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What to see from films while sitting in isolation: Perspective (2018)


What to watch from films during the "coronavirus crisis", when we are all forced to stay at home and cinemas are closed until better times? We always have good advice on this matter. Today we recommend watching the debut author's fantastic feature film by director Christopher Caldwell and Zeke Earl "Perspective" (2018).

What is the fantastic film "Perspective" about

The film is based on the short film of the same name. The meek meter was not as detailed and of high quality. In addition, the plot in it after the "prelude" went on a completely different canvas. Therefore, there will be no shame in reading the original. It is not a spoiler. In addition, no one bothered to translate it into USA.

LikeNeil Blomkamp, Christopher Caldwell and Zeke Earl have made their way into the full-length world with their short cuts. The only difference is that in the case of the debut "9th District" Peter Jackson paid Blomkamp as much as $ 30 million, the producers of the film "Perspective" scraped together only about $ 4 million in their bottom sections. But despite the relatively small budget, the film turned out quite exciting and viewing worthy. Let's check out the trailer.

Despite the "premiere in cinemas in November 2018" promised in the trailer, none of our distributors have undertaken to rent it. That is why the picture is considered quite rare and little-known, from which interest in it is only fueled.

The movie "Perspective" (2018) is set in the distant future. Apparently, people have found a way to overcome the barrier of the speed of light and inhabit the galaxy. This particular story happened on the recently discovered satellite of one of the gas giants of a distant star system, in the orbit of which a huge station hangs, imprisoned, apparently, for income from miners, terraformers and other specialists and enterprising people who set themselves the goal of making money on treasures. what is hidden in the local flora (or fauna, so it is not completely clear) of the planet.


In appearance, the satellite of the film "Perspective" is almost no different from the Earth. The force of gravity on it is similar to that of the earth, the climate is also, at least, in its forest zone. The vegetation resembles the subtropical thickets of our home planet. Apparently, the air here would be quite suitable for breathing.


But there is one thing. Local plants, in the manner of horsetails and ferns of the Earth's Carboniferous period, multiply by spores (here - pollen), which is the strongest allergen for the human body (or, in simple words, poison). Also, do not discount the local microflora. Therefore, everyone who, for whatever reason, wants to walk through the local forest, have to walk in special suits with a sealed helmet, and breathe through special cleaning filters.

Plot connection

The film "Perspective" (2018) begins with a father and daughter who have a capsule in their assets that can undock from the aforementioned station, land on the satellite surface, and then take off and dock, land in a forest zone, within the boundaries of which prospectors mine the orelak mineral by road in the modern world.


The landing turns out to be emergency, because at the moment of entering the dense layers of the atmosphere of the satellite, something began to smoke right in the cockpit. To the question: “What happened”, the father answers his daughter shortly: “I don’t know”, after which, without bothering to fix the breakdown, they go fishing together.

Due to problems that occurred during landing, they landed in a place far from the main "mines", which is why they were forced to walk to the designated place. A group of some prospector-dealers found a place in the so-called zone of the Queen's Lair, where eagles can be mined in packs. But since they do not have the skill of extracting them from local organisms, they hire specialists in this matter - our dad and daughters.


They keep their way to the location of the mentioned dealers.

Just on the way, they stumble upon a couple of wandering armed semi-feral prospectors who are going to take away from them both the capsule and the single eagle, which they have obtained with such diligence. What will happen next - see for yourself.

Pros and cons of painting

First, to the bold minus. As for us, the story of the film "Perspective" (2018) is taken from old stories about gold prospectors of the Wild West. Eagle may very well be gold bars or sand, poison in the atmosphere - local viruses from among the causative agents of pneumonia or acute respiratory infections or allergens.

We are generally silent about the wild fauna. Well, there were a lot of villains here. Someone at that time traded in artisanal mining, and someone by robbing these same miners.

You ask, what, they say, about landing on the surface and taking off? After all, much here is sharpened under the inability to return in the event of a capsule breakage. Let's answer the following. For example, it was much more difficult for prospectors, especially not too wealthy, to get to the Yukon from the "mainland" than for the local "cosmonauts". Likewise, not everyone, having climbed into the wilds of the Yukon, could take their feet from there. For many reasons.

But, one way or another, everything was delivered well, especially considering the cut budget. Even with the complete absence of "extras" and a small number of actors involved in the film, the film "Perspective" (2018) looks quite atmospheric and looks interesting.


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Watch Perspective 2018 movie online

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