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Who can you become in the game industry? - a short guide to the gaming professions


Almost every second gamer has thought about becoming a developer and creating their own games or large projects under the wing of a famous studio. Yes, it's not a developer's job to play your favorite titles for 10 hours in a row, but it's still a very creative and interesting job. With its own routine, but still interesting. A few years ago, such a desire could have been ridiculed, but today everything is real if you have the skills. Therefore, we have compiled a list of gaming professions to tell you what you can become in the world of creating games.


Today programmers are the new professional elite of the 21st century. Everyone needs programmers everywhere, and they get enough. If we talk about their role in game development, then this is the most flexible layer in the professions of the gaming industry. They write in different languages for different systems, thereby performing specific tasks. And the flexibility is that if you can code in one language, it's much easier to find a place for yourself than to retrain to write in another language.

Knowing how to write in C ++ or Objective-C and "play" with such engines as Unreal Engine, Unity, Source - you can safely go to work in almost any game studio, if of course there are vacancies there. If they ask you for a portfolio or examples of work, mods, small programs or mini games are always suitable, so I ran to make 5 mods for Skyrim in a day! You will also be given a test task to test your skills.


Programmers in the game industry are valued, but they do not get as much as, for example, the same IT outsourcers.


Artists are also needed on projects, but there is a problem in finding a job for this profession. If programmers can be described with words like "C ++ specialist with experience in Unreal", then the artist's main task is to paint so that the visual style suits the project. If it doesn't fit, it's unlikely that something shines for you. A "draw this for us" test and a portfolio are required.


However, if you are a student you should be careful. Some companies, with the help of test assignments, thus receive free art for their projects at the expense of young guys who are trying to find a job or get an internship, but in the end they will be left with a nose.

Game Designer

The most widespread profession in the gaming industry and the most famous among the common people. It’s a paradox, but given this popularity, many people don’t even understand what a game designer is doing. In the minds of most, game designers are such lazy people, sitting in a chair and arguing: “Hmm, but if I make a game it looks like a mixture of Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassins's Creed and The Sims, and then I'll add a battle royale there ... I'm a genius! Where is my salary? " It is not that simple. Often, a game designer is involved in creating basic mechanics that often don't work and have to be redone. And secondly, he designs the levels (their paths) and the geometry of everything.


It is not enough to have an idea, you need to create. Try to get this position if you've done some good levels, for example in Portal 2 or created a couple of games in RPG-Maker. You also need to be able to write scripts, and for this, be so kind as have a basic knowledge of programming. In general, you should be able to do a little bit of everything.

Responsible for PR and Marketing

If you have a hard time making games, you can get involved in promoting them if your eloquence and intelligence are better than other skills. Typically in game development, marketing is considered to be how much traffic you provide, that is, how many people you brought to the game's website or the game itself. PR is everything else that relates to promotion.


According to those who worked in this field, you can get to this position without having any work experience (although it is desirable), the main thing is to think quickly, and even so that it is profitable. This skill can be easily tested with a test, for example, how to provide advertising on a budget of $ 20,000 that one and a half million people should see, and for 20,000 of them to buy your game or register in it (if it's free to play). Write down a few good solutions and the robot is yours.

Community Manager

If you are the kind of person who does not know how to do any of the above, and your soul is on fire so that your name was in the credits of a cool title, you can try to become a community manager. Are you ready to connect with fans and be doused with mud for not liking the cap of the main character of the game? Ready to endure the wrath of the whole world when your bosses released a $ 200 Collector's Edition and put nylon bags instead of canvas? Are you ready to receive a little? If you agree, then you are here.


In fact, this is a good profession that is suitable for a start in the industry. Just choose a new game that you understand, help people on the official forums to solve problems with bugs, and give advice to developers (but in moderation, and not in such a way that they can endure the brain), there is a chance that for your indicative, but moderately adequate show off you may be offered this position. Well, or offer your resume yourself to those who are already in this position.


Here, as in the case of a game designer, you should be able to do a little bit of everything: promote the game, and advertise, and create it. If you have the commitment to completing the tasks, knowledge of the game, and common sense - then you can try to start with the assistant producer. It is your responsibility to support the project and help everyone. The more you are able to take responsibility and complete tasks of a different nature, the more chances you have of getting to this position.



This profession belongs to a number of "basic". She stands on the line between those involved in development and general professions in the studio such as analysts, lawyers, accountants, etc. Testers, like beta testers, are responsible for checking product quality. The work is very difficult and consists of the fact that you replay the game or level all day long for a certain amount of time.

For example, your task is to re-run (let's say you work at Irrational Games, and it's 2013) in a week Bioshock Infinity 50 times and identify all the bugs. Ready for this? You are here.


Where to find what?

The two best options are to go to the studio's websites in the collaboration section or just google. Set yourself up in Google to notify the appearance of the necessary vacancies in the companies you need - after all, they appear as quickly as they disappear. Also, do not forget to have a resume, where you will indicate the basic and most necessary data: who you are, what you can do and a link to your portfolio or work. To gain experience try creating mods or indie games in a small studio or by yourself.

And don't forget to visit various gaming conferences, exhibitions and make contacts.

You can take such professions in the gaming industry. You yourself understand that you need to work a lot and hard, but if your soul requires you to create games, you know in what role you can do it.

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