The Ventrue Clan in Vampire: TMB 2, Twisted Metal TV series, Blizzard's landmark statement - This week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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The Ventrue Clan in Vampire: TMB 2, Twisted Metal TV series, Blizzard's landmark statement - This week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also today we will show you gameplay trailers for Nioh 2 and The Sniking City, and tell you about GOG Galaxy 2.0.

Modern Monarchs - Ventrue Clan in Vampire: TMB 2

We continue to talk about the clans in Vampire: TMB 2 as we get more information from the developer.

The Ventrue clan has held ruling and other elite positions in vampire society since the very first kinsfolk in which the blood of Cain flows. The clan especially values a good bloodline, as well as humility, wisdom, restraint, control, and the ability to keep promises. The Ventrue are the main guardians of the Masquerade and can pass sentences for violation of other kinsmen.

Ventrue have the following ability groups:

Domination [do not violate the Masquerade], allowing you to control the memory and behavior of others:

  • Hypnosis - puts any npc in a hypnotic sleep. A person under this action does not hear or feel anything, not even pain.
  • Command - Allows the Ventrue to issue commands to the hypnotized. You can force them to do anything, as well as attack enemies.


Fortitude [violate the Masquerade], gives the vampire physical superiority:

  • Absorption - allows you to take a defensive position and repel almost any attack, and also provides the ability to heal wounds at the expense of each repulsed attack.
  • Personal armor - turns the vampire's skin into a kind of stone and cannot be injured. The more this ability is pumped, the stronger the vampire's skin will be and the attacker may even get recoil from his own attack and fall.

For more information on the Ventrue clan, see the video. We also talked about the Brujah, Tremere, and Toreador clan before.

Twisted Metal - the first series from the newly minted Sony studio

In the last digest, we said that Sony has opened its own film studio, which will deal with TV series and films based on games owned by the company. The first project will be a TV series based on the legendary Twisted Metal.

This was told to represent the company Tony Winchekerra at the presentation for investors. Facts are scarce so far, as the company has just made a deal to start filming. Winchekerra also revealed that the Uncharted movie is in active development.


The original game was released in 1995, and we saw its continuation only in 2012. In the same year, they were going to shoot a full-length film based on it, but the plans were not destined to come true.

Blizzard considers PC as its main niche

After last year's Diablo Immortal presentation, which went down in history as the most hated Blizzard announcement, the company realized that it had taken a slightly wrong turn. The president of the company, Jane Allen, told about this in a recent interview for IGN. He said that PC gaming was and will continue to be a top priority for the company, but the company did not focus on this at last year's Blizzcon.


Here is an interview excerpt:

“Once upon a time we emerged as a company developing only console games. Then we had a "great migration to PC" where we took root. Recently, we have ported quite a few projects only to consoles, such as Diablo III and Overwatch. However, our roots grow from the PC - we are engaged in computer games and this will not change in the future "

Alain stressed that despite Diablo Immortal, the company is working on many great games on PC and console. And there should be no doubt about that.

Nioh 2 Gameplay Trailer

Did you miss selected souls-like games? Especially for those who thought Sekiro was not enough, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo released a video with the gameplay of the second part of Nioh, and also told when the alpha testing will take place.


The test will take place from May 24 to June 2. The company selected only experienced players for it, since they need to collect as much specific information as possible. However, this approach may change in the future. The test takes place on PS4.

There is no release date yet. We know for sure that the game will be released on a curling iron, but it will not be exclusive.

The Sinking city Gameplay Trailer

In the new trailer for the game based on the Howard Lovecraft universe, the main character faces the horrors of Oakmont, Massachusetts. His name is Charles Reed and he receives nightmarish notions that border between reality and the paranormal.

The studio developer Frogwares also shared information that this detective adventure will be shown in full at the upcoming E3. The release of the project is scheduled for June 27, and let's hope it will not be postponed, as it was last time. The game will be released on all current platforms. It can be pre-ordered now from the Epic Games Store.

CD Project Red announced GOG Galaxy 2.0 to make our gaming life easier

Tired of having six or ten different launchers installed? Well, the Poles have decided to make your gaming life much more comfortable. GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a service that will allow players to consolidate all their libraries in one place with full synchronization.


The service will allow you to import games from different libraries from different platforms into one common one. Also in this library will be available unified statistics, achievements, time spent in the game and various purchases. We will be able to create shared lists of friends without being tied to a specific platform, monitor what they are playing and communicate.


But there are also disadvantages. In order for the service to stably track your actions, it needs data from those very launchers, so they must still be installed on your PC. But now you can avoid situations such as: “I haven't launched this or that launcher for a long time, started it, a slow update started, you wait like an idiot for 20 minutes until it ends.”

Open beta testing is in progress. You can take part here.

This was all the big game news for the weekend. Stay tuned and read our new content.

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