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Foreign Comedies of the 2000s: Top 100 Best. Part 2


We continue the top of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s, launched two weeks ago. And although there are no films with our favorite actors Jean Paul Belmondo, Pierre Richard, James Belushi, Dean Kandy and others, Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan and Gerard Depardieu are still abound here. And other stars, such as Woody Harrelson, Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones, were inundated.

So, it will be not only funny, but also interesting. Well, go ahead from where you left off?

36. The Naked Truth (2009) 7.55

The morning show, produced by a young and ambitious lady, Abby Richter, was fine until recently. Everything in it is correct and on the shelves, you will not dig into anything, but this correctness, impeccability and predictability in the end begins to adversely affect the rating, which has recently begun to steadily creep down.

And the management decides to invite Michael Chadvey, the reckless presenter and author of the Naked Truth program, to "warm up" the show, in which he cuts the naked truth from the screen, and about everything from the simplest truths and everyday problems and ending ... With the most love!

Abby hates this lame personality. But one cannot argue with the fact that he is very savvy in the modern "habits" of both men and women. And the time will come when Abby herself will have to turn to him for advice ...

37. Paris, I love you (2006) 7.55

This, in some places comedic, and in some places - dramatic collection of short films, is the ancestor of a whole franchise of similar collections about Cities of Love.


As many as 18 short stories about love and everything connected with it fit into 2 hours of screen time. The greatest movie stars took part in the project, so it certainly cannot be called a "blooper".

Not to say that you will turn off, but in places you can smile. Moreover, with all my heart.

38. Doubles (2000) 7.55

Keanu Reeves always gets roles for which he has to either drastically lose weight, as in the case of "Little Buddha", then rapidly gain weight, as in this case, for which he had to hastily gain more than 10 kilograms and maintain this shape for throughout the entire filming process.


The local Sentinels team has only 4 games left to play before the playoffs, and if they don't win three of them, they'll have to dry their oars this season. But they don't give a damn about that. The main thing for them is compliance with the terms of contracts, which are allegedly trampled by the owners of the teams.

In view of this, the players decided to go on strike, which is why the owner of the team, Edward O'Neill, is hastily forced to assemble a team of understudies. He turns to the hero of Keanu Reeves - Shane Falco, a master of sports for a long time, and asks that he quickly create a team of "fighters" for him for four future fights.

He squeaks, but agrees. And at a time when other teams are looking for players among venerable stars, he chooses his team members from the strangest and not very prosperous places. As a result, it comes out with some kind of small heap.

But this is only in appearance and in the beginning ...

39. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) 7.53

Continuing our top foreign comedies of the 2000s, the story of Mr. and Mrs. Smith - a couple of spies in the service of the state. At the service they met, at the service they lived a married life and at the service they decided to die when, by order of the command, they were forced to "eliminate" each other.

Throughout the film, they eliminated each other in every conceivable and inconceivable way, encouraging themselves with the marital discontent accumulated over the years of their lives. Only both turn out to be such specialists that the "elimination" stretches for two whole hours of screen time.

And it is not yet clear what will win in the end, the feeling of patriotism and loyalty to the authorities or the love that still lives in their hearts? Or, at the expense of love, does it only seem to be?

The film was prophetic. The spouses Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did not kill each other, but, having spawned a bunch of children (both their own and those adopted), they safely parted. In the spring of 2019, the court finally divorced the former happy spouses "in the corners".

40. Easy Behavior (2008) 7.53

American Larita is a racer from God. She participates in the Grand Prix and often climbs the podiums, so she is not busy in her life, and she herself, as it seems to her, is ready for any of the most extreme situations in life.


It's just that she hasn't met her husband's mother yet. The family of her fiance is the British who live in their ancestral castle. Each of the relatives - with their own quirks and arrivals. But maman is generally a separate conversation.

Living all her life without getting out in a distant castle, she does not even suspect that the mores of people have changed a lot lately. But since she is far from realizing this, it just seems to her that her son's bride is still that rogue and a vulgar person.

The war of generations promises to be interesting, exciting and, of course, funny.

41. Handsome (2007) 7.52

Til Schweiger plays a famous journalist, master of sensations. But not only this he is famous. Casanova's notoriety is behind him. Although it is “bad”, it depends on whom.


But at one fine moment his career hangs in the balance when he, in pursuit of the next "news of the day" falls from the roof on this very "news of the day" in the literal sense of the word. The court condemns handsome Ludo (this is the name of our journalist-womanizer) for 7 years on probation and sends him to work in a kindergarten, where he meets a girl from his past, whom he maliciously mocked at school.

Who would not mock in his place? After all, at that time she had such hellish stretching brackets!

42. Testament (2007) 7.51

In continuation of our top best foreign comedies of the 2000s, the film "Testament" (not to be confused with the film "Alien: Testament", which does not even smell like a comedy) by Emir Kusturica himself. Not to say that the film is very funny, but you can watch it to cheer up.


The plot, as always, is very naive. In an abandoned Serbian village, there was only one student named Tsane left in the school, as a result of which the school was closed, and Tsane was advised to go to finish his studies at the city school.

Tsane, instead of money, takes a cow and goes to the civilized world, farther and farther from the cute teacher, whose naked delights he loved to watch while bathing her. Not accustomed to city life, Tsane is not dull, loses a cow, but meets the grandchildren of his grandfather's deceased friend.

And also a girl who is very suitable to marry her.

43. Meet the Parents (2000) 7.51

Lucky is the main character of the film with the last name. Despite the fact that it is spelled as "Focker", its pronunciation does not differ at all from "Fucker", which means "Eblan" in USA. But from the fact that the word "eblan" is written through the letter "y", like "ebloon", it will not lose its meaning.

So everyone laughs right and left over his name. Only his bride does not laugh at her, who is very much in love with him and is in a hurry to introduce the groom to her family.

And how do you think her daddy, a retired clerk, will react to "Eblan"? That's right, you guessed it. It's hard for "Eblan" to have ...

44. Fatal beauty (2006) 7.48

Remember "Mistress Maid" starring charming Jennifer Lopez? There, a simple maid of a prestigious hotel accidentally pretends to be a rich man, meets a rich man and, after a series of dramatic intricacies, finds happiness with him.


The French, without hesitation, decided to shoot the same thing, just the opposite. The man here is the same "maid", and the girl is a rich woman. There is only one nuance - she is only building a rich woman, trying with all her might to fool the next fat woman, for whom she accidentally took our hero, dozing off during a break from work on the hall couch.

A series of dramatic and funny events are ahead. And it's not a fact that the two of them are guaranteed happiness. Although, this is not a thriller, but a romantic comedy, therefore, you cannot do without a happy ending.

45. Welcome to Zombieland (2009) 7.46

We wanted not to publish films from franchises in the top of the best foreign comedies. But since this franchise is just gaining momentum, and the second film in this series is only coming out at the end of October, we think it would be shameful to mention this comedic zombie masterpiece on our list.

The film is set in the universe of the Earth, engulfed in a zombie apocalypse. But actor Bill Murray, familiar to us from Groundhog Day and the old Ghostbusters, turns out to be in our universe and in yours.

It is in his country mansion that the motley four of survivors decide to stay. Until one of them accidentally kills him. And from that moment on, they have the same road - to the amusement park, about which they say that the zombie apocalypse has not yet reached there.

They shouldn't have believed it.

46. On Wheels (2006) 7.46

From now on, we will be shorter, otherwise our top of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s threatens to grow into a three-volume edition. And next in line we have another masterpiece with the participation of Til Schweiger.


The hero of Til Schweiger - Fred - begs a lady, whose child has a disgusting disposition. To find favor with him, he is going to get a ball for him with autographs of basketball stars, for which he pretends to be disabled.

But in the process, he meets a cute filmmaker who is making a film about disabled sports fans. They have a romantic acquaintance in five minutes. But what will happen when the girl finds out that Fred doesn't need a stroller at all?

47. Oh, where are you, brother? (2000) 7.44

Three frostbitten thugs Ullis, Pitt and Delmar each sit for their crime, but they are linked by a common chain for three. And how can you escape from prison when you have a couple of naughty babies hanging on your body?


But Everett, by hook or by crook, convinces the other two to escape with him. Allegedly, before falling into the clutches of justice, he committed a robbery worth a million, which he hid in a place that is about to be flooded by the builders of the new power plant.

A huge number of adventures will fall on the heads of these three. And they should have listened to the old and blind driller who predicted their future at the very beginning ...

Although it turned out to be even more interesting.

48. Chameleon (2001) 7.44

Despite the fact that Pierre Richard has already passed the “position” of Francois Pignon in the films of Francis Weber, there will always be a new person for the vacant position, which turned out to be Daniel Otoy.


Here Pignon is an ordinary idiot and a simpleton, an accountant in charge of the ordinary financial statements of a rubber factory. Having learned from rumors that they want to fire him, he decides to strangle himself. But he is prevented from doing this by a slippery fellow living in the neighborhood, who has promised to reinstate him in his post according to his “own scheme,” which, as it turned out, is based on blackmail, falsifications and libel.

And, yes, if Pierre Richard retired, Gerard Depardieu is still in the ranks. Which means it will be funny.

49. Rush Hour 2 (2001) 7.43

Before Inspector Carter had time to enjoy the sights of Hong Kong, a new case fell on him and his guide, Inspector Lee. They began to deal with him back in Hong Kong, but to investigate him, the partners will have to return to America.


Having put half of Las Vegas on their ears, friends manage to find criminals. Someone will be punished with a massacre, who will be killed, and who will undermine themselves, almost blowing them up. And Jackie Chan's hero will have to run around in his mouth with a real bomb.

It will be funny. Don't miss out who haven't watched yet.

50. Moonlight Tariff (2001) 7.42

The next foreign comedy will be about how lovers were introduced to continuous attacks of cystitis. Moreover, she was sick, and he was a doctor. And it happens.

But to get acquainted, casting near the grave in the cemetery, is one thing, but to support and continue acquaintance and communication is quite another. And it is especially difficult to do this for those whose head is chock full of old grandmother's advice.

And, of course, those who also have cystitis.

51. Moliere (2007) 7.41

The annotation indicates that the film is historical. But you shouldn't think that that was how it was then.


Moliere is a famous comedian of the 17th century, who lived in the days of the musketeers who had set everyone on edge, the films about whom we haveour topdedicated to. Having returned from his wanderings around the country, he settled in Paris, intending to devote himself entirely to the theater. But the money for his soul was not enough. And, to be precise, he didn’t have a shit, in the light of which he did not see his career in a rainbow color.

And then the money monsieur Jordan turned up for him, who helped him with debts and agreed to become a sponsor of his future projects. Well, for Moliere, this is a way out and some other.

There is only one condition. Jorden insists that the great master stage a play of a somewhat frivolous character for him ...

52. All or Nothing (2005) 7.41

Another foreign comedy in our top will be with the participation of Adam Sandler. Here he plays a professional football player who was unlucky enough to go to jail for drunk driving.


And here just a match of the century is planned between a team of convicts and a team of policemen, on the outcome of which much depends. It would be very suspicious and ridiculous if Sandler's hero - Paul Crewe - was not put in charge of the prisoner team. But the head of the prison gave him no ambiguous hint that he can choose whoever he wants for his national team, but only his entire assembly should, in the end, lose blood from the nose to the police team.

And now Crewe is confused. Is he a trembling creature, but at large, or has the right, but only behind bars?

53. My Best Friend (2006) 7.40

In the squabble that happened between him and his girlfriend Catherine, Francois did his best to dodge, proving that he is not as lost and unsociable as she thinks.


While she insists that he is a snob who has no friends, he volunteered to prove the opposite, trying with might and main to find at least one name in his notebook, by calling which he can enlist in his favor support.

And he is beginning to realize more and more that in the pursuit of his damn antiques he has lost all his comrades.

But he is unable to admit that Katrin is right. And not only out of principle. If he gives her at least one person who will call him his friend, he will receive from her the most valuable ancient vase for almost nothing!

54. Kill Freud (2004) 7.39

Yes, it would be nice to kill. But since it is impossible to do this live, it would be worth trying to kill him in the head of her husband, who suddenly disappeared from the horizon of her life, taking new and improved courses in female psychology, based on the theory of the same damn Freud.


But undertaking to investigate the disappearance of her husband, his wife Alma will come across such "bells and whistles" that Freud never dreamed of. It turns out that everyone around is not who they claim to be, and besides, they do not do what they want.

Except for herself, of course. Although, this is a very dubious statement.

55. Zombie named Sean (2004) 7.38

The next number in the list of the best foreign comedies is a masterpiece of English filmmakers, which is an excellent parody of films dedicated to zombie apocalypses.

Everything here is like in a regular thriller. Sean is a simple weirdo with his life problems, working in a routine and unloved job. But they all fade into the background overnight when a strange flu epidemic begins, as a result of which people turn into zombies and begin to bite right and left.

With a bunch of friends and relatives, he locks himself in a local pub, but zombies pile up on the eatery so that, it would seem, no one will leave here without a bite. And, most likely, it will.

The beauty of the picture is how the story is presented, and how the actors played all this nonsense. It is with humor and with full dedication. So, a burst of good mood while watching will be guaranteed.

56. Midnight Kiss (2007) 7.33

The picture resembles the movie "Before Dawn" 1995 release. Here, too, the entire film takes place on the promenade through the sights of the night city.


Only the "sights" here are more like "hot spots", the talk is no longer about that, and everything is filmed with a spark of enthusiasm.

The guy decided to meet a girl on a dating site. And their acquaintance lasted all night long, for which only young people have not visited and what they just talked about.

Romance. If only they don't find adventure on the ass.

57. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) 7.32

It would seem that you can get rid of the guy in 5 seconds, just by sending him to hell with eye to eye. But the main character is not looking for easy ways. She wants to part with her boyfriend and stay as a friend. And this, as you know, complicates the task.


In general, Andy Anderson (Kate Hudson) just needs to write material for the magazine about how girls most often sew guys they don't like, and she has 10 days to assemble and write material.

Her task is to please some guy and then turn him off. And she managed to get her on Benjamin Berry (Matthew McConaughey), who had just made a bet with the boss about whether he could screw up some beauty within the same period of time.

It will be fun.

58. Home Sweet Home (2008) 7.31

Masha, studying in another city, so as not to pay for living space, lives in apartments that are temporarily empty. Her half-hacker father learns about them, after which he throws off the address for her daughter, after which she moves in and lives there quietly for some time.

But one day their scheme failed, and the owner of the apartment, for no reason at all, suddenly showed up on the doorstep after Masha had already “settled” there safely ...

59. Taoist magician Chon Woo-chi (2009) 7.31

Begins muddied 500 years ago in the state of Joseon, where half of the sacred flute was stolen. Why does it serve and why it is so sacred, do not even ask.


At that time, magicians and wizards had not yet been transferred, and on one of those who, as always, were not in business, and suspicion of theft fell, for which he was imprisoned in ... Picture!

For a long time, the magician sat in the picture. Although only a moment passed for him. And, of course, he managed to leave this picture only in our time, where the main adventures will happen. A real magician in real Korea among Samsung and Hyundai? It will probably be interesting.

What would we do without Koreans?

60. He Was Cool (2004) 7.31

Again Koreans and again a comedy, saturated and saturated with positive, kind and simple morals.


Eun Sung is a guy with a tough disposition, not giving anyone a descent in the area. And although he is handsome, cool and all that, with girls he is a real Ham with a capital letter. But this is only for the time being, until his fate closely intersects with Ye Won. And from that moment on, the plate will spin. How soon will Eun Sung give up his belief that all girls are chickens now?

Filmed in Korean, naive, but very cheerful and beautiful.

61. Drake and Josh in Hollywood (2006) 7.30

This film will primarily be of interest to fans of Nickelodion's Drake and Josh series, as it is its sequel.


In theory, this picture is a kind of rehash of the comedy masterpiece from 1976, called "Harry and Walter Go to New York." Only if the main characters there were provincial actors in years, then here a couple of youngsters get into constant trouble.

And it all starts with the fact that both brothers manage to put their poor sister on a plane flying instead of Denver to Los Angeles. So let them catch her on the next flight. And there, the counterfeiters with the special services were happy.

62. Shanghai Knights (2003) 7.30

A direct sequel to Shanghai Noon, the one in which Jackie Chan's hero Chon comes to the Wild West to rescue his princess.

Things are no better here. Some bastard kills Chon's father and dumps him in England. Eager to take revenge, his former partners set off after him, but Chon's sister begins to get confused under his feet, rushing about exposing some major state conspiracy like a written sack.

Don't hesitate. There will be no less funny moments than in the first film.

63. Men in Black 2 (2002) 7.29

Next in our list of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s is the second part of the franchise about a secret organization, secretly from the entire population of the Earth, dealing with the affairs of aliens settled on our mortal planet.


I remember that in the first part, Agent Kay was dismissed of his own free will. But now, in order to defeat the evil alien who thinks to take possession of the light, with the help of which she is going to gain incomparable power, the Earth needs Kay again.

Where can I find it? Of course, behind the counter in one of the post offices of a remote backwater.

64. From Paris with Love (2009) 7.28

James Reese is a young and ambitious CIA operative. And how sad it is for him that he is forced to vegetate as a simple assistant to the US Ambassador to France.


Everything is fine. The job is not that it is not dangerous, it is also not particularly hard. Plus, beauties are always at your side. But he wants real operational work, the kind shown in spy action movies.

But when the time for such work comes, he very soon begins to regret his former quiet job.

65. Groom for hire (2005) 7.28

The plot of the next foreign comedy is not new. Only, if in "Pretty Woman" the hero of Richard Gere, that is, a man, hired a girl of easy virtue for the appearance of respectability, then on the contrary, the main character is forced to hire a guy from the escort service.


When going to her sister's wedding, the main character is 100% sure that her ex will definitely hang around there, who, along with her parents, will eat her brains with his whining and moralizing.

So she hired a boyfriend for herself so that he could pass for a successful groom. Let them choke. And the guy turned out to be not as bad as it seemed.

66. Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes (2004) 7.27

This American fairy-tale comedy does not need any advertising. Lemony Snicket has long been a model of cunning, resourcefulness and bad luck.

Poor orphans who have been left without a roof over their heads are given the care of a notorious villain who wants to pocket the inheritance of the children with all his might. And children, having learned about this, try to stir up adults in order to convey this information to them.

But who will believe the poor and unfortunate children? So, they themselves will have to somehow get out.

67. Blinded by Desires (2000) 7.26

Elliot is a simple downtrodden nerd from the number of programmers who rummage around in numbers, but in real life they are complete amateurs. And to such an egg-headed cretin from the sky the most ordinary Devil falls on his head, ready to redeem his pitiful worthless soul for any 7 desires.

And no matter what Elliot thought, the Devil, by the way, took the form of a fatal beauty, did everything. But after the execution, it turned out that Elliot was right there and then successfully screwing up his new acquisitions, which gave the impression that nothing had been done and that the friend was playing with marked cards.

But can you argue with the Devil? What can you think of so that it doesn't immediately slip through your fingers and, in addition, bring the situation back under control?

68. Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002) 7.25

The adventures of the fat and thin Gauls continue. And this time they will have to go to Egypt, where the construction of a golden palace for Empress Cleopatra, who argued with Caesar that her people will complete the construction in three months, is in full swing.


And if the foreman Numerobis cannot cope, feed him the sharks. But it will be difficult to cope with the potion from Panaramix in three months. You won't do anything at all.

But the potion still needs to be brewed and delivered to the address, which our heroes - Asterix and Obelix - will do.

69. Rumba (2008) 7.25

The sweet couple "Fiona and the House" danced red summer, did not have time to look back, as the next turn of life turned their life into a real ... Continuous comedy. But, just not for themselves.


Simple teachers with a discreet and, one might even say, repulsive appearance are real masters of dance. And where they have not visited, in what contests they have not participated, what prizes have not been collected.

But, as the well-known private Jack Sally from Avatar would say: "But sooner or later you have to wake up ..."

70. Once Upon a Time in Vegas (2008) 7.25

The second part of the top of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s ends with a tape featuring Hollywood stars Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.


Having woken up together in the same bed, young people cannot remember how they met. In the future, they learn that they also got married at the same time. They also won an obscene amount of money. And how come they immediately look for a reason for divorce. And at the same time, a way to keep the whole big sum with you.

Las Vegas, Las Vegas! What do you do with people?


On this, in some places happy for our movie heroes, film, we will finish the second part of our list of the best foreign comedies of the 2000s. In a week we will discuss the remaining 30 films, but for now, let's see what we have picked for ourselves from our list.

Those who are not interested in anything - just a good mood and, like everyone else - more cool films and TV series!

Top 1: Films 1 to 35

3rd part of the top: Films from 71 to 100

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