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Top 60 Best New Year Movies: Part 1


On the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays in USA, as elsewhere in the world, people are not averse to cheering up by watching New Year's films. New Year's Eve music, songs, decorated streets and shops where pre-Christmas discounts are announced for everything, of course, also warm up the surrounding atmosphere quite well. But it is the New Year and Christmas films that are intended to consolidate and consolidate the so-called "Spirit of Christmas".

List of traditional New Year movies

And, like in any other country, we have our own well-established traditional list of New Year's films, which will definitely show us before the New Year on the main television channels. The main films on this list, without any doubt, will be the following films:

  • Sorcerers (1982);
  • Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath! (1975);
  • Christmas trees (2010-2017);
  • Evenings on a farm near Dikanka (1961);
  • Carnival Night (1956);
  • Home Alone 1, 2 (1990, 1992);
  • Morozko (1964);
  • Come and see me (2000);
  • Old New Year (1980);
  • New Year's Adventures of Masha and Viti (1975).

This is exactly what the list of New Year's films looks like, which the state, together with TV people, will feed us on almost every channel. But for those who have "Home Alone" with "Irony of Fate" already in their livers, we can offer a list of less traditional, but no less interesting films. Some of them, most likely, will also be shown in our country on TV on various channels. But only we have gathered under one heading all the best feeds, the rating of which never fell below 6 out of 10.

We decided to make it easier for you to find the best of the best Christmas films by distributing them according to the KinoPoisk rating, which will be indicated in the title of each tape immediately after the release year. Also, we have excluded from the list animated films about the New Year, for which their top will be made a little later. So what is this list?

1. Die Hard 1, 2 (1988, 1990) 8.0, 7.8

It was from this film that the films in the style of "one in the field - a warrior" went. But Die Hard is not just a super action movie. It's also a great pre-Christmas movie. Moreover, both the first part and the second.

In both parts, the main character, John McClane, played brilliantly by Bruce Willis, was very unlucky with Christmas. In the first part, he, being a police officer from New York, flies to a holiday to his wife and children in Los Angeles. My wife is at a Christmas corporate party in the huge Nakatomi skyscraper, where John drove up in his branded limousine.

And then he was dragged into the storm with the robbery of the century. In a huge building, dozens of people were taken hostage, many bandits and only one policeman who is forced to confront them.

In the second part, the situation is similar, only the whole airport, full of people, and the passengers of the liner, including his wife, are already being held hostage. Alone again, Christmas again, and great police work again.

A worthy movie. Not only exciting, but also perfectly uplifting. And the pre-Christmas atmosphere prevailing in films, music, entourage and all that, like nothing, kindles the spirit of Christmas in you. As well as happy endings. Like gifts for Christmas!

Trailer for the first movie.

Trailer for the second part.

2. Merry Christmas Drake & Josh (2008) 7.9

The adventures of Drake and Josh, the heroes of the sitcom that once played on Nickelodeon, will appeal to everyone who loves funny, but slightly naive, comedies. By the way, "Home Alone" is also a naive film. But this did not stop him from becoming a New Year's blockbuster of all times and peoples. That is why this picture will be swallowed on New Year's Eve with the greatest appetite.

And the tale in it will go about two stepbrothers, whom their parents recklessly left in the care of their older sister Megan, who has plenty of her own New Year's affairs. And so, while Rodoks hang out on vacation in hot countries, young tomboys get a job in an office that provides services ... Santa Claus!

About how Drake tried to get used to the role of Santa and what came of it, we learn from watching the picture itself. But we promise, there will be a lot of funny incidents!

3. Love Actually (2003) 7.9

Such a variety of famous actors, starting with Liam Neeson ("Hostage") and Keira Knightley ("Pirates of the Caribbean") and ending with Martin Freeman ("Sherlock") and Andrew Lincoln ("The Walking Dead") just couldn't help but give go to the picture. And her move turned out to be such that with a budget of 40 million dollars she was able to collect 6 times more around the world.

The film, as it were, consists of many parallel stories, which ultimately converge at one point and at the same time at London Heathrow Airport. And every story is worth being told and heard. Any of them will touch you alive.

Without looking at this masterpiece, you will never know where our domestic filmmakers get their ideas for films like "Yolki" ...

4. Merry Christmas (2005) 7.8

A film about the magic of Christmas in action. During World War I, on Christmas Eve 1914, the unthinkable happens on one of the sectors of the Western Front. People facing each other on different front lines, irreconcilable enemies - the French and the Germans, suddenly forget about enmity in order to happily celebrate the bright holiday together.

And even though the war, as such, did not end there, the story is certainly worthwhile and will undoubtedly cheer up anyone who wants to watch it.

5. Family Man (2000) 7.7

To be a lonely, but successful businessman, whose hens do not peck money, has a Ferrari seat under his ass, and life passes in the style of "Do not deny yourself anything," is not always better than the life of a simple family man who has a lot of problems but there is a loving wife and kids who fill his soul with happiness.

The hero of Nicolas Cage did not even suspect about this until, one fine Christmas evening, he suddenly found himself in a parallel world, where he turned from a successful businessman into just such a simple head of the family.

How long and hard it dawned on him what real happiness is, and will be discussed in this film. The picture is very strong and without any will saturate you with such a pre-Christmas spiritual concentrate that it will not knock you off your feet!

6. Intuition (2001) 7.7

Sometimes, you learn something in life, and then you wonder - well, how did you think of this? This is exactly what Jonathan Traiger and Sarah Thomas did to their fate. Once they met by chance in one of the New York supermarkets, they spent an unforgettable evening together. But the devil pulled out to take and part. And so idiotic.

They wrote their phone numbers - she is on the cover of a random book in the supermarket, he is on a five dollar bill. She put the book down on the shelf. The bill went to the cashier of the store. And the meaning was that if fate was favorable to their acquaintance, then the book or bill would definitely fall into their hands. But only the next day they realize how foolishly naive their way of exchanging phones turned out to be.

Years pass. She has a boyfriend, he has his own girlfriend. But no one forgets about that meeting in the supermarket, which promised to be fateful. He, as if possessed, throws himself at all similar books, she carefully examines all five-dollar bills. But luck will come to them completely from the wrong side from which they expect it ...

7. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) 7.6

While some kids ask Santa to give them sweets, bicycles, toys and other useful things for Christmas, a boy named John asks Santa Claus to give his father a new wife. And this happens live on a famous radio station.

Interestingly, from all over the country, a wave of acquaintance offers begins to arrive. But is it possible to choose from a huge number of "applicants" the one that will be truly sincere?

As it turned out, everything is possible on Christmas Eve!

8. By plane, train, car (1987) 7.6

Few people understand that Steve Martin's hero is in a hurry home across the country not for Christmas, but for Thanksgiving dinner. There are even fewer people who understand the difference between the two holidays. That is why everyone associates this film only with Christmas and is very worried about Neil Page, on whom, on his way home, 33 misfortunes fall.

And his main misfortune turns out to be an awkward traveling companion, with whom an insidious fortune confronts him again and again. In places, this obnoxious type brings Neal to nervous seizures.

But when the moment of separation comes, can the good heart of Steve Martin's hero turn away from this silly, naive and completely lonely person? You will need to look. There will be something to laugh at - definitely!

9. Exchange Vacation (2006) 7.6

How to get a woman out of an emotional and psychological crisis after she finds out the truth about her boyfriend, namely, that he is cheating on her? Right! Go to rest!

This is the conclusion that the two main characters of the film come to, living on different ends of the vast United States. Having met on a site specializing in the exchange of housing for the duration of their holidays, they change houses and fly to meet rest and nervous relief.

But here they find not only a change of scenery and a place for moral relief and peace of mind. New boyfriends are waiting for them here, with whom, as it turned out, it would be nice to stay for Christmas too ...

10. While you were sleeping (1995) 7.5

If you are about to fall into a coma - be careful! And then as you wake up, and you are already married! This is exactly what happened to Peter, who was attacked by bandits on Christmas Eve, throwing him under the wheels of a train.

The ticket lady, who was constantly staring at him before, by a happy coincidence, was there and pulled the guy out from under the wheels of the oncoming train. Arriving at the hospital as an escort, she was mistaken by Peter's relatives for his fiancee. Lucy, that was the name of our heroine, did not begin to dissuade them in this, but, on the contrary, got to know everyone and got used, so to speak, into the image.

But Peter wakes up and remembers nothing of any bride named Lucy. Moreover, Lucy realizes that it turns out that she loves not Peter, but his brother ... Such is the misfortune. How will everyone deal with everything? Watching a movie!

11. Miracle on 34th Street (1994) 7.5

Not all young children believe in Santa Claus. And how to believe in them if your own mother confessed to you that there are no real Santa Clauses in life. So the six-year-old girl, the heroine of the film, knows all about where the gifts under the Christmas tree come from.

But despite this, she does not stop making her wishlists. Only her desires are too unfulfillable. She wants her and her mom to have a new home. She wants her to have a dad like other kids. She also wants a little brother.

And don't make little Susan believe that Santa exists! No, she is certainly ready to believe in him. But only when he fulfills all her laborious and seemingly impossible desires.

Santa's got to work hard ...

12. Bad Santa (2003) 7.4

Willie and his dwarf friend make a living by robbing another supermarket every Christmas, disguised as Santa and an elf. They take out all the pre-Christmas proceeds from it, which ensures them a comfortable existence for the whole next year. At least this is enough for the elf.

Unrelenting drunkard Willie is approaching the next New Year penniless. But sitting on Santa's throne for several days before Christmas in a huge supermarket, and then - a daring robbery of this supermarket, will undoubtedly improve his affairs.

But why? Why continue such a worthless existence? And this thought is increasingly surfacing in his drunken mind.

Until, one fine moment, a kid turns up who really believes that Willie is the most real Santa Claus!

13. A Christmas Carol (2007) 7.4

"So this is where Santa Claus came from!" - everyone will exclaim, looking at this kind Christmas picture. And despite the fact that not everything is so smooth in the formation of the myth about Santa Claus, the story, on the whole, looks like it is quite believable.

Once upon a time, in a distant, distant (no, not a galaxy) Lapland, there lived and there was an orphan boy named Nicholas. Even as a child, he was already very fond of local kids and, in particular, adored giving them gifts, although he himself was brought up, one might say, by hand. Some will live for a year, others for a year.

But after a difficult and lean year in the village, the inhabitants could no longer feed the boy, and gave him an apprentice to a local blacksmith. He raised him to be an excellent master of his craft, who, earning money, again, made gifts and delivered them to local children. Etc. Bye ...

Find out the ending by watching the film of Finnish filmmakers.

14. Lost Christmas (2011) 7.3

Before Christmas, a strange guy appears on the streets of Manchester who absolutely does not remember who he is, nor where he is from, nor what he is doing here. His name seems to be Anthony. At least that's the name embroidered on his jacket. But that's not all.

It turns out that this guy, like a real Johnny Smith from the "Dead Zone", can, simply touching people, help them with the search for their lost things. Interestingly, and by chance, does he not know how to resurrect the dead who died in a car catastrophe?

15. Dumb and Dumber (1994) 7.3

It is completely incomprehensible in what way the people recorded this film as their favorite Christmas films. But as a result of polls, ordinary people repeatedly choose it. Maybe this is because the lion's share of the film takes place in the snow-covered resort town of Aspen, which is located in the southern region of the Rocky Mountains? Or maybe this is because of the excellent mood that this "masterpiece of cinema" evokes while watching? Or maybe because Lloyd's surname translates into USA as "Christmas"?

Most likely due to all of the above reasons at once. A good mood, coupled with fun, always reminds of the New Year or Christmas. So watching this amazing comedy about two idiots with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will be even more appropriate during the New Year holidays!

16. Christmas Holidays (1989) 7.2

The Griswolds are still that little family, Well, they are in no way inferior to the two idiots from "Dumb and Dumber". Even the rating is one to one with them. And the most important frostbitten member of the family is rightfully Clark performed by Chevy Chase. Such a huge variety of funny incidents can only happen with this guy.

Christmas trees flashing with genuine flames, exploding light bulbs, exploding Christmas turkeys, live squirrels among New Year's decorations and a bunch of other misunderstandings ... This can rightfully happen only at Christmas in the Griswolds house.

And we dare to notice that the postal members of the family are not far from the main "plot" of Clark. Do not doubt. Rzhachno will be like that. Even from just one trailer.

17. Christmas in a snowy hotel (2017) 7.2

After the New Year, terrible cuts promise to sweep the state of the local rag. And only a select few will remain in the editorial office. How to become the chosen one? It's very simple. You need to write the best material about celebrating Christmas. And the eternal rivals Kevin and Jenna hit the road in order to write wonderful articles on how they celebrate Christmas in ...

In short, it doesn't matter anymore. The rivals did not get far, stuck in a roadside hotel run by a cute elderly couple. And it's so nice and cozy here that the hearts of journalists are beginning to melt. But the melting continues only until they find out that this lovely place will soon be demolished.

Now our journalists have a different problem, not how to stay at work with the best article, but how to save the hotel from destruction with the help of an article ...

18. Santa Hryakus: A Scary Tale (2006) 7.1

The action takes place in a flat world, where everything is messed up. The children here are so overexcited in anticipation of the Guardian that they suffer from insomnia. But what to do when the longed-for and adored by everyone, the delivery of gifts Santa Hryakus suddenly disappears?

It was then that everyone grabbed their heads! After all, if Santa Hryakus once again does not deliver gifts to the children, faith in him will be undermined. And this threatens with complications from which the flat world may not recover. Children will stop believing in miracles and the sun will never rise over the horizon.

Can a motley team of local professional wizards, who are dumb, can bring the flat world back to their Santa?

The synopsis sounds like complete nonsense. You need to look at what the seven rating was assigned there. In the meantime, watch the intro and feel moved ...

19. Best Christmas! (2009) 7.1

Schoolteacher Paul Madens, played by the greatest Dr. Watson of all time, Martin Freeman, is forced to stage a school Christmas play. But it takes inspiration. And where would he get from a person from whom his beloved has just left.

Here, like in "12 chairs": The beloved will return - there will be a performance. The beloved will not return - there will be no performance. Can you play without your beloved? Can. Only beloved - go ahead!

20. Best time of year (2008) 7.1

Her uncle came to visit my niece for Christmas. And he made her take with her from the airport to spend the night a stranger, whose flight was temporarily postponed. And despite the fact that the niece is distinguished by a particularly harmful character and persistent intolerance to men (she is, by the way, a single mother), the stranger was able to melt the ice in her soul.

And Christmas, from now on, again does not seem to her such a boring and useless holiday. As, in principle, and all life in general!


At this, perhaps, for now we will stop to continue again tomorrow. And in the second part of our top 60, there will be no less worthwhile Christmas films. Maybe not so famous, but certainly no less interesting. In the meantime, all the best and pleasant New Year mood!

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Author: Jake Pinkman