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TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You May Not Know About. Part 2


With the end of the New Year holidays, the gaming industry has fallen into hibernation and has no plans to pamper us with the expected releases until early spring. Not the most pleasant situation, but if you are looking for something to play, then we suggest paying attention to the second part of our top 10 cool games of 2019 that you might have missed. The selection contains games that were not noted by a large marketing company and the only reason we know about them is a huge amount of positive reviews from gamers and industrial critics.

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10. They are Billions

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One

They do not know compassion, they do not know fatigue, they are the revived dead, living only by the thirst for hunger and the worst thing is their billions. Strategy They are Billions better than any horror horror from hordes of zombies, offering to build the last bastion of humanity in an attempt to defend against the impending doom. You are unlikely to be able to achieve victory and all you can do is only to delay fate and the moment when the infection breaks through the walls of the city. If you love the challenge and love city-building simulators, They are Billions is your choice.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

In addition to the survival mode, the game after leaving early access offers a storyline campaign, but we do not recommend waiting for any special delights from it. Unless you sometimes like to take a break from city management and feel like a lonely traveler, getting out on dangerous expeditions outside the fortress walls.

Download They are Billions

9. Telling Lies

What to play on: PC, iOS

Telling Lies is a new project by Sam Barlow (Her Story) that continues to experiment with the fusion of video games and cinematography. The easiest way to describe the game is as a detective simulator: you watch recordings with the participation of real actors, pay attention to the spoken words and use the game search engine to find new video clips by keywords. The main goal is to separate truth from fiction. The task is not easy, because each new character, each story instead of answers offers new questions, pushing the player to take notes in attempts to understand the intricacies of human destinies.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

It is for a bold experiment and worthy acting that I want to make Telling Lies one of the top 10 cool games of 2019, but be prepared to fight with a not very user-friendly interface and, perhaps, a little shameful feeling of spying on other people's lives.

Download Telling Lies

8. Afterparty

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One

If you think the afterlife is not a joke and against drinking alcohol as the main plot engine, then please stay away from Afterparty. For everyone else, the project from Night School Studio can be an exciting trip to an ironic version of the underworld. Hell, which resembles our world like a drop of water, only with an important difference - drinking as the main way of leisure in the afterlife. However, it is not so different from real life, is it?

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

Even more - in their attempts to get out of Hell, the two main characters will not only have to fight in the art of drinking with the locals, but also drink the Devil himself in the finale. However, you shouldn't think that Afterparty is entirely based on drinking, no less attention is paid to dialogues in the game, and in the spirit of Afterparty most of all resembles Tim Schafer's hilarious quests.

Download Afterparty

7. A short Hike

Play: PC

A short Hike is a touching adventure, which was created in order to pull the player out of the abyss of winter depression, envelop in warm autumn colors and show the beauty of the surrounding world through the eyes of Claire's urban bird. As befits a game about a bird, the gameplay of A short Hike is based on flying, the duration of which depends on the number of feathers found. And with such an approach, the game could be accused of monotony, if not for the developer's desire to fill the virtual world with an abyss of exciting activities.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

Tennis games, fishing, treasure hunting and assignments from charming forest dwellers will urge you to linger as long as possible in the enchanting world of A short Hike. This is a tiny, but at the same time amazing adventure that you will hardly forget in the coming year.

6. Heaven's Vault

Play: PC, PS4

When we talk about "large-scale" games, then at first glance, the budget and unsightly visual novel Heaven's Vault is the last game that can be described with this word. But believe me, the first impression is deceiving, because behind the cheap cover the developers have hidden a whole universe with a complex history of an ancient civilization and a language that we, as the archaeologist Alia, will have to study, solving the difficult riddles of the world around.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

The basis of the Heaven's Vault gameplay is linguistic puzzles that offer to independently interpret the meanings of symbols and make up adequate words and expressions from them. But what is most curious is that there are often no unambiguously wrong answers. You can approach the solution of the puzzles from different points of view, which gives amazing scope for replayability and with each playthrough will open up new facets of the Heaven's Vault universe.

Download Heaven's Vault

5. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Playable: PC, PS4, Switch, iOS

The genre of runners is so primitive that even with the stylish visuals, we would hardly have mentioned Sayonara Wild Hearts in our top 10 cool games, if only it were not for the constantly changing gameplay. Each new level is a small piece of art that, with the ease of a magician, changes perspective and in a non-stop mode throws up new gameplay solutions: from a rhythmic music game to a top-down shooter and colorful QTE boss battles.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

Sayonara Wild Hearts is the best gaming analogue of American racing: bright, fun, dizzying, but not criminal. In an hour and a half, the game can be completed and put on the shelf without any problems, unless you want to devote a little more time to it and open up new levels with an exciting soundtrack that risks echoing in your head for hours.

Download Sayonara Wild Hearts

4. Ape Out

Play: PC, Switch

Tired at work, family disagreements and it seems as if the dark streak in your life has dragged on unnecessarily? Then we suggest not to reach for the rope and soap, but pay attention to the best gaming antidepressant - Ape Out. The angry gorilla simulator is similar in concept to Hotline Miami, only in a more colorful expressive style. Each level is an obstacle course made of faceless computer dummies, where our main goal is to get to the exit. Nothing new.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

But due to the adaptive jazz soundtrack, which resonates with a blow on skeletons and cymbals for every kill, the game turns into a lively jam session with adrenaline oozing from every second of gameplay.

Download Ape Out

3. Hades

Play: PC

The first three of our top 10 cool games opens with a fresh game hit straight from the lobby of Steam's early access - Hades. The name of the developers from Supergiant Games, who gave us Bastion and Transistor, is already the best quality mark. But let's see in a little more detail why Hades is so good. First, the plot and setting. We play for the son of Hades, who decides to get out of the afterlife, and Greek gods and famous personalities like Plato will help him in this. Reflections on the eternal and an abundance of jokes are available. Secondly, the roguelike gameplay. Due to constantly changing levels and a wide range of weapons, it will become the main reason for red eyes from lack of sleep.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

Also worthy of credit is the bright and artfully drawn style, along with the traditionally mesmerizing soundtrack by Darren Korb.

Download Hades

2. Risk of Rain 2

Playable: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Risk of Rain 2 was released early last year, immediately became a hit and is yet another variation on roguelike games, and thus a legal gaming drug. We advise you to take it with extreme caution. The concept of Risk of Rain 2 is simple: choose a character class and set off on a dangerous journey through randomly generated levels, swimming in a sea of colorful loot. It seems to be nothing special for fans of the genre, if not for one thing.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

Risk of Rain 2 is aimed at cooperative passage of up to 4 players, and, as you know, in good company even watching the paint dry can be fun, and what can we say about polished and habitually addictive roguelike gameplay.

Download Risk of Rain 2

1. Noita

Play: PC

Finalist for our top 10 awesome games you might have missed - largely revolutionary roguelike action (yes, another one) Noita. The main feature of the game is the complete destructibility of the environment and the physically believable properties of materials (be it oil, ice, stone or wood), which guarantees a set of unique situations for each playthrough. Breaking through a reservoir of water to turn raging lava flows into stone, electrify the reservoir and kill the raging living creatures in it, or accidentally knock over an oil lantern, overnight turning pretty surroundings into a flaming branch of Hell - Noita is always ready to surprise and offer creative ways to achieve the goal.

TOP 10 Cool Games of 2019 You Might Not know. Part 2

Surprise, including unpleasant moments. Get ready for true hardcore, where the player is not averse to feasting on treasure chests, and a trap can lurk behind every wall. You will most likely love and hate Noita equally.

Download Noita

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