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IPhone 11 Review - New from Apple


New iPhone starts at $ 699. This is the most affordable device in the entire line of Apple products. It replaced last year's most-sold iPhone XR. This information was provided by the developer company. In this review, we will discuss the technical equipment and external data of the novelty.

Features and Design

The long-awaited iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch LCD Retina display with a 1792 x 828 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 326 ppi. All its hardware "hardware" is managed by the Apple A13 Bionic processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64/128/256 GB of internal memory.


Interestingly, all camera sensors of the device received the same resolution - 12 megapixels. There are three of them. Two are installed at the back. In addition to the main sensor, there is a wide-angle lens. The front camera consists of one lens.


The developers do not report anything about the equipment of the battery, it is only known that it received an autonomy greater than that of the iPhone XR by 1 hour. The gadget is also protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the IP68 standard. It can lie for 30 minutes under water at a depth of 2 meters.

As for the external data of the iPhone 11, many users highlight the main camera module here. It is large and a bit bulky. The design of the product body is also interesting. The smartphone is now available in black, white, purple, yellow, green and red.

Not everyone will like the glossy finish, which leaves fingerprints and reflects a lot of light. But this is not for everybody.

Nice display

Experts believe that the iPhone 11 has the most optimal dimensions in the lineup. It is compact enough to operate and has a large enough screen for watching video content and using other features.

In addition, it conveys black colors as true black, not all gadgets from the more expensive segment are capable of this. The contrast is above average, the screen brightness is 625 nits. This is not a lot, but for a resolution of 1792 ? 828 pixels it is not bad.


Some particularly corrosive users, on closer inspection, may see pixels on the screen. But this is possible only at some moments and at the same distance from the phone. In all other cases, the contrast is normal and the content being viewed is sharp enough.

The iPhone 11 has thin bezels around the entire perimeter, which can already be considered a plus. Most Android phones have bezels that vary in width. This is especially true of their lower part. It is also worth noting that the frame itself is made of aluminum. The use of such metal in production is a plus.

It is also worth pointing out the high-quality and loud sound of the gadget.


For a long time, devices from the less expensive segment have been equipped with double or even triple main camera modules. "Yabloko" only this year installed a dual main camera on the youngest iPhone. The introduction of an additional ultra-wide lens allows for a wider coverage of the area when shooting.

An appropriate High Key Mono mode is available for taking portrait photos.


Selfie lovers will love Slofies' slow motion technology.

There is also Smart HDR and night mode. The first allows you to take interesting photos in contrasting lighting conditions. In low light situations, when shooting in night mode, a long exposure will automatically start.

The developers promise that Deep Fusion functionality will appear a little later. It can actually reduce noise and improve image detail.

Performance and autonomy

iPhone 11 has a powerful enough processor that provides high performance indicators. The A13 Bionic is touted by the Apple team as the fastest mobile chipset currently available.

The capabilities of the processor allow all used applications to run smoothly, without braking and lags. It is not yet possible to assess the quality of the gameplay, since the smartphone has not been used much yet.


It has already been said above that this device can work on one charge for an hour more than its last year's counterpart - iPhone XR. This is not a bad result, but other models in this year's line have gotten more battery life.

Also, an undoubted disadvantage in the marketing policy of the American manufacturer is the lack of a quick charger in the iPhone 11 configuration, which the device is equipped with. Users will have to buy it separately.

This fact can be called shameful, since Android phone developers always supply their gadgets with this necessary accessory.

A positive point is the equipping of the product with wireless charging.

The bottom line

Those looking to update their iPhone will love this product. Especially if such a person has a fairly old version of the device and is a fan of US products.


However, if we consider the new product subjectively, then it does not contain anything breakthrough. For the money that is asked for this model, you can buy a flagship Android device. Moreover, it will be much better equipped, but it will not have only one. Apple logo on the back cover.

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