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A sequel to God of War is likely in development


With the release of the latest God of War, PlayStation 4 has reaffirmed its title as the console with the best exclusives. The game has already entered the top of the best games in the first half of 2018 and has sold an impressive number of copies. Therefore, the release of the sequel to God of War is only a matter of time and, apparently, Santa Monica has already started developing a sequel. This is indicated by vacancies on the developer's site that were found by users of the ResetEra resource.

Santa Monica is looking for people with extensive experience in the gaming industry who are ready to create sketches, concept art and character models for a new project. The unknown game has been announced for release only on PlayStation and it is noted that one of its features will be impressive graphics.

But the most interesting for fans of the God of War will be the paragraph where it is said that the unnamed project is focused on the story passage and will be based on ancient mythology. In general, according to the available data, we can say with almost 100 percent certainty that the developers are working hard to continue the story of Kratos. And this is not surprising, because the ending of God of War directly says that the creators of the game have ideas for a sequel, and excellent sales, along with enthusiastic player reviews, leaves no doubt that a sequel will definitely appear.

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But when the second part of the restart of God of War will be released is still unknown, but we are betting on the release in the first half of 2021. Three years should be enough for the developers to create a game, because the gameplay concept, art design has already been debugged and there is a plot of the story. Employees of Santa Monica can only "build meat on the skeleton", add bosses, diversify the gameplay and release a sequel, which should be even better and larger than the original game.

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