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Secret Ka-50 helicopter - ”Black Shark” in the sky


One of the last developments of Soviet military designers, a few years before the collapse of the USSR, was the Ka-50 helicopter project, which received the bright name "Black Shark".

A formidable weapon was created in high secrecy conditions, many foreign intelligence officers dreamed of getting an image or technical data of a combat vehicle.

Development History

Soviet engineers were tasked with creating a domestic helicopter capable of competing with the American Apache. At that time, the American model was considered the leader in mechanical and aerodynamic performance, flight performance and military equipment. The Soviets responded with the Black Shark, first announced for testing in 1984.

The Ka-50 became the embodiment of many requests made by military specialists to the ground forces' strike flying machine. The presence of experimental rather daring developments of weapons and serious on-board electronics became the reason for assigning the "Akula" the status of the latest and most formidable weapon of those times.

The chief designer of the helicopter, S. Mikheev, talked about plans to create a machine fully controllable without a pilot. The built-in electronics of the Ka-50 can not only replace the second pilot, but also perform a number of full-fledged tactical actions. Four onboard computers are aimed at performing different tasks - one computer is responsible for automating the flight, the second for firing, the third provides testing of all systems, the fourth is in reserve.

Technical features

One person can operate the "Black Shark". The Ka-50 is designed according to a coaxial scheme, which provides good maneuverability (including at extremely low altitudes), which in turn allows camouflaging and ambushing in areas with difficult terrain. A powerful helicopter can fly not only straight, but also sideways and backwards. At the same time, the "Shark" is able to keep the general direction of movement at a speed of at least 90 km / h.

The Ka-50 became a pioneer among other models, having in its arsenal a pilot's ejection seat. At the same time, the pilot had the ability to eject at any height and at any speed.

A set of onboard weapons allows the "Shark" to hit the necessary targets at a distance of 10 kilometers, without reaching the air defense detection square. The design of a helmet with a built-in sight allows the pilot to make a shot more accurately. The guidance system automatically adjusts when the pilot's head is turned, which instantly ensures target acquisition.

Why so called

The helicopter got its unusual name thanks to the cinema. During the flight tests and against the background of the emerging market economy (1993), the designers of the machine made an order for the production of feature films, where the Ka-50 was to become the "protagonist". In the film "Black Shark" the plot was based on the struggle of the Soviet and American security forces against underground drug structures.

During the filming period, the Americans called the helicopter "Black Shark". It is not known what guided the customers of the film - advertising for the future, the presentation of a powerful machine to demonstrate a potential threat or the strengthening of public patriotism. From that moment on, the helicopter acquired a couple more names - Werewolf "," Black Ghost ", but retained its position as a potential dominant predator of heavenly space.

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