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A bus with air purification filter arrives in the UK


Public transport is one of the main contributors to urban air pollution. To address this issue, Go-Ahead is committed to making UK buses not only environmentally friendly but also pollution-resistant.

To this end, the company has released a pilot project for a bus that will purify the air as it travels along its route.

The participants in the pilot project were the population of the city of Southampton, located in the south of Britain. According to WHO estimates, the municipality is one of the most environmentally vulnerable settlements due to the fact that UK transport here is mainly powered by diesel fuel. Therefore, its choice as a research site is quite justified.

For a pilot project, developers from another company, Pall Aerospace, designed a special filtering device that fits on the bus roof. The filter starts at the moment when the vehicle starts moving. Harmful particles get into the device and settle there. As a result, already cleaned air is formed at the outlet.

The developers of the filter refute the opinion that the transformation of the bus into environmentally friendly transport does not make sense, since the overall indicator of the air purified with its help is negligible. According to them, during the daily regular passage of the route, air filtration is carried out at a distance of up to 10 meters above the surface of the roadway. At the same time, the oversized filter does not interfere with other vehicles.

According to experts' forecasts, the installation of such systems on all public transport in Southampton is able to provide periodic purification of all city air throughout the year. Go-Ahead representatives intend to prove that UK buses act not only as a passenger transport, but also as a means of solving certain environmental problems, including cleaning urban air.

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Author: Jake Pinkman