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30 best films about submarines and submariners. Part 1


It so happens that films about submarines are in great demand among moviegoers. That is why we decided to devote the next two materials entirely to this topic. We divided the massive top 30 best films of this subject into two parts, and in this article we will acquaint our readers with the first 15 films that occupy the highest positions in this category in the KinoPoisk rating.

But first, a short introduction with some explanations.

Why are films about submariners so popular?

A movie lover who enjoys intense psychological thrillers will never pass by indifferently any film about divers. Why? Because the confrontation between submarines and their surface (often) destroyers is so psychologically tense that at the time of the nerves to eat popcorn in buckets.

Recognition of noise by acoustics using sonars, echo sounders, etc., the physical impossibility of visually monitoring what is happening overboard and the every second possibility of flooding during combat collisions, all this keeps the viewer in great tension and makes the viewer, literally, gnash his teeth. So, who cares about tooth enamel, it is best to insert a mouthguard between the jaws before watching such films.

By the way, there are no submarine documentaries on our list. We, of course, understand that tapes like "Kursk: A Submarine in Troubled Water" (2004) and others are very interesting and informative, but somehow we will devote our top to documentaries. Movies of other genres will be covered here to the extent that their rating will allow them to enter the top 30.

So, let's go, and let's start with the most frequently watched film with a very informative and unambiguous title ...

1. Submarine (1981) 8.05

It is predictable that the film about the submarine with the highest rating belongs to the Great Patriotic War. But it is very strange that in this film we will have to sympathize not with the Soviet submariners, and not with the submariners of the allied troops, but, indeed, with the Nazis.

Yes, indeed, the film was made by the Germans about the German submariners of the Second World War. And he is known not only for the excellent work of Wolfgang Petersen, but also for the excellent soundtrack, the main theme of which is the composition of Klaus Doldinger "Auslaufen". Let's listen, and at the same time take a look at a kind of trailer.

And now let's see the video "Das Boot", filmed for the famous version, remade by the German group "U-96" for techno in 2000. This version has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Now that we've heard enough music and seen enough trailers, let's talk about the film itself.

It is noteworthy that in the original version, in 1981, the film was released on screens with a timing of 2 hours 30 minutes. Later, a version was released with a length of 3 hours and 30 minutes. The final "full" version became the final of the revisions, which turned out to be a mini-series, divided into 3 parts, with a total duration of almost 5 hours (293 minutes).

The film tells about the difficult fate of the crew of the submarine "U-96", which had the difficult task of sinking British ships in the stormy waters of the Atlantic. The crew fought heroically, their submarine managed to lay at the bottom, but, nevertheless, after heavy repairs, surfaced so that, having arrived at the point of its registration, in the port of La Rochelle occupied by German troops ...

In general, what to say. See for yourself. The movie is 100% worth watching.

2. Abyss (1989) 7.86

We thought for a long time whether to include this masterpiece by James Cameron in our top of the best films about submariners, and finally decided that the film still fits our theme.

Although there are no submarines as such, except for the one that sank at the very beginning, and because of which all the fuss came out in the future, almost the entire film was shot under water, and hard workers, researchers, workers on the deep-sea platform, in fact, there are divers. They work here under great pressure, in special suits, using special bathyscaphes, so who are they, if not the most, that neither is, “submariners”?

In general, there is something hidden in the sunken submarine that the warriors need to destroy at all costs, so that this something does not fall into the clutches of potential enemies, for example, the USAs.

A detachment of navy seals descends to the deep-sea station under the leadership of Lieutenant Coffey, who was superbly played by Michael Bean. The military's task is to blow up the boat with a nuclear warhead. But the research group clearly disagrees with this twist.

There are a lot of wonderful actors in the film, who all, as one, played just fine. Those who have not yet watched this masterpiece have certainly lost a lot.

3. Secret Fairway (1986) 7.84

The only film in which the main action takes place over water, and the submarine is only partially featured here. It is accidentally shot down during aerial photography, and the main character is the commander of the torpedo boat, Lieutenant Boris Shubin.


Honestly, this is a mini-series divided into 4 episodes, each just over an hour long. But it is quite possible to watch it in one sitting. And he tells not so much about some secret fairway, but about the U-127 "Flying Dutchman" submarine and its crew.

The boat is listed as sunk back in 1941, as well as its glorious captain - Gerhard von Zwizhen and her glorious crew are considered missing or dead. Now this classified ship is engaged in dark business and carries "interesting cargo." And at the end of the war, it was this submarine that was supposed to evacuate the Fuhrer himself from the shores of Germany.

But Shubin, who managed to be on board, saw through these Fritzes. Only nobody believes him. But in vain ...

4. Commander of the happy "Pike" (1972) 7.61

The action takes place in the water area near Murmansk, which is preparing to capture Nazi troops. In view of this, the leadership of the Northern Fleet launched an active activity to destroy units of the enemy fleet.


And the most successful in this was the crew of the U-721 submarine, nicknamed the "Happy Pike" for the fact that the captain manages to pull her out of the most unthinkable traps, invariably, while fulfilling and overfulfilling the combat mission and sinking enemy ships to the right and left.

He was the only one who first mastered the tactics of warfare using the periscope-free method, aiming torpedoes using the ship's acoustic systems. And while everyone considers his tactics idiotic, he invariably sends convoys of Germans to feed the fish with its help.

But how long will such luck last?

5. Call of the Wolf (2019) IMDb 7.60

This is the most recent movie on our list of submarine and submarine movies. Its premiere in USA is scheduled for June 20, 2019, and the action will unfold in our days.

The plot of the picture will revolve around a young acoustist, with the help of a sonar, capable of distinguishing any of the most dim sounds. Almost like the famous acoustician from the comedy "Remove Periscope!"

It is he who, sometimes - hiding what he hears, sometimes - passing what he hears as something else, prevents the Third World War that threatens to unfold.

6. On the last shore (2000) 7.58

The film is a later interpretation of the 1959 film On the Shore, based on the novel of the same name by Neville Shute.


It turns out, according to the authors of the script, the Third World War will happen not because of America's differences with USA, but because of its differences with China. Well, we are pleased, to some extent, to hear this, but the End of the World, which followed the exchange of nuclear strikes, still no one will survive.

Stop though! Life still glimmers under the water. The crew of at least one nuclear submarine remains alive, led by the hero of Armand Assante - Captain Dwight Towers. She and her crew will be discussed in this film.

The ship reaches the shores of Australia, where the atomic smog has not yet reached, but it is about to come. What to do in the last remaining hours? As it turned out, not everyone fell into a panic and, having pulled their panties over their heads, began to run and tumble through the streets. Some even decided to return home to the USA. But what awaits them there, that is the question?

7. К-19 (2002) 7.54

The film was filmed based on real events. It is dedicated to the crew of the nuclear submarine K-19, which was called "Hiroshima" for the constant breakdowns, accidents and emergency situations on board.

The culmination of her bad luck was the accident of a nuclear power plant. After successfully conducted exercises, the boat arrived at the place of permanent deployment, where the next, now the most serious grief in its existence, happened to it.

Events developed in the following timing:

  • 15 - a drop in pressure and coolant level was observed in 1 cooling circuit of the feed reactor.
  • 22 - Significant increase in gamma activity was detected after surfacing.
  • 00 - the pump fails, with the help of which an attempt was made to make forced blowdown along 1 cooling circuit.
  • 45 - a non-standard system has been mounted, with the help of which the crew was going to perform cooling along one circuit. The result of such a blowdown was the destruction of the reactor.

Who cares about what happened after - watch the movie. Harrison Ford played Captain Vostrikov well, and the events during the accident in the final version coincide with those that actually took place by 90%.

But if it weren't for the class action lawsuit that the real members of the Hiroshima crew wanted to file against the filmmakers, such a compote would have been filmed in Hollywood that Mama Don't Cry!

8. Play in the compartments (1985) 7.49

In Soviet times, our filmmakers were very fond of making films about military exercises. This is just one of those films.


But despite the fact that the action unfolds between the alleged opponents, that is, simply "ours" and "yours", and, for example, Soviet and American courts, the film is still catchy.

It resembles a chess game with live pieces, the actions of which are very interesting to watch. True, the actor Igor Starygin in the role of the commander of an anti-submarine ship looks like ...

As the commander of the anti-submarine ship Aramis.

9. Remove Periscope (1996) 7.47

How surprised and annoyed Captain Tom Dodge was when, instead of a nuclear submarine, he was handed over to command a rusty diesel wreck with a team of the most idiots.


But, upon closer examination, it turned out that everything is decided not by the quality and advancement of the vessel on which you serve and perform combat missions, but by the captain's skill and ingenuity, and the readiness of the crew to follow him through fire, water and copper pipes. By the way, in fact, the crew was not so bad.

I was especially surprised by the acoustician, who was able to whistle like blue whales and calculate how many coins and what denomination a sailor dropped on a nearby ship.

10. U-571 (2000) 7.45

Here all the fuss and running around is due to the Enigma encryption machine, with the help of which the Germans managed to successfully communicate with each other during the war, thereby leaving the data that was transmitted through such machines not disclosed.

The crew of the American submarine S-33 is instructed to capture this wonderful device. They, posing as a German submarine, are sent to rescue the fascist submarine U-571 in distress, which, in fact, has such a cipher machine.

And all would be fine, but only another Hitlerite submarine, which successfully sends the American one to the bottom, rides to the place of assistance. By a happy coincidence, at this time 9 American submariners were on board a German submarine in distress, from which the crew was evacuated and hauled trophies.

Will the American specialists be able to quickly figure out how to manage the enemy's damaged boat and give battle to the fresh forces of the Germans?

11. Operation "Petticoat" (1959) 7.37

It is not for nothing that they say that a woman on a ship is in trouble. Well, if there are as many as five women on a ship, and even more so - on a submarine, then surely there will be trouble.


And she didn't have to wait long. The boat was already shaking from all sorts of accidental collisions, and then young nurses appeared on it, from which the surrounding submariners, for some reason, began to become terribly dull.

And, as it turned out, not only ordinary sailors started getting stupid next to the girls.

12. 72 meters (2004) 7.36

The only more or less recent film about USA submariners. And the speech in it, oddly enough, is not about the Second World War, but about the events of not so long ago that happened during the exercises.


The submarine, performing combat missions in the exercises and blowing up the lead ship of the imaginary enemy with torpedoes, is trying to hide in secluded places, where, as it turned out, there was also a water mine from the Second World War, which burst along the left side of the boat.

Part of the crew died in the explosion, part in the flooding, but there were enough survivors. And now they are forced to squeeze into the remaining flooded compartments in the hope that someone will find them.

But they hid well after performing live firing, so this rescue option is hardly suitable ...

13. Go quiet, go deep (1958) 7.30

Not so long ago, the Japanese safely sunk Captain Richardson's boat and now he is eager to take revenge. And the case is given to him. The ship requires a captain who has excellent knowledge of the local seabed (the action takes place in the Hawaiian Islands).


He was put in charge of the skipper-captain of the submarine "Nerka", the control of which was to be given to another captain, whose appointment, by the way, was also wanted by the crew. A confrontation flares up between the new captain and the crew, which, against the background of seemingly inadequate actions of the new commander, is only warming up.

Will they finally find a common language? After all, the Japs can only benefit from a riot on board the enemy!

14. On the Shore (1959) 7.15

An earlier version of the motion picture, which ranks 6th on our list of submarine films.


Events are not very different from the previous version. The difference is mainly only in the special effects, weapons and in the more advanced acting. It looks not so overplayed and naive anymore.

We recommend the more recent version for viewing. Although, lovers of post-apocalypticism can contemplate both for comparison.

15. USAs are coming! USAs are coming! (1966) 7.15

USAs are famous for their resourcefulness. And the divers, as it turned out, are even cooler!


In this comedy, being on a combat patrol, for some reason, off the coast of Massachusetts, a USA submarine unexpectedly runs aground. What to do in such a situation? Wait for the tug? But while he swims, we have been burned for a long time. And it's not good for the USAs to stick around in a joke under the nose of the enemy.

And the resourceful submariners decide the following. Secretly, they disembark in order to get (or, more precisely, to steal for a while) some boat, which in tow will be able to pull the boat from the shallows. And beyond us, they say, and the trace is gone.

But they act so unprofessionally (roughly speaking) that rumors of a USA military invasion are spreading very quickly throughout the district.


This concludes for today. Stay tuned for the second part in a week, as we plan to release the second part ofBest SeriesHBOnext week. In the meantime, we sincerely wish everyone a great mood and, as usual, even more cool films, video games, anime and cartoons!

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