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Japanese brand launches modern version of Tamagotchi


The popular tamagotchi games with a virtual animal in the 90s are back again. Japanese brand Bandai decided to restart the series and 22 years after the appearance of the first Tamagotchi announced the imminent appearance of an updated version of the toy.

Tamagotchi in modern design promises to largely preserve the traditions of the original version. The owner of the electronic pet will also have to take care of him, but the game will be supplemented with new features. The device can be synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth and LTE technologies, which will provide communication with other owners of virtual characters and will allow you to exchange gifts and even your pets.

It doesn't make much sense to explain what a tamagotchi toy is. In the 90s, everyone knew about this gadget. Probably, the Japanese company wants to play on the nostalgia for the 90s and the growing popularity of retro gadgets by announcing a modern version of the game. The new Tamagotchi fully retained the design and basic options of its predecessor, but thanks to modern technologies, it has expanded its capabilities.


The modern version of the Tamagotchi, which nostalgic fans of the game can purchase for $ 60, is expected to be on sale at the end of this summer. Now Tamagotchi On (that's the name of the new product) is undergoing a series of tests, thanks to which we managed to find out some details about the new product.

The updated Tamagotchi On has a traditional oval body shape, but larger. The gadget has a 2.25-inch color LCD display, Bluetooth technology and an infrared sensor. There are three control buttons on the front of the device. In fact, all the basic details of the game have been preserved: the electronic animal also requires care, feeding and entertainment. At the same time, the modern Tamagotchi has been supplemented with social functions that are relevant today.

Thanks to the presence of an IR sensor, owners of gadgets will be able to introduce their animals, take joint photos, send them on trips, marry and have offspring. Communication via a smartphone will allow owners of gadgets to exchange presents, search for a suitable party for their pet and perform other socially important (for a pet) actions.

The new model of the device is in constant communication with the smartphone. With the mobile app, owners can control the game, earn points for the virtual store, select characters, and upload their own content. The gadget is powered by two AAA batteries.


The legendary Tamagotchi games, which are considered to be the ancestor of Japan, once became a revolutionary discovery in the interactive entertainment industry. Tamagotchi, which means "toy watch", managed to infect the whole world, clearly demonstrating that electronic pets can be no less demanding than real ones.

For more than 20 years, the toy has managed to conquer the whole world. The number of units sold is over 76 million, not counting the numerous fakes and clones. In total, more than 40 versions of the gadget were presented in various markets, among which the most popular was the retro model with a monochrome 16 x 32 display.

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