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Why is Dragon Ball Z still popular?


Osamu Tezuka is known throughout the world as the Godfather of anime and manga, who pioneered her concept for years to come with works such as Astroboy, Jungle Emperor and Princess Knight. These works have inspired an entire generation. But if Tezuka is the father of manga and anime in principle, Akira Toriyama is the father of shonen manga, making his worldwide debut with Dragon Ball. Just like Marvel and DC comics in the West, Shounen appealed to a similar demographic. Story plots often consisted of battles taking place either competitively or along the classic path of good versus evil, often forcing the character to progress through combat. In any case, the story called for high ideals and aspirations, whether it be working to overcome oneself or caring for loved ones. And as I said, one story,

Although it was completed in the mid-1990s, Dragon Ball's popularity continues to this day. He is considered by many to be the best shonen, as other creators of the genre have acknowledged that Dragon Ball was a major influence on their art. Even today, there are people like me who have challenged a large volume of anime to find out the reason for its cult status. So why is Dragon Ball still popular?

A mystical adventure that has become a saga of saving the world

Dragon Ball is the story of Sona Goku, a hilarious monkey-tailed boy inspired by Sun Wukong in Journey to the West. The plot follows Goku and his friends on an adventure to find the seven mystical realms, also known as dragonballs. Goku's journey begins with a girl named Bulma Briefs accidentally bumping into him. After learning that Goku had a gem, she convinced him to help.


Once all seven spheres are brought together, you can summon the eternal dragon Shenron, who will fulfill any desire of the summoner. Although Goku had no desire to make a wish [sorry for the tautology], he agreed to help Bulma find her because his late grandfather Gohan taught Goku to help anyone in need.

Besides hunting pearls, Goku dreams of becoming the greatest martial artist and has trained under the wise and perverse Master Roshi. In parallel with the plot, he also met with various fighters, who at first were his rivals, but eventually became the closest friends and even part of the family. After winning the 23rd martial arts tournament near the end of the story, it would seem that the adventures of Goku and his friends will end. But it was all just one long epilogue to Dragon Ball Z ...

The story of the planet's greatest warrior

Dragon Ball Z continues where the original story ended a few years later. Goku is married to Chi-Chi and has a son named Gohan, whom he named after his grandfather. Everything was fine until a new threat came to the planet, a warrior named Raditz. He tells Goku that he is his lost brother, and the hero himself is also a representative of the extraterrestrial Saiyanami race named Kakarot. There are four of them left in the whole world. As a child, Goku was sent to Earth to destroy it, but alas, he suffered a head injury and lost his memory, becoming an ordinary child. Now Raditz flew in to finish Goku's work and kill him if he refuses to join. Even after Raditz's defeat, two more Sayans arrived on Earth, which were twice as strong, Nappa and Vegeta.

As the story progressed, more and more powerful threats began to emerge, and what started out as an innocent tale took on dark motives with foes capable of destroying the planet with a single click. The heroes continue to overcome ever greater thresholds of power, and gain such strength that it is difficult to imagine.


For those who first hear about Dragon Ball, it may seem like fantastic with testosterone, where from series to series, muscular men yell and fight with each other. But like other stories that seem silly at first glance, such as Star Wars, there is much more heart and creativity behind the imagery. And one of the strengths that made the show so popular and influential is the characters. All heroes, starting from Son Goku himself, who stands up for his lofty ideals, and other characters like Vegatta, Piccolo, Gohan and many others, are developed and changed more than once throughout history. They become real people for you, in whose company it is pleasant to spend hours on end.

Shounen Saga

Characters help advance the story, but what exactly makes Dragon Ball's plot compelling? Dragon Ball is an adventure that also serves as a parody of kung fu movies, giving the series a lighthearted tone. Even the universe they live in uses elements of science fiction, fantasy, Chinese culture, in which even dinosaurs still roam the Earth and other planets. All this allows the world to be original and not get bogged down in any one specific setting that will limit the story. This allows many different people to love him.

Plus, the story has a simple and understandable message that for perfection you need to overcome new heights. But more importantly, never let pride take over, as there will always be someone stronger than you. Even Master Roshi himself told Goku that life is the greatest teacher of all, they must train themselves and find new ways to take their skills to the next level in order to keep getting stronger.


According to the Dragon Tao, Goku does not fight to defeat others, he fights to defeat himself. Basically, with every fight, Goku learns to improve himself as a fighter - this is his main aspiration. You can learn from your shortcomings and mistakes, not from winning the match. Losing gives someone the motivation to get better, while winning simply gives the person the right to brag. And Goku never cares about winning to brag.

While some elements are exaggerated for the sake of storytelling, the anime has a basic moral that any fan can learn: life can teach people new ways to improve that can make them better. That all changed when the villains became much more menacing and powerful, that soon the entire universe in Dragon Ball Z was in danger.

While the main characters still struggle to grow stronger, the constant threats they face give the series a stronger emphasis between good and evil. Villains such as Vegeta and Friza hunted for pearls and killed everyone who got in their way. Others, like Sell and Majin Buu, have killed and destroyed because they can and enjoy it.

Legacy and criticism

One of the main features that makes Dragon Ball so popular is that the story, despite its changes in mood, remains simple. A common criticism of manga and anime is that the story can either get too convoluted to understand, or slow down the action with a constant exposure that only bores the audience.

One of the disadvantages of Dragon Ball is that it started literally at the same time as the manga, so it has a huge number of filler episodes. But fortunately, we live in times when you can skip them. And not only.

However, compared to most modern animes that stretch the plot with fillers, Dragon Ball keeps its story consistent. It also helps that a later adaptation called Dragon Ball Kai adapts the anime for a modern audience, updating effects and cutting out all filler episodes. This way, any beginner who starts from Dragon Ball Z to the original can follow the main story with ease. And while most stories focus too much on details that can be confusing, Dragon Ball's simple narrative is easily addictive.


It is said that Dragon Ball was not supposed to last as long as Toriyama originally planned, and given how popular its story is and how large it is, getting to know it is awe-inspiring. As previously mentioned, Dragon Ball has inspired many manga masters of their own, including Black Cat, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. Each of these mangas provides their own references to their source of inspiration while staying true to their own story.

Dragon Ball is so popular with shounen fans because of its monumentality and I'm sure it will continue to influence future generations. As long as Toriyama's work is remembered and loved, Dragon Ball will live.

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Author: Jake Pinkman