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What Death Stranding will be about: plot details, what we know and don't know about the game


On November 8th we will finally be able to play Death Stranding. The plot, however, still remains a rather vague thing for us. Only Kojima can prepare an audience for years, forcing them to languish in the juice of the slightest hints about the game's plot, and then immediately release an eight-minute trailer that will not change anything. Bravo, my admiration [no sarcasm]. However, we will try to analyze what Death Stranding will be about, in the end we have a trailer. At the same time, we will dilute the information routine, otherwise everything is only Cyberpunk and Cyberpunk.

What Kojima says

During the publication of the trailer, Hideo Kojima also gave a description of the game that we can focus on. You can read the literal translation here. In general, the main developer says that Death Stranding is a game about connections between people. The society shown to us in the game is now very divided and isolated from each other. And supposedly all the elements in Death Stranding are connected by some kind of threads.

We, playing as Sam, must build "bridges" with which we will connect with players around the world. This is how we learn the value of connections. The author hopes so.


As already mentioned - not very clear. However, even before the release of the trailer, in April at the Tribeca Film Festival, he spoke about the plot as follows:

“There is so much going on in the real world - in America, in Europe - it's actually all connected to the Internet, but we don't seem to be connected the way we want to,” Kojima said. “I put this into a metaphor in the game. The player will have to reconnect the world in the game. You are very lonely, but you are trying to unite. ”

Well, and also, according to the genius, "history will make us cry."

What the trailer can tell us

The Death Stranding trailer tells us a lot more than the author of the project. At the very least, we can make more or less adequate guesses. This is science fiction about a world where from time to time it starts to rain, aging all living organisms on the planet. You can protect yourself from it with plastic. Sam, played by Norman Reedus, uses a plastic suit to travel the world and deliver items or supplies to surviving groups of people.


The journey will take place on a dynamic map where players can use ladders and other devices to explore and focus on both survival and action. In addition to traveling on foot and on transport, we will fight, in the trailer itself, Sam comically waving his briefcase, fighting off enemies.

The most interesting part of the gameplay shown in the trailer is death. In the game, it is not death in our typical sense, although, who knows what happens to the dead, no one has returned from there yet and has not told anything. However, in the case of Death Stranding, we know for sure that after his death, Sam ends up in a kind of purgatory, where he has to find his body and return to the kingdom of the living. Reborn. During this time, the camera switches to first person view.

In purgatory, apparently, there is always the character of Mads Mikkelsen, who lives in it or even controls this entire world. It is possible that he was its creator or something like that.


And although death in Death Stranding will be different from the classic death in games, the developers do not advise us to die often, because each death of Sam affects the plot to a large extent.

What remains unclear until now?

It's easier, of course, to say that we don't know about the game. However, let us follow Plato's phrase: “I know that I know nothing,” and analyze what is still incomprehensible.

What about the kids?

From the moment of the very first appearance of the child in the flask until today, we still do not know what they are. Kojima stated that "the child is about game mechanics as well as history in general," and was seen in Guillermo Del Toro's container as well as Norman Reedus's esophagus. It is unlikely that the child will be a parasite that feeds on Sam from the inside, although I would not be surprised.


Is the baby acting on your health bar? Or is he the key to the time-jumping game's storyline, allowing our protagonist to jump between realities and dimensions?

Will there be time manipulations in the game?

One of the most exciting moments in the trailer is about manipulating time. One such phenomenon is the “fall of time”. It is associated with rain, drops of which fall from another dimension and age any living organism.


In the shot from Purgatory, we saw that Sam passes through different time periods, for example, fragments from the Second World War. That is, while we are in it, we can hypothetically travel to different eras and explore them? Or is it somehow related to the memories of the protagonist?

What can you do in the open world?

Kojima gained experience in creating open worlds only after the release of Metal Gear Solid 5, where his team was able to transfer the proprietary stealth to the open world. In the case of Death Stranding, Kojima Productions pushes the boundaries of research. While protagonist Sam Bridges is tasked with delivering supplies, it's hard to imagine the entire game being a simple search quest. However, she is not pure stealth and Hideo talked about it.


We will probably walk and explore the world for a very long time and on a large scale, but most likely, many elements will be added to it that will diversify the gameplay.


It is known that the world will be open, but the story will be quite linear. Kojima promises to create an illusion of choice for us, but in general we will not be able to influence the plot like, for example, in Daron Age or Mass Effect.

What are the benefits of multiplayer?

The multiplayer mode will be asynchronous and will allow players to support each other by exchanging materials and pointing out safe areas. What really intrigued us was the potential for how progress would work. Will sharing content benefit your campaign? Will “walking in the footsteps of fellow couriers” (according to the press release) change the course of history?


Here we have an answer, at the same Tribeca Film Festival Norman Reedus said that the choice of players will only matter to them, and will not affect the overall story of one player against another.

It's just that a game with goals like "Rebuild a destroyed civilization where people are isolated from each other" should have more than just gathering resources.

Will the game be released on next-gen consoles?

It's no secret that the Playstation 4's life cycle is drawing to a close. Oddly enough, such a major exclusive is coming to consoles of the outgoing generation. However, for Sony this is an old practice, for example, God of War 2 was released on PS2 almost before the release of PS3, and The Last of Us hit the shelves at the end of the life of the third curling iron. Sony is practicing backward compatibility, and in the next console, according to the information available, you can easily play one game on both PS4 and PS5.


So far, that's all we can say about Death Stranding. As a reminder, the game will be released on November 8 this year. And only then will we know what Hideo wants to tell.

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Author: Jake Pinkman