Goodbye PS Vita, DOOM sequel postponement and Fake Fortnite Festival - this week's game news from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Goodbye PS Vita, DOOM sequel postponement and Fake Fortnite Festival - this week's game news from Cadelta. Part one


Also read in our digest for news on Razer's play store closure, Apex Legends cheaters banned, and Darkest Dungeon 2 announcement.

PS Vita production has stopped permanently

At one time, Sony's portable console did not generate much interest, as it was, for example, with the Nintendo Switch. The console did not find popularity in the West, and soon interesting exclusives ceased to appear on it. However, in Japan, it was still in demand and pretty good. Interesting projects such as Catherine: Full body are still ported to it.

Recently, the official website of the company reported that the supply of the PS Vita console versions of the PCH-200 model in black and blue, which were released all this time in Japan, will soon be discontinued.


Some gaming media recall how Sony stopped production of Playstation 3 in a similar way. In 2017, on the Sony website, the third curling iron, as well as now at Vita, had a label “delivery will end soon”. The production was closed after two months. If Sony sticks to this policy, the PS Vita will no longer be rolled out in April / May.

Also, after February, Sony will no longer give away games to PS Vita and PS3 through PS Plus subscription. However, you can continue to use the digital store and download previously purchased games. And, of course, no one says that Vita copies from warehouses will not remain in retail chains.

Recall that PS Vita was released in Japan in 2011, and in 2012 in the US and Europe. A year later Sony stopped making its development a priority.

John Romero's original DOOM expansion has been delayed for several months

Last October, John Romero, one of the creators of the original Doom, announced the unofficial spiritual successor to the first game, the fourth episode of The Ultimate Doom - Sigil. Romero's plans for Sigil were due out this month, but he announced that there were some rough spots in the development process, which are postponing the release, as he wants to give fans the perfect gift.


The game / mod itself will really become a gift, because it will be distributed free of charge. Romero also invites die-hard fans to buy two types of Collector's Edition for $ 40 and $ 166. A gift is a gift, but you still need to earn money.

As it turned out, everything is in order with the mod itself, problems arose with physical media. According to the plans, the developer wants to release the mod for free access only after gamers who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition receive a physical copy.

In addition to 9 single levels and multiplayer. Sigil will be distributed in the form of WAD files, which require the official release of the 1993 game.

Razer Game Store Closes After 10 Months

Razer's digital distribution service, which supplies game keys for other stores, will be shutting down soon. The official website of the company says that the closure of the Razer Game Store is planned and will take place on February 28th. Anyone who made pre-orders through the service need not worry - the keys will arrive on time.

All games that were purchased through it will remain available. However, the company warns that it is necessary to activate the keys of purchased games before the store closes. Gift vouchers can be redeemed before expiration, and discount vouchers should be redeemed by the 28th.


The store's specialty was that Razer offered users to install a program that mines cryptocurrency in the background, for which users were offered various bonuses in the store. As you can see now, the idea has failed.

More than 16 thousand cheaters have been banned in Apex Legends and are also fighting bugs

Not surprisingly, with the millions of gamers who came to the game, many cheaters were thrown into it. Respawn Entertainment spoke about the banned scammers and the fight against them in a recent thread on Reddit.

Respawn says that if you encounter a cheater, you can record it on video and submit it along with the corresponding form to the Easy Anti Cheat website. If there is no evidence, the fraudster's nickname will do, so you can dig under it.

Also, the developer is actively fighting not only cheaters, but also bugs. The second patch for the game will be released next week. What exactly he will fix - the developer does not reveal.


Developers ask players who have something wrong with the game not to write comments from the category “Nothing works, well, fix it!”, but to write a full description of the problem, indicate your platform, when and how the problem appeared, and preferably attach screenshots or videos. PC players should also inform the version of their operating system, hardware characteristics, as well as the version of the video card drivers. You should do this on the official EA website.

The developer assures that all such statements are read, monitored, and then, help users fix bugs. The popularity of Apex Legends plays an important role in this, the developer says that he cannot afford to help gamers with such love and their game.

An unofficial Fortnite festival has taken place in Britain. Epic Games Sues Its Organizers

This week, the global press sarcastically discussed the Fortnite live festival in Norwich. The quality of the event was suspiciously low for such a large project, and as it turned out, the organizer of Exciting Events did not approve it with Epic Games. The company has already filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the Norwich event with the High Court of London.

Epics told the gaming publication Eurogamer that it is very important for them to maintain the high quality of any events, both in the game and at official events. And you can understand them, because the sight on Fortnite Live looked as ridiculous as possible.


Among the attractions was a climbing wall, shooting range and go-karting. Special attention of the media covering the event was awarded to the "Cave of Adventures", which was a container wrapped in tarpaulin. Only the name of the event reminded about the game itself, as well as the zone where you could play the royal battle, having previously paid for it. You understand, right? Pay to play Fortnite on a free trial basis.

Admission to this event was ? 12 and admission to the rides was ? 20 (approximately $ 15 and $ 26).

Darkest Dungeon 2 Announcement

The first part of the "roguelike" was released back in 2016 and we remember the oppressive atmosphere and cool gameplay. And now the developers have announced the second part of the "Dark Dungeon". It will keep all the best from the original game. For example, the combat system will remain the same, but the developers will change some mechanics and visuals.

Darkest Dungeon II will tell about a supernatural apocalypse that distorts the world outside the estate, which was one of the key locations of the original. Like the first part, the game will appear in Early Access.

Last time the team consisted of only 5 people. Now, in order to reduce tension, its number has increased to 14, and in the next six months an even greater expansion of the team is planned. However, creativity will still be the team's top priority.

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