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Innocent - one of the best science fiction series of 2018


Over the past five years, Netflix has established itself as a forge of series that can use familiar plot components to create original creations in cinematography. Another example of this rule was the series "Innocents", which started on August 24, 2018. In this post, we'll briefly explain why even seasoned moviegoers might want to check out the new Netflix series.

First, let's talk about the plot, which begins as a familiar superhero story, with each new episode trying to surprise the viewer more and more. The central characters of the series are two teenagers in love: June and her boyfriend Harry. First love for the main characters turns into a sudden growing up and a forced journey as far as possible from the people who are pursuing them. As in the tale of Kolobok: first they left their father, who terrorized the girl, and then try to escape from the pursuit of the mysterious bearded man played by Guy Pearce.

The bearded man decided to pursue the couple for only one reason - June has an innate superpower: she can change her own appearance by touching other people. But June has not yet learned how to control the ability of the "chameleon", so the hero of Guy Pearce is trying to save the girl and teach her to control her paranormal gift.

Watch the Innocent Series

A rather trivial plot, and a story about teenagers in love, once again finding themselves face to face in front of a cruel adult world is a hackneyed cliche in the film industry. Nevertheless, if the viewer endures the first few banal episodes, a surprisingly logical and moderately original plot will open before him, where the emphasis from the hapless teenagers will be transferred to the character of Guy Pearce. Plus, The Innocents is a complete creation.

In the finale, all the plot forks will be explained and an obvious point will be put in the script, so there is no need to wait a year or even more (nod to Game of Thrones) to find out the denouement of the series. Additional reasons to watch the TV series "Innocents" will be the wonderful direction from the director of the highly regarded action movie "Daredevil" and the excellent acting performance by Guy Pearce.

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