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How to choose a DVB-T2 receiver


In our country, there is now a phased transition to new digital standards for DVB-T2 broadcasting. Many users are accustomed to having a certain package of TV channels, which they would not want to lose. However, not all TVs are equipped with the appropriate tuners, so the selection process becomes important.

Digital TV Technologies

Modern TVs are a complex and technologically advanced device, but not everyone knows this. Many people limit themselves to the knowledge that it is enough to connect the power supply, insert the antenna plug into the corresponding socket and that's it. You can watch TV.

This year will bring a lot of new things, including to the owners of outdated TV sets. Not all of them will be able to "master" the new broadcasting format. They simply will not be able to receive digital signals, since they are adapted to work only in analog format.


Many people will think that there are many options: cable or satellite TV, Internet TV, etc.

However, there are some nuances here too. Pulling the cable in a densely packed furniture and well-equipped apartment is not a very good solution. Everyone wants to punch holes in the walls after a normal repair.

Equipment for a satellite dish costs a lot of money, Internet broadcasting is also not free and is not stable. Therefore, one of the most acceptable options would be broadcasting. You do not need to pay money for services. You can use one, collective antenna. A digital set-top box is inexpensive, about 1000 rubles (for example, the cost of Cadena CDT-1793 is only 880 rubles).


One of the main advantages of such devices is their high level of noise immunity. The old ways of transmitting signals have been replaced by multiplexes. They compress up to 10 TV channels into one stream and address them to anyone. If earlier the antenna could receive 2-3 channels, then modern TV systems will provide the user with a number of channels 5-6 times higher than the previous indicators.

Now the USAs have access to two blocks of the multiplex, the launch of the third is planned.

Benefits of the new standard

First of all, it should be said about improving the quality of the resulting image. Thanks to the DVB-T2 standard, it is possible to broadcast the signal in resolution up to 4K. HD quality will become available after a while.

Some providers use upscaling capabilities. This is a functionality that allows you to artificially increase the number of pixels. The resulting picture looks more interesting and pleasant.

For example, Hyundai H-DVB200 can support 1080p signals, which will provide the user with the pleasure of watching TV for the next 4-5 years.

Another advantage of digital television is the ability to record and rewind broadcast programs. This option is available in the BBK SMP001HDT2 prefix. In addition, you can temporarily pause any broadcast by pausing it by simply inserting the USB flash drive into the USB port.

What to look for

Receivers, although similar in appearance, have a lot of options and differences. Some nuances you should know.

1. Number of connectors . The commonly used and mainstream is HDMI. But not all TVs are equipped with this connector. Maybe SCART, RCA or something else. There are many options. Therefore, you should look for a device equipped with the maximum set of interfaces. For example, the D-Color DC1501HD has a digital port and classic tulips on the back. It is better if the receiver model has USB Type-A. This will help not only to play media files, but also to use this slot to connect a flash drive.

2. Remote control . More precisely, it is more interested in its ergonomics. There is no need for a device with a mass of chaotically scattered buttons. There shouldn't be anything extra.


3. Power supply . Better if it is external. If it fails, you can find a replacement quickly and without problems.

4. Additional equipment . Digital receivers are able to reproduce on-air programs, and are also able to control their composition. For example, Harper HDT2-1005 has a parental control option that will not allow children to use the services of channels blocked by parents or turn off the device at a set time.

In conclusion, it should be said that a digital receiver is not only a device for watching TV broadcasts in a new format. Thanks to him, even an old TV will have a chance to show all its capabilities and expand functionality.

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