen without unnecessary trouble, you will have to act quickly. Here's how to do it.

The fastest way

The fastest way to get your money back on the Google play market

You can find the money back button in the Play Market at the bottom of the page where the downloaded application is located. But you can use it only within two hours after purchase, then it will disappear.

In principle, two hours is quite enough time to decide whether a program is right for you or not, so do not put off the first launch indefinitely. If you missed this opportunity, do not be discouraged. There are other ways too.

Contact the application developers or their representatives

Refunds by means of communication with developers

On the application page, you can find the "Contacts" section, which contains the company's email address. There is no 100% guarantee that they will answer you, but it's worth a try anyway. Describe your problem with the application and wait for a response letter.

If a site is listed in the contacts, you can contact the developers through it. To do this, go to the site itself and look for links to social media profiles or any other communication options.

Submit a refund request to Google

Submit a refund request

To do this, go to your account, find your order history and select the "Report a problem" function there. Consideration of the application takes up to 2 days, but often the answer comes in the first half hour.

How to get a refund for in-app purchases

Refunds for in-app purchases

Shareware is an application that you don't pay a dime to download.

You have to spend money if you want to get rid of ads, purchase game currency or open up additional opportunities. You can get refunds for in-app purchases by contacting Google (see previous paragraph).

How to get a refund for a movie / book / comic

Book or movie refund

For purchases in the "Movies", "Books", "Music" and "Press" sections, money can also be returned, but only if you do not start reading or watching the product.

In this case, a refund request can be made within 7 days using the form already mentioned. If the content you purchased is damaged and does not start, you can submit an application at any time.

When and where will the money be returned

The money will be returned to the account from which you made the purchase. Refunds to Google Wallet usually take 24 hours, to PayPal or credit card - 3 to 5 days .

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