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Schedule of premieres of films and TV series for the first decade of October with a brief overview


Since our Ministry of Culture has decided to “strictly regulate” and “streamline” the schedule for the release of foreign films on cinemas screens, now full-length films in our country “enter” in batches on the same day.

In our review, we will consider the most worthwhile films that the Western film industry offers to our attention and separately announce the list of our, domestic, film premieres, which will be released on October 4. So let's go.

October 4th Movie Premieres: Full List

On October 3, our cinemas will say goodbye to the "lame" "Professional" with Keanu Reeves in the title role, as well as to the rest of the unintelligible films such as "Toys for Adults", "Predator" and intelligible ones, such as "Search" and "Simple Request" ... An updated poster will be presented to our attention from the 4th. And this is what our foreign and domestic film distributors offer us to choose for viewing:

  • Venom - science fiction, action, horror, in ch. starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams (USA), can be viewed in 3D, IMAX.
  • School - horror, thriller, chap. Starring Millie Alcock, Nicholas Hope (Australia).
  • Black Klansman - crime comedy, chap. Starring Alec Baldwin, D. D. Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier (USA).
  • My wife's lover - comedy, melodrama, chap. starring Adriana Ugarte, Sandrine Cyberlain, Gerard Depardieu (France).
  • Aliens in the house - cartoon, comedy, fantasy (Germany).
  • A star is born - musical, melodrama, chap. Starring Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper (USA).
  • On the district - drama in chap. starring Danila Kozlovsky, Ilya Malanin (USA).
  • Acid - drama, chap. Cast Alexander Kuznetsov, Philip Avdeev (USA).

And now let's figure out which of the full meters are worthy of our attention, and which you can skip past.

More about foreign announcements of the first week of October

Surely you were struck by the absence of good old militants in the list. Yes, there is "Venom" here, that is - a fantastic action movie, but showdowns in the style of "One against all" or war films are not presented at all. The schedule of film premieres for the first half of October is rather boring. But here, too, there are tapes that you can watch. First of all, this refers to the brainchild of Ruben Fleischer, who once created such a blockbuster as "Welcome to Zombieland".

Venom. Director Ruben Fleischer

Venom is a kind of alien essence of a negative plan. It is still not clear whether this is a collective mind created from a conglomerate of bacteria or viruses, or whether it is just some kind of strange dark intelligent protoplasm. Either it was created artificially, or it is an object of evolution. But be that as it may, after Spider-Man, this alien living "suit" decided to move to the body of the main character of Tom Hardy - Eddie Brock.

For his consent to flaunt in the guise of Venom, Tom shook 7 million dollars from the creators of the film, despite the fact that the budget of the whole picture barely kept within 100 million. So it would be a crime not to watch this movie.

The trailer has probably already been watched by everyone, but we will review it once again with a fresh interpretation.

School. Director Storm Ashwood

Australian film director Storm Ashwood has not distinguished himself by anything other than a couple of short films. Despite this, he was entrusted with a very high-budget (by Australian standards) project. Judging by the trailer, the film came out quite solid. But everyone knows that special effects are not the main thing these days. The main thing is to keep the plot interesting.

So far, we have not seen anything new in the next idea of the scriptwriters. The main character's child nearly drowned. Although "slightly" is a strong word. The child is in a coma and is not going to come back from it. Everyone, as usual, advises to disconnect his body from the apparatus. And, again, as usual, only mom knows that his consciousness is still "out there". And, in some incomprehensible way, it "somewhere there" and penetrates, also having previously plunged not weakly. And having got "there", she simply has to find her son and get out of this terrible otherworldly world.

Does Astral remind anyone?

Black clanman. Directed by Spike Lee

Spike Lee is known to the general public for good movies about basketball players. He also noted the documentary about Michael Jackson "Bad 25". His best masterpiece can be considered "Oldboy" (2013). And now this specialist in thrillers, serious films and documentaries has decided to tackle comedy.

Judging by the trailer, the humor here is slipping into us purely American, that is, it's impossible to be naive. Perhaps among the American public, he will skip, but for the USA audience, humor is needed more complicated. Although, there are no comrades for taste and color.

The action in the film takes place in the days when mobiles were science fiction, Afro hairstyles were in vogue, and American society was just learning to take blacks for people. And so in one of the Colorado Springs police stations they decided to conduct an experiment and hire a black policeman. And from now on, all his adventures will be somehow connected with the theme of "intolerance". Who is interested in such humor - welcome to view.

By the way, there you can also see Adam Driver, the performer of the role of the indistinct dark "underdog" Kylo Ren from "Star Wars".

My wife's lover. Directed by Daniel Otoy

Daniel Otoy did not shoot blockbusters (except perhaps, except for "Queen Margot" of 1994), and therefore he is almost unknown to the general USA public. But the comedy, judging by the trailer, promises to be funny, especially since it stars the French “old men” who have especially inherited the comedy genre.

And the point here is that one of the “old men” (Gerard Depardieu) falls in love with a charming young woman (Adrian Ugarte), whom his married friend immediately falls for (and part-time director of the film - Daniel Otoy). On this, all further jokes are jokes and are involved.

How can two elderly ladies' men manage to share this young lady? Women will definitely be interested to know.

Aliens in the house. Filmmakers Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein, Sean McCormack

As many as three adult uncles were needed in order to shoot a story about a little boy named Louis, who, for an hour and a half of screen time, was trying to hide funny and naive aliens from the wider evil public.

Of course, if the aliens were not such fools, they themselves would understand what they are threatened with falling into the clutches of the special services. But they have one great quality: they are able to transform into any animal with which they come into contact. And with such abilities, as you can see, common sense and serious thinking is not needed. The poor guy will have to tinker with them.

All aliens, by the way, were dubbed by the only and inimitable Maxim Galkin. He did it well. If only there were more jokes than in the trailer. And the special achievement of the cartoon was that people, finally, explained the nature of the appearance of mysterious giant rings in fields and lands ...

A star is born. Director Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper can be considered a master of the comedy genre (not counting the "Areas of Darkness" and some other things). Comedies like "Always Say Yes" and "The Hangover in Vegas" speak volumes about his penchant for good humor. And the tank shooting during the fall from the plane ("Team" A ") is completely something with something.

Here and then Brad set the heat, charging the audience with positive. No, this is not a comedy, but a romantic story, thoroughly imbued with positive emotions. The film was also expected because it was in it that no one other than Lady Gaga herself is going to shine in the first roles! The first trailer for the film has already amassed 10 million views on YouTube. It can be seen that the people were waiting. Well, nothing, not long to wait. Gaga will light up another week!

In some ways, the situation in the musical is akin to that in the movie Coyote Ugly Bar. There, the main character was also afraid to open her mouth in front of the public. And when she opened it ... So everyone gasped! Moreover, having shed a tear at the same time from emotion ... Something suggests that here the same thing awaits us, only in a slightly different interpretation.

Well, Gaga's words that everyone likes how she sings, but not everyone likes her face ... Well, this is really about her.

A few words about the announcements of our filmmakers

Dramas are the cheapest to shoot. You don’t need any decorations, and you don’t bother with costumes and makeup. This is not a fantasy with alien mugs and not an action movie with accidents and explosions. People walk around. Suffer. They are thinking. Fall in love, quarrel, reconcile, etc. The most budgetary movie. Therefore, it is not surprising that the lion's share of all our films are precisely dramas and melodramas. And the announcements of the coming week are no exception in this regard.

In the area. Director Olga Zueva

As the description of the film, posted on the KinoPoisk page, says "Vova and his best friend Kisa earn money by engaging in illegal activities." You can understand what kind of "illegal" activities they are doing from the hints in the trailer. And when one of the orders for another "illegal activity" goes against their unspoken code, everything starts.

Can their friendship pass this extreme test? For some reason, it seems that one of them will definitely engage in this unwanted "illegal activity", which came into conflict with their interests and life principles.

I wonder only which of the two is the "traitor", Malanin or Kozlovsky? ..

Acid. Director Alexander Gorchilin

We'll probably decide to show the trailer for this masterpiece at the very beginning.

Well? Do you understand anything? So we didn't understand anything. And since we didn't understand anything, then we won't go to the cinema either. But this pattern, apparently, is not known to the director of the picture. Or maybe the plot in the film is such that it can be revealed in just 2 minutes, but in the film it was stretched for an entire hour and a half.

According to the annotation given by the creators, the tale is about two guys brought up in the spirit of the current "realism". Only now the scriptwriters in vain think that the current "today" creates only whiny, unintelligible and indistinct idiots, unadapted to life. Although ...

In general, anyone interested in watching the development of an unfinished teenager in the modern world - we ask you to watch it. The rest are better off staying at home and watching the episode of the next favorite TV series, which we are going to review right now.

New TV series from October 1-10

In fact, the "serial" film industry will not bring us anything new in the first 10 days of the month. Speaking of "something new", we mean something really new, that is, starting from season 1, and not well forgotten old, continuing a year after the end of the previous one. But if there are no new products, then there will be as many new seasons on the screens as always. In our article, we will focus on the most popular.

Criminal Mind. Season 14 starts on Monday, October 3, CBS

A special unit of the FBI, in which some especially gifted are able to "think like a criminal" has been successfully fighting maniacs for 13 years. Let's see what this time will oppose the maniacs Spencer Reed, Jennifer Jero, Penelope Garcia, Davige Rossi, Tara Lewis, Luke Elwes and Matt Simons.

The first episode will be titled "300" and will air in North America on CBS following the 9pm evening news release.

Spetsnaz. Season 2 starts on Monday, October 3, CBS

In USA, this "project" came to taste only to those who do not care that we are compared there with dirt, and those who want to look at perfectly filmed military operations, good army ammunition, etc. Filmed beautifully, but absolutely untrue, stretched to the point of naivety. But we will delight those who follow him.

The 1st episode of the 2nd season, titled "The Crack", will be released on October 3. In the meantime, we are watching the promo of the 2nd season.

The man in the high castle. Season 3 starts on Wednesday, October 5, Amazon TV channel

The tale of how everything would have turned out if Germany and Japan won in World War II continues. Amazon has been going to scare and anger humanity with its futuristic version of the past since October 5.

Check out the Season 3 trailer.

Nation Z. Season 5 starts on October 5, Wednesday, SyFy channel

The idiotic plot of the idiotic trash called "Nation Z" continues. The dead are also quick and do not rot. And if they do rot, then something is very long. Meanwhile, this "masterpiece" has its fans. Someone even watches the series of this trash as a kind of comedy of human idiocy.

The start of the first episode is on October 5th. Watch the teaser.

Van Helsing. Season 3 starts on October 5, Wednesday, SyFy TV channel

By the fall, vampires also woke up. And together with them went hunting and the brave girl Vanessa Helsing. Is she adjusting her rating for season 4? Doubtful. Recently, the audience has finally cooled down to this project. But, meanwhile, the SyFy TV channel still continues to sponsor the project.

And it would be better to continue to sponsor "Dark Matter". Anyway. We are watching the trailer for the next season.

Doctor Who. Season 11 starts on Friday, October 7, BBC One

The long-awaited Doctor Who returns in season 11 in the guise of ... Women! Yes, yes, this is no joke. Peter Capaldi was replaced by actress Jodie Whittaker in his responsible post. In general, our gallant doctor before death (or whatever he will have there) has only three lives left, including this one.

After all, according to his own words, doctors are given only 13 lives for everything about everything! We will keep this in mind, and along the way we will watch the trailer for the new season.

The Walking Dead. Season 9 starts on October 7, Friday, AMC channel

Rick leaves the project after this season, but Shane is expected to appear. In what hypostasis - it is not clear, but we will see. In general, the non-rotting dead, moving around incomprehensibly and biting for some reason, are already fed up with the order, as evidenced by the drop in the rating of the series. It is more and more slipping into some kind of drama, which has nothing to do with the general spirit of the initial seasons.

Anyway, congratulations to the fans on the release of the next season. Check out this year's comic-con teaser.

Secretary of State. Season 5 starts on October 7, Friday, CBS TV channel

An excellent show for fans of solid franchises, not full of contradictions. We will not comment, we will only say that the series is serious and it is a pleasure to watch such. Those waiting for the next season - congratulations. They waited. Unfortunately, there is no teaser.

Flash. Season 5 starts on Sunday, October 9, The CW TV channel

The nimble guy from the DC Universe leaks in Season 5. Starting October 7, he will have to run back his 20-odd episodes on The CW with his usual speed, which warms the souls of fans like an electric heater.

Respect for fans of superheroes! Keep the trailer for the next season!

Black lightning. Season 2 starts on October 9, Sunday, The CW

Judging by the views of the starting season, the black superhero was not as popular as his white “counterparts”. The Negro and also a retired superhero, by the will of circumstances again involved in the showdown of the average man in the street and forced to do good, that is, to distribute electric slaps to the right and left, will appear on our screens on October 9th.

What, interestingly, will surprise us the developers of the masterpiece this time. Watching the promo.

Riverdale. Season 3 starts on Monday, October 10, The CW

The best series (in the opinion of young people) is back on television. Filmed in the style of an idiotic lifestyle, where everyone must first hide everything from everyone, and then disentangle it in full for their stupidity, the franchise delights teenagers. And it’s nothing that in your favorite movie, literally all the characters are continuous walking contradictions and paradoxes.

At one time, the hero is presented as intelligent and perspicacious. In another - he already mercilessly dulls. In one, he is a natural antagonist. In another, he is already a positive hero and everything is forgiven him. If in life everyone were like in this film, people would not have invented not only the internal combustion engine. They wouldn't have thought of a wheel. Because of idiotic showdowns, omissions and intrigues, they simply would not have enough time for this.

But, be that as it may, congratulations to the teenagers and send them our greetings with the trailer for the new 3rd season.

On this cheerful note, we say goodbye to the next review of new products in a week. In the meantime, all the best to you and more cool films for you!

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